10 Different Types Of T Shirts For Men (How To Style Them?)

10 Different Types Of T Shirts For Men (How To Style Them?)

Did you know, in earlier times t-shirt which is now commonly referred to as “tee” was worn as an undergarment amongst soldiers? Later hollywood movies brought the humble t-shirt trend and made it famous as trendy outerwear.  Now T-shirts are an essential part of every men's wardrobe, as they are comfortable, versatile, and stylish. Styling T-shirts offers numerous possibilities, as they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

In this blog, we will explore the significance of T-shirts, introduce the various types of t shirts for men available, and provide styling tips for each type.


10 Different Types Of Men's T Shirts And How To Style Them!

People often use the words t-shirts and shirts interchangeably, even though the two belong to completely different topwear categories. It's most common that you might think, which is why we have created a  T-Shirts Vs Shirts guide. It shares the main differences and when to wear them.

If you are someone looking to explore different types of Men's T-shirts, we have brought you the top 10 different types of Men’s T-shirts.


1. Polo T-Shirt

Polo T-Shirt NavyPolo T-Shirt Sky bluePolo T-Shirt Green

Polo T-shirts are a short-sleeved shirt with a collared neckline and two to three buttons at the front, known for its sporty yet stylish appearance.

How to style a Polo T-shirt:

When it comes to styling a men t shirt types, the options are endless. For golf or formal events, opt for the Solid Polo t-shirt, effortlessly achieving a smart-casual look with a simple tuck. Or if you are heading out for a get-together or a date night pairing a Green Polo T-shirt with chinos or khaki pants gives a lasting impression. But if you want to get a polished look you can try our Sky Blue Polo T-shirt and pair it with boat shoes or loafers.


2. Crew Neck T-Shirt

Black and White Crew Neck T-shirtNeon Crew Neck Workout T-shirtSky Blue Crew Neck T-shirt

Crew neck originated from rowers today remains popular for its round shape, sitting comfortably close to the base of the neck, offering a classic and versatile look loved by many.

How to style a Crew Neck T-shirt:

Upgrade your style by pairing the classic Black and White Crew Neck T-shirt with slim-fit blue jeans for a relaxed casual look. You can add sophistication by layering it with a lightweight jacket or cardigan. If you are planning to make a bold statement pair the Neon Crew Neck Workout T-shirt, with chinos for a classic casual look. For a sleek appearance, match the Sky Blue Crew Neck T-shirt with dark blue or black jeans. Try experimenting with various colors to create versatile outfit combination that suits your bodytype, occasion and mood.


3. V-Neck T-Shirt:

The V-Neck T-shirt is similar to the crew neck, but its neckline takes on a V-shaped design, adding a stylish touch and potentially flattering certain face shapes.

How to style a V-Neck T-shirt:

V-Neck t-shirt is a versatile piece of t-shirt type for male that can be a game-changer for your wardrobe.  For a polished vibe, you can pair it with dark-wash jeans or tailored trousers, creating a sharp and put-together look. But if you want to go a bit fancier layer the V-Neck tee with a blazer or sports coat for a smart-casual look adding a touch of sophistication. If you are going for an adventurous activity or a road trip try opting for V-Neck T-shirts with deeper necklines, giving you a more daring and modern edge. It’s still not late, you can buy T-shirts for men online and update your wardrobe.


4. Henley T-Shirt:

A Henley T-shirt is a comfortable and collarless pullover types of tshirt for men with a round neckline and a row of buttons running down. They are available in various fabric options, but the most popular ones are made from cotton, cotton-polyester blends, or thermals, ensuring both style and comfort.

How to style a Henley T-shirt:

If you are planning for a relaxed, summer vibe, simply style the t-shirt  with shorts and canvas sneakers or you can achieve a rugged and casual look by layering it with open flannel shirt. For a classic, casual appearance, pair your Henley with jeans or chinos. And when the temperature drops, elevate your style with a lightweight jacket or hoodie. You can experiment with different sleeve lengths, colours, outfit combinations to match the seasons.


5. Raglan Sleeve T-Shirt:

Raglan t-shirts stand out from regular options with their unique design. The absence of a shoulder seam and the presence of a diagonal seam from underarm to neck makes them a popular choice for various activities and casual wear.

How to style a Raglan Sleeve T-shirt:

When it comes to styling a raglan sleeve t-shirt, remember to let its unique design shine by keeping the rest of your outfit simple. A great option is to pair it with slim-fit jeans or joggers for a laid-back yet stylish look that's perfect for any day. If you're feeling adventurous, play around with contrasting colors to add a touch of boldness to your attire. Experiment with contrasting colors and choose what best suits your style.


6. Oversized T-Shirt:

Oversized t-shirts are trendy in streetwear fashion, providing a relaxed and urban vibe. You can pair it with slim-fit jeans or joggers for a fashionable look.

How to style a Overside T-shirt:

If you're aiming for a trendy and laid-back streetwear look, go for an oversized t-shirt paired with slim-fit jeans or joggers. Add flair with rolled-up sleeves or a half-tuck for a polished yet casual vibe. Complete the urban feel with cool sneakers or chunky boots. Don't forget to layer up using a denim or bomber jacket for style. And during winters, add a personal touch with a beanie or a statement necklace to keep yourself warm and fashion-forward.


7. Long-Sleeve T-Shirt:

A long-sleeve t-shirt is a type of shirt that has sleeves that extend to the wrist and  suitable for cooler weather or as a layering piece.

How to style a Long-Sleeve T-shirt:

When it comes to long-sleeve t-shirts, they're perfect for layering, adding that extra charm to your outfit. Try wearing them under a flannel shirt, denim jacket, or even a blazer for a polished touch. When the weather gets warmer, roll up the sleeves for a relaxed and cool vibe. For a classic yet versatile look, pair them with dark coloured jeans or chinos. If you are looking to update your wardrobe, buy top wear online for men.


8. Graphic T-Shirt:

Graphic t-shirt features a printed design, patterns, logos, or text image on the front or back for personal expression and showcasing interests or affiliations.

How to style a Graphic T-shirt:

Let your graphic t-shirt shine as the centerpiece, keeping your outfit simple and balanced with solid-colored pants or shorts. Level it up by coordinating the colors of the graphic with your accessories, achieving a seamless and cohesive touch. For an extra touch of sophistication, layer your t-shirt with a stylish blazer or a chic leather jacket.


9. Scoop Neck T-Shirt:

Designed with a deeper neckline as compared to crew neck t-shirt, this t-shirt offers a more relaxed vibe and looks good on men with a well-defined chest.

How to style a Scoop Neck T-shirt:

With its lightweight and free-flowing fabric, this versatile scoop neck t-shirt allows for effortless styling. You can wear it loosely for a relaxed vibe or layer it with a chic jacket or cardigan for a more fashionable casual look. For a comfortable outfit during picnics or strolls, pair it with relaxed-fit jeans, high-waisted shorts, or chinos. Add a touch of individuality by accessorising  it with a minimal chain or a watch. To add a modern touch, consider going for a monochromatic outfit with similar or contrasting shades.


10. High Neck T-Shirt:

This types of mens t-shirt has a collar that covers the neck area adding a touch of sophistication. It is also known as a mock neck or turtleneck shirt. The collar can vary in height, but it typically extends up to the base of the neck or higher.

How to style a High Neck T-shirt:

For a casual and comfy style, pair a black high neck T-shirt with distressed jeans and sneakers. To make it more fashionable layer it with a denim or bomber jacket. Accessorize with a watch, bracelet, or necklace. To create a monochrome look, match the T-shirt with pants of the same color, like black T-shirt with black jeans or tuck into high-waisted trousers to create a polished and refined silhouette. Start experimenting with different materials and outfit options and choose what works best for you.

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Your outfit can say a lot about your personality and can last an impression so it’s important to always be ready as you don’t know when an opportunity or occasion might knock your door. Now that we’ve covered the difference between different types of t shirt for men and how to style them you can effortlessly transition from one look to another either simply by layering it or dressing down.  You can even express you individuality with accessories. By carefully choosing the right casual wear for men you can confidently create stylish and suitable outfit for any event or setting.

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