Cargo Vs Joggers: Do You Know The Difference?

Cargo Vs Joggers: Do You Know The Difference?

Cargo and joggers are both pants that are comfortable to wear and have a similar silhouette. So naturally they must be the same thing, right? This can not be further from the truth. Cargo pants and joggers are some of the most popular clothing items today and each of them have their distinct personality. And today, we are going to do just that.

In this blog, we are going to highlight some key differences between cargo pants and jogger pants so that you can choose the right one for your outfits. Knowing the differences can help you understand which type of pants are suited for which occasion.


A] Overview Of Cargo Pants

Cargo pants also sometimes referred to as combat pants or combat trousers were first designed for the military. They were first designed and worn by the British armed forces in 1938 and then later popularised by the US Army in the mid-1940s. Cargo pants are meant to be loose and comfortable as they were designed for rough terrains and outdoor activities. As these pants are quite comfortable and also offer a lot of utility, they have become a staple urban wear.

Cargo pants are defined by their cargo pockets. Cargo pockets are a form of patch pockets with a flap and sometimes a mechanism to close the flap. Cargo pants have several cargo pockets to maximise their utility.

When cargo pants were first introduced to urban audiences, their unique look added flair to boring outfits. Since then they have become a wardrobe staple for teenagers and young adults. Additionally, their versatility makes them a perfect choice of pants for any shirt. If you want to learn more about the types of T-shirts, you can refer to our blog, 10 different types of T-shirts for men.


B] Overview Of Jogger Pants

As the name suggests, jogging pants were originally designed for jogging and other sports activities. They were first designed during the 1920s and were simple knitted grey pants. However, since then they have evolved into a versatile and fashionable wardrobe item for men. Men’s joggers track pants began growing in popularity in the 1970s and 80s among college students as campus wear.

Jogger pants are usually made from lightweight jersey fabric and have elastic waistbands. Some modern variations also have elastic cuffs at the end of the leg. They are supposed to be baggy and loose to ensure comfort for the wearer; however, you might also find skin-tight variants.

Usually, jogger pants are only worn during physical exercise or lounging around the house. But due to their versatility and style, you can also wear them to go outdoors as well. You can find several jogger pant variations that are specifically designed for going out.


C] Cargo Pants Vs Joggers: Here Are The Key Differences


1. Material

If you have worn both cargo pants and joggers, one of the first differences you might be able to notice is the material of the pants. All-purpose cargo pants use thin, soft materials that have high breathability, comfort, and moisture-wicking properties. Generally, pure cotton or a mix of cotton with nylon or polyester is used for manufacturing joggers.

On the other hand, cargo pants are required to have a rugged look and be durable. synthetic blends like linen and twill are the most common fabrics used for designing cargo pants. The quality of cargo pants varies from brand to brand, so it is best to check reviews before buying.


2. Number Of Pockets

This is one of the biggest differences between cargo pants and joggers. Joggers are meant for athleisure wear, so generally, joggers have two side pockets or no pockets. The pockets on jogger pants are only big enough to fit your phone and keys, and might even have zipper to keep your valuables safe.

Contrarily, cargo pants are known to have multiple pockets. In fact, they drive their name from their ability to store a lot of cargo. Cargo pants have large pockets with flaps which can be closed with buttons or magnets. Cargo pants have a minimum of 6 pockets, two side pockets, 2 cargo pockets on the thighs, and two on the back.


3. History

Cargo pants were designed in the 1920s by a French designer to provide athletes with a pant that kept them warm and comfortable. They offered ease of movement which was appreciated by people trying to do household chores while being comfortable.

Cargo pants were first developed by and for the British armed forces. They were perfect for carrying larger amounts of cargo in person and were rugged enough to stay intact in rough conditions. It was later incorporated into mainstream fashion by college students and made popular.


4. Where To Wear

Jogger pants are best for outdoor activities, hiking, jogging, sports, or going to the market. Or if you want to wear a soft and comfortable pair of pants while relaxing or doing chores around the house, you should go for jogger pants.

Cargo pants are versatile and are best for going out. You can wear cargo pants on a date or while going out with your friends. If your office policies allow you to wear casuals, you can wear cargo pants to the office as well.


D] How To Style: Joggers Vs Cargo

  • Joggers: There are several ways to style a jogger. For beginners, you can try wearing a simple T-shirt or a hoodie with your jogger pants. T-shirts like henley and polo can add sophistication to any simple attire. It is best to buy men's wear online to find the best t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies.


  • Cargo: Cargo pants are very versatile and can be worn with different attire styles. They can be worn with dress shirts, t-shirts, loafers, denim and leather jackets, sports coats, and even sweatshirts and hoodies.



We hope our blog was able to clear the doubts you had about the similarities and differences between cargo pants and joggers. To sum it up, cargo pants prioritise utility, functionality, and aesthetics. While joggers put emphasis on comfort and ease of movement. Knowing which type of pants are suitable for which occasion can help you improve your style and confidence.

Jogger and cargo are both considered to be casual wear for men, so you need to style them accordingly. You can find aesthetic men’s clothes online that pair well with cargo pants and joggers to upgrade your wardrobe.

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