Buy Cotton Shorts for Men Online in India

Men’s shorts have developed over the last few decades. So if you're looking for men's shorts online in India, you’ve stopped at the right place. We know living the hustle life means you don’t have the time to look for comfortable clothing. Your lounging at home or running errands look can be perfect even if you’re wearing a pair of casual cotton shorts for men. To acquire that look, the men’s cotton shorts should fit you and the scene effortlessly.

At Harbour 9, we utilise the best quality fabrics to make the shorts lighter and cosier to move around in. We know that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication; hence we have patterns and unique colours to match your preferred choices. So before you make plans to relax this weekend, browse through our contemporary men’s cotton shorts to find something new. If you’re worried about sizes, don’t. Our sizes range from small to extra-large and will ensure that no one feels left out.

Shopping for men’s cotton shorts online is not as easy as one thinks it is. It needs thorough research about the fabrics, style, composition and other things. The first mystery of shorts is to identify which one is perfect for your wardrobe. Shorts are mostly worn while running errands, working out at the gym, or playing a sport. It is quite obvious that while travelling around, working out, or playing, you would release a lot of sweat. Hence, your best option is to choose fabrics that let you stay dry and comfy throughout the day. At Harbour 9, our shorts are made from 100% cotton to guarantee that your pants have more breathability.

Tips for styling men’s cotton shorts

It is easy to buy 100% cotton shorts for men today due to the abundant options available in the market. However, pulling them off can be a bit tricky, so here are some styling tips to take your look from sloppy to sleek even if you are wearing cotton summer shorts.

  • Check the fit before the feel

If you select a pair of pure cotton shorts, and it doesn’t fit right, it won't ever feel right, irrespective of the design. To start with, note down the measurements of your waist and thigh circumference and choose from our broad range of sizes and fits to find your perfect match.

  • Opt for timeless patterns

Trends evolve with time, but patterns of casual cotton shorts for men are ageless and never lose their appeal. You can find such shorts in our collection as they never go out of style.

  • Conceal those socks

The two types of casual shoes that you can pair with shorts are sneakers and loafers. Men’s sock with slip-on or sneakers is a good look, but with the shorts, they are a no-go. So always prefer ankle-length or no-show shocks for any of our cotton short pants for men.

  • Every Short Has Its Purpose

Shorts like T-shirts are designed in different styles to serve different purposes. So when you are buying shorts online, keep a clear idea of where you would wear them.

Online shopping is taking over the market quickly. That being said, Harbour 9 is a one-stop for all your requirements. Check out some of our best deals on top categories, free shipping, easy return, and cash on delivery to provide you with a hassle-free online experience.

Our website doesn't only cater to men; women can enjoy retail therapy while browsing through Harbour 9's collection of t-shirts, sweatshirts and dresses. The search does not end there, as a parent, you can find clothes for your little ones right from birth to teenage.


1] What is the proper length for men's shorts?

While purchasing men’s shorts online, keep in mind that the end should be approximately two inches above the kneecap. This is a sweet spot for men who want to wear shorts that aren’t too short.

2] Should my shorts be tight or loose?

Shorts do not have to be skin tight. They should be comfortable, fitted and provide you with space to move around easily. Also, make sure that there is a little wiggle room between your skin and the fabric.

3] Will your shorts ride up while walking?

No, our shorts will not ride up while walking as they aren’t made from thin fabrics. They are created from thicker fabrics (100% cotton) that allow some stretch and are more likely to hold their shape.

4] What are the benefits of wearing shorts?

The benefits of wearing shorts are that they are breathable, comfortable, available in a dozen colours, and are elastic & flexible.