Athleisure Fashion: 5+ Athleisure Styles to Watch Out For

Athleisure Fashion: 5+ Athleisure Styles to Watch Out For

Whenever you see a new trend being introduced, all the fashion enthusiasts around the globe indulge in some much-needed shopping. This is because you always wish to stay in style and updated in your fashion sense. Most of the time, this flaunting is concerned with ensuring Instagram-ready pictures, whether it is posing in front of the mirror or clicking that perfect candid picture. 

In the process, we let go of the heaps of clothes that we already own. They are simply pushed back into our closets and replaced with the new trendy ones. This same cycle is repeated time and again until this current trend is replaced with a new one.

While this has been the trend with all sets of clothes be it casual wear or weekend outfits, when it comes to our workout wear, this same pattern is also repeated in some way. We always start our workout regime by buying the most trendy and quirkiest track pants, sports bras, etc. But, when we stop working out, we forget all about them. 

For this ever-increasing need to combine fashion with workout, a new term of ‘athleisure’ evolved that merges the comfort of workout clothes with trendy fashionista styling.

A] What is Athleisure and Why is it Trending?

The word is simply a combination of ‘athletic’ and ‘leisure’. This trend makes it normal to wear your workout clothes for an outing as well, which is all a part of the athleisure trend. This concept is not new but has gained popularity in recent years.

So, what exactly happened in recent years for it to start trending? 

The simple answer is the change in fashion mindset. In the early days, fashion meant wearing something quirky, but now comfort takes precedence over the same. Athleisure combines the best of both worlds, and hence with the latest gym look for women and men, you can be rest assured that your outfit is not only trending but is also comfortable.

B] Athleisure and its Growing Popularity

Here are some reasons explaining the popularity of this athleisure style.

  1. It is not body-specific

Think about a bodycon dress that you loved but cannot wear because your body type doesn’t suit the dress anymore. Now, when you compare this same scenario with an athleisure outfit, it can be considered all-inclusive because it doesn’t differentiate between a size zero and a plus size.

  1. It is not dependent on seasons

While we make minor alterations to our outfits according to changes in seasons, athleisure wear doesn’t even require those. This is because these outfits are extremely versatile and can be a great add-on to your wardrobe, no matter the season.

  1. Its social media friendly

Don’t we all love our social media handles? We spend considerable time browsing through Instagram reels or YouTube videos. One of the main content areas to watch out for on these social media handles is athleisure fashion. Athleisure outfits are trending on social media for a while now.

C] Athleisure Styles to Watch Out For

Now let’s look at the top athleisure trends to watch out for.

  1. Track pants for your comfort

So far, track pants have been the go-to choice for workouts or smaller tasks like running an errand. However, in recent times, they have diversified tremendously. If paired the right way, track pants are great for a comfortable night out or an intimate get-together. This outfit staple is available in multiple colours, so pairing it up with a printed t-shirt or solid colour t-shirt is an excellent choice.

  1. Jazz up with leggings

Leggings are one of the most comfortable outfits, as they add the much-needed style and provide a chic look. Pair it with a baggy t-shirt or a dress t-shirt, as these outfits look great! You can also pair leggings with your favourite sports bra and head out with the perfect athleisure look. Leggings are available in multiple styles and patterns. You also get netted leggings that are a bit thicker than stockings but enough to pair with a t-shirt.

  1. Jog your way into Joggers

When you think of comfort and style, the first thing that pops up is joggers. This versatile piece of clothing can be teamed up with multiple style t-shirts, making it the perfect athletic wear for men. Guys can style joggers in multiple ways by pairing them with sleeveless t-shirts or layering them up with an unbuttoned shirt and a t-shirt inside.

  1. Hoodies - not only for the warmth

Hoodies are one of the most preferred outfit staples when it comes to athleisure trends and wears. Men can sport a great look using a hoodie and a pair of joggers. This look can be runway ready with the right mix and match of colours. Of course, this can be an easy outfit to put together when heading out with a close group of friends for a small outing. It is important to note that hoodies are no longer considered only winter staples. These days you can buy everyday wear hoodies that are not so thick for a comfortable feel and look.

  1. Styling biker shorts

Biker shorts are extremely versatile, and for the longest time, this staple was restricted to indoors. However, with new and evolved athleisure trends, we can see this outfit staple hitting the streets. Pairing biker shorts with loose t-shirts not only accentuates your body structure but also adds a very comfortable feel to the look.

  1. Layer up with shirts 

When heading out for a casual stroll, it’s a great idea to consider layering up. This may not be restricted to only winters, as layering looks equally stylish even in summers. Just wear a sports bra or t-shirt on a pair of leggings and add a layer of a shirt on top of it. For a guy, the same can be replicated with a t-shirt inside. The combinations and variations are multiple and diverse, and the sky is the limit to explore various layering patterns.


While runway trends have always been inspirational, it's good to note that if you find the need to stay comfortable when heading out, athleisure wear is something to opt for. We have even seen celebrities sporting this trend in the recent past and that’s been a great inspiration. You can also check out some inspirational outfits online and create your own unique style with them.
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