Buy Men's Polo T-Shirts Online in India

Are you looking for an outfit that is the right mix of sporty and casual? Well, look no further than our collection of premium polo t-shirts with collars and pockets. Premium polo t-shirts are the best wear any guy could go for. They are made of simple elegant design and can be paired with jeans to give you a driven and confident look. 

Harbour 9’s polo t-shirts are known for their expertise in satisfying your comfort and fashion needs. Pair them with khakis to form a semi-formal look. Branded polo t-shirts for men are made from premium fabric (100% cotton), and the comfortable feel of the fabric elucidates confidence. They are available in various colours and designs, so dive into our collection of Polos.

Here are some styles you can try with Harbour 9’s men’s polo t shirt with pocket.

Polo T-shirt paired with Chinos

Chinos are light and breathable, plus they’re comfortable to wear. They are a perfect pair for your polo t-shirt since they fall in the semi-formal and stylish informal category. Wrap your lower half into a pair of chinos for a smooth and elegant appearance, and finish the looks off with sneakers, boat shoes, black shoes or sports footwear.

Casual Polo T-shirt paired with Shorts

When it’s summer season or the climate becomes too warm to bear, run errands comfortably wearing a polo t-shirt and a pair of shorts. It is a simple ensemble and will make you look pretty chic. You can choose black, white or blue for a seamless and enduring look or experiment with some bright colours for a different mix. Unbutton the polo t-shirt for a relaxed fit and make sure that it is well-fitted. This combination will make you look like one of the chilliest guys ever.

Polo T-shirt paired with a pair of Jeans

Another casual look you can opt for is by pairing a polo t-shirt with jeans or pants. The relaxed bottoms gives the smart t-shirt a casual vibe. To complete the look, pair it with some trendy low-waist jeans, denim jeans or loose-fit jeans. Keep in mind to be sure that the jeans are tailored and tied to prevent them from being sloppy. The main goal of this looks to appear athletic and not messy.

Polo T-shirt paired with a Coat

For all you winter lovers, you should adopt the perfect winter combination of a polo t-shirt with a coat. It is the perfect way to wear a polo t-shirt in winter. Harbour 9’s classy and cool polo t-shirts paired with a coat will give you a perfect classy appearance and keep you warm. 

Polo T-shirt paired with a Formal Pant

Are you wondering how to rock wearing a polo t-shirt in your office? Wearing a polo t-shirt with trousers or formal pants gives off a formal and smart outfit look. The polo is a more refined version of the classic t-shirts that can be dressed up or down based on the occasion. Darker colours like blue, brown and charcoal instantly provide a sleek and elegant look, so don’t be afraid to add a splash of colour with formals to make you blend in your workplace. 

Polo T-shirt and a Blazer

A polo t-shirt with a black or blue blazer combination is a great look for a relaxed dinner with friends or a business casual workday. Dress in a dark blue or black suit in a light polo t-shirt on more formal occasions. To stand out in a crowd, you can try some colourful polo t-shirts. 

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1. Can polo t-shirts for men be used for layering?

You can use polo t-shirts for layering to brush off the harsh winters or you can just pair them with a pair of jeans, khakis or pants. 

2. Can a polo neck t-shirt be worn as an athleisure?

Polo t-shirts are considered casual attire and can be worn as an athleisure look. However, it is not suitable to wear them for a high or medium-intensity workouts, but you can wear them for walks and yoga sessions. 

3. What are the different types of polo t-shirts online?

Harbour 9 has the best polo t-shirts online in India in various colours to suit your personality. It is also available in different patterns where some sport zips or buttons.