Buy Fashionable Women’s Dresses Online In India

Dresses for women online are made available for women of any age group in different types and varieties. While shopping for dresses for women, it is essential to consider the interest of the person, the occasion, and so on before choosing the right outfit. Harbour 9 is the best as its one-stop destination to offer various kinds of women's dresses. Plus our rates are tax inclusive and we offer quick delivery of our products. (within 5 days)

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Types of Women’s dresses to explore

Dresses for women are one of the most stylish yet comfortable clothing options. The best part about these dresses is their versatility; no matter the occasion, a dress can make you look stylish, trendy and classy.  

Here are the various types of women's dresses online in India:

1] Flowy Dresses

When you welcome the summer heat, one of the go-to options is wearing an airy flowy dress. This can ensure comfort and make you feel stylish at the same time. Flowy cotton dresses are available in various sizes and lengths; you can either opt for a short or a long one, depending on your comfort.

2] Shirt Dress

If you wish to look classy and trendy, the best option to choose is a shirt dress. These dresses made of cotton are loose and add a different styling layer to your look. Pair your shoes based on the occasion. You can opt for sneakers for a chill day or heels for an event.

3] Striped Dress

Vertical or horizontal stripes in a dress add a different vibe to your entire look. A striped dress can be the perfect addition to your wardrobe because the colors are not overpowering. With subtle classy shades, these dresses are bound to make you the center of attention anywhere.

Factors to consider while buying a dress online.

There are multiple factors that you must consider while buying a dress online, here are a few:

1] Occasion

No matter the occasion, dresses work well. However, if you are planning on a formal outing or party, you can explore different types of dresses. Your dress choice will change according to the occasion.

2] Sizing

If you need a more comfortable look, you can choose a bigger size. This will provide the much-needed comfort and style. Choose your size wisely by looking at the size chart that is provided online.

3] Color

There are times when the colors you see on the website do not match the clothes you receive. However, at Harbour 9, we assure you that you will receive the exact color clothing you see on the website. We also have an easy returns policy, so you won't have to face any hassles. So, explore our quirky colored dresses and experiment with your style today.


1] What dress length is perfect for me?

A dress length is completely dependent on your personal preference and your body type. The best option would be to experiment with short and maxi dresses before making a final decision.

2] What if a dress doesn’t fit me?

Gone are the days when online shopping was a difficult task. Today, websites like Harbour 9 provide free shipping and easy return policies. We understand that at times you may not get the perfect dress, hence with our flexible policies you can shop till you get the perfect one.

3] What size dress should I buy?

Unlike other online shopping websites, we at Harbour 9 provide a detailed size chart. It outlines details about waist size, chest size, and other factors as well. You can be rest assured to pick a size that will suit your body type.

4] How can I accessorize my dress?

Here are some tips on how you can accessorize your dress.

  • You can try to accessorize with the dress color; for example, if you are wearing a light-colored dress, choose a dark-colored belt to go with it.
  • Match your accessories to the detail in the dress; for example, if you have a blue dress with yellow flowers, you can wear a yellow bracelet, bangles, or so.
  • You can wear neutral accessories with a bright-colored dress. For eg, you can wear any neutral colors such as black, white or brown with almost all the colors. To add that extra bling, you can add silver or gold jewelry too.