Buy Sweatshirts for Men Online

When it comes to fashion, we often associate it with female outfits and trends. But even for men, fashion is as important as comfort. What better than wearing men’s hoodies and sweatshirts? It is as fashionable as it can be and also provide the right kind of comfort for men. Sweatshirts and hoodies can be paired with various bottoms and yet maintain their unique style statement.

Confused between sweatshirts and hoodies?

So are sweatshirts and hoodies the same? If they look alike, why are they named differently? Let’s solve this puzzle.

A men’s casual sweatshirt is a very simple, pull-over top without a collar. It does not have any front openings or zippers. It is mostly made from soft cotton or blended cotton fabric.  It has elastic cuffs and string at the waist. Sweatshirts keep you warm in mild winter.

A casual hoodie for men is a type of sweatshirt, with a hood, pockets and a zipper in front. A hoodie has a string that is used to adjust the hood opening that covers the head and neck. The most fascinating thing about a hoodie is the kangaroo pockets, which help to keep your hands warm and look fashionable at the same time.

Different types of men’s hoodies online:

  • Hoodies with zipper
  • Crop hoodies
  • Tunic hoodies
  • Asymmetrical hoodies
  • Sleeveless hoodies
  • Fitted hoodie
  • Over-sized hoodie
  • Knitted hoodie
  • Cardigan hoodie

When can you wear a sweatshirt or a hoodie?

It can be worn during winters to keep you warm. As the name suggests, it also absorbs sweat and keeps you dry. Thus, you can wear sweatshirts while performing activities where you can sweat while exercising, walking or during summers. 

A sweatshirt is paired with sweatpants or track pants. It is mostly used as a workout or exercise outfit.

Where do we use a hoodie?

Hoodies have become very popular amongst people due to their utmost comfortable fit. It is the top that can be paired with many different types of bottoms and still look very fashionable.

Where can you find trendy sweatshirts and hoodies?

You can buy men’s sweatshirts and hoodies online with harbour9.  Harbour 9 has a unique collection with all the sizes available for men from S to XXL.

How to match your hoodie or sweatshirt with the bottoms?

  • With a chino bottom: For a semi-casual look, an evening with friends or a casual outing, you can pair the sweatshirt or hoodie with chino pants. Select a dark-colored hoodie with a light-colored chino for an intense look.
  • With sweatpants: Sweatshirts are paired with sweatpants for a complete workout look. Whether is it walking, jogging or in the gym, this combo will never disappoint you.
  • With track pants: For a casual look pair your hoodie with track pants. It is best suited for travelling, trekking or just a lazy evening.
  • With shorts: Cotton shorts or linen shorts would complement the sweatshirt that you wear. It is well-suited for travelling, an evening for shopping or just a casual meeting with friends.
  • With denim: Denim usually looks good with any kind of top. A sweatshirt paired with denim gives out a decent vibe and casual look.


1. Is a sweatshirt better than a hoodie?

Select either sweatshirt or a hoodie according to the purpose and occasion of wearing the outfit. Sweatshirts go well during the light winter season to keep you warm and even to soak all the sweat during warmer days or workouts. The hoodie is perfect for keeping you warm in chilly weather.

2. Can a sweatshirt or a hoodie be worn over a white shirt?

Select a white shirt longer than the hoodie or sweatshirt. Wear your hoodie over it and pair it with denim to complete the look.

3. Should hoodies be body-fitting or loose?

Hoodies need not be too tight or too loose. It has elastic around the wrist and waist which will give a definite frame and structure to your body.

4. How to select the right size hoodie or a sweatshirt?

The shoulder seam has to fit exactly over your shoulder joint. The seam on the upper arm is an oversized hoodie, or if it is near the neck, the hoodie is small in size.

5. Do you need to wear an undershirt with a hoodie or a sweatshirt?

Most people do wear a light cotton material t-shirt underneath the hoodie so it can soak all the sweat.