Purchase Stylish Cotton Shirts for Men Online In India

Who said being fashionable can’t be effortless? Upgrade shirts with Harbour 9’s collection of premium shirts for men. Shirts are a must-have as they give a formal look when compared to T-shirts. They can help you achieve an informal, easy-going and laid-back look.

Did you know that shirts were originally designed as pieces of garments to protect feather overcoats and expensive fur, and they were always a fundamental part of formal attires for ages? With changing times, casual shirts have become a necessity for men. So say hello to this array of informal shirts for men crafted from premium quality fabrics. These shirts are stylish and branded and add to a man’s professionalism and sophistication.

At Harbour 9, we consider designing casual fashion shirts for men as an art that helps restore the creation of a new fashion. We understand the core values of casual shirts for men by adding patterns, colours and textured designs to upgrade your wardrobe. We have a variety of shirts that are perfectly tailored for every occasion. Our cotton shirts for men are made of high-quality fabrics (100% cotton), premium stitching techniques, vivid colours, and elegant designs. So don’t settle for a typical plain casual shirt for men mix and match our casual shirts for men with our stylish men’s with some unique bottom wear.

We believe fashionable casual shirts should be available for all and not limited to certain sizes or fits. Hence, our men’s casual wear shirts come in sizes ranging from S to XL! In top wear for men, we also offer Polos, T-shirts and sweatshirts for men. Other than that, you can browse through our collection of men’s bottom wear, nightwear and athleisure wear. Once orders are placed, we offer free shipping along with a 5-day delivery. If the product is not up to your liking, you can return it with our easy return policy.

Also, don’t miss out on our attractive discounts! With so many options in-store, you can get the best styles in high-quality fabrics at your doorsteps at prices that will keep your wallets happy for the rest of the month. So let this new season bring out the new you with our casual shirt arrivals, and experience fashion in the best way possible in just a click.

You can also shop for your loved ones at Harbour 9, as we offer clothes for women, including T-shirts, tops and sweatshirts and also for kids from the age of 3 months to 12 years old. To make your shopping experience better and simpler, Harbour 9 gives you filter options for different criteria making your search easier.



  1. Which are the best causal shirts for men?

The best men’s casual wear shirts are those that are bold, comfortable, and high fashion, over plain casual shirts for men. We offer premium shirts for men that embody this change in fashion. On our website, you can find vibrant colours and well-designed patterns that now dominate work fashion.

  1. In today’s world, what type of shirts should a man own?

Here are two must-haves in your wardrobe if you want to stay trendy.

  • A couple of shirts with vibrant colours for occasions that command you to stand out.
  • Bold patterns or prints for occasions such as an event or a fancy dinner.


  1. Is washing shirts often bad?

Harbour 9’s men’s casual wear shirts come with specific fabric care and wash instructions. But yes, over-washing your casual shirt can cause unnecessary wear and tear on the fabric, reducing the longevity of the product. Also, note that while washing, do not mix coloured casuals with whites. To maintain the original freshness, look, and feel, add some fabric softener during the rinse cycle.


  1. How do I make sure my shirts last longer?

One of the best solutions we can provide to the question is to invest in premium and high-quality fabrics. At Harbour 9, we offer the best, ensuring you get the most out of the cotton casual shirts your purchase. Other key points are;

  • Before washing your shirt, turn it inside out.
  • Make use of a netted delicate machine washable bag for your casual shirts.
  • To ensure an unwrinkled shirt when it's time to wear, button the top three buttons while hanging it out to dry.
  • Treat stains quickly, don’t let them sit for long.


  1. Does choosing the right fit matter?

Yes, choosing the right fit matters cause, unlike T-shirts, casual shirts for men need a little attention when it comes to pairing them with bottom wear and shoes.