Types of Shorts for Men: A Style Guide

Types of Shorts for Men: A Style Guide

With summer, almost everything appears to be relaxed, and life moves at a slow pace. Summer is also authoritatively "SHORTS" season. Yet, with countless men's shorts styles, picking the right shorts can be an outright challenge.

Likewise, while shorts are relatively a casual pair of clothing, most men have a difficult time when it comes to styling them right. However, it is completely possible to wear shorts and look trendy by following just a few fashion guidelines. So, without further ado, let’s check out the best way to wear shorts in style.

A) What Are The Types Of Shorts For Men?

There are a lot of men's shorts styles to look over. Here is a quick rundown of the basic types of shorts for men.

  • Fleece Shorts:

    These are made with 100% cotton and ideal for all purposes, be it lounging at home or running errands. Fleece shorts can also be worn at the gym and are soft and comfortable.
  • Running shorts:

    They are intended to facilitate hassle-free movement during running or jogging. Most running shorts are made from ultra-light material and have an inner lining. Mostly, running shorts are made with polyester, while a few running shorts also have moisture-wicking and odour-resistant properties.
  • Swimming shorts:

    The best men's swim shorts are made of nylon. This ensures that they dry quickly.
  • Denim shorts:

    These are stylish shorts for men that are ideal for travelling. You can match denim shorts with a white t-shirt for a casual look.
  • Cargo shorts

          These men’s casual shorts are ideal for hiking and trekking. They usually            have big pockets on either side and are made from lightweight material.
  • Board shorts:

    They are long, baggy swimming shorts with an opening at the front. Broad shorts mostly have a drawstring.
  • Madras shorts:

          They are made with lightweight material and are known for their vibrant designs. These shorts are mostly thigh-length and have front and back pockets.
  • Bermuda shorts:

    These comfortable shorts for men are well-suited for a beach outing. They are mostly knee-length and available in a variety of designs and patterns.

B) How To Wear Shorts That Fit?

While there is no thumb-rule when it comes to wearing shorts, certain types of men’s shorts are likely to look flattering with certain body types. Below is a general overview of how to wear shorts that fit. However, remember to choose a pair of shorts that suits your style. This will ensure that you are comfortable throughout.

 1. Athletic Build:

Athletic men have the broadest scope of choices with regards to wearing shorts. Depending on the activity - swimming, running or travelling - you can choose a short that suits your need. However, denim shorts might not look flattering for men with an athletic build.


 2. Slim Build:

Slim-fitting shorts are ideal for men with slim-build. Stay away from loose shorts, as they will cause your torso and legs to appear lopsided. For slim-build men, denim shorts are also well-suited as they provide the perfect, straight fit. For jogging and running, these individuals should choose fleece shorts as these are neither too baggy nor too tight, which makes them excellent for exercise at home, in the gym or outdoors.

 3. Average build:

Men with more weight around the midsection need to keep away from thin-fitting or ill-fitting shorts. Thin shorts or shorts-shorts will just bring the focus to your stomach. Wear shorts that are marginally more accommodating and settle on straight-legged shorts. They will help improve your overall look and limit the attention to the midsection. Also, keep away from shorts with waistbands. Rather buy shorts that have a drawstring.


C) How To Wear Different Types of Shorts?

  1. Athletic Shorts

How to wear them: Classic gym shorts are best for exercise, particularly when worn with a tank top or a performance tee. However, if they're lightweight and made from a material that dries quickly, they could also work for swimming or when visiting the beach.

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  1. Performance Shorts

How to wear them: Made from stretchable material, these types of men’s shorts are suitable for golfing, a beach vacation or for a quick run through the supermarket. As casual wear, it can be worn to visit a casual eatery before hitting the gym. You can pair these shorts with a sweatshirt or a solid colour tee.

  1. Fleece Shorts

How to wear them: These are versatile shorts for men that are also very stylish and comfy. Fleece shorts are available in a wide range of colours and most have side pockets. As a weekend outfit, fleece shorts can be paired with t-shirts, polos as well as sweatshirts. For a dapper look, opt for contrast, for example, black shorts with a light-hue tee, and complete the outfit with a pair of sneakers or loafers.

  1. Retro Running Shorts

How to wear them: These trendy shorts for men are known for their fun style. They're perfect for relaxed parties and patio grills, and depending upon the material, can also be used for a workout session. You can team running shorts with a tank top or your favourite t-shirt.

  1. Denim Shorts

How to wear them: We like the easygoing style of denim shorts. Match them with a tribal print shirt for evening trips or opt for the classic white tee and denim look, or choose other solid colours t-shirts. You can also style denim with dark or white casual shirts for a day outing.

  1. Walking Shorts

How to wear them: What we truly like is the flexibility that walking shorts offer. Wear them with your favourite T-shirts or men’s polos. You can also pair them with a V-neck sweater for cool nights.


While shorts are quite popular among men, choosing one out of the many types and designs depend on your requirement. Be it running or swimming or hiking, there are shorts for each activity. Fleece shorts, on the other hand, are multi-purpose and excellent everyday wear.

So, make the most of this shorts men’s fashion guide and shop for trendy shorts today!

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