5 ways to keep your toddlers occupied during lockdown

5 ways to keep your toddlers occupied during lockdown

Living through a global pandemic is no walk in the park. Literally. And for relatively new parents, it’s a challenge that nobody really prepared you for. But with that said, we’re all doing a pretty great job. It’s a new world our kids have entered into and lockdown has driven everyone a little stir-crazy. So here’s a few ways to make this time a little easier for your little one (and you)

1. Oil Their Motor Skills

Cognitive skill development is crucial and even basic activities like picking up their toys, trying to use a spoon for their cereal and going Da Vinci with their crayons will help.

Let them start with building towers of blocks and then move on to using play dough or Lego. Soon they’ll be ready to design skyscrapers (and subsequently destroy them too).  

2. Old Macdonald Has a Farm

If adults can supplement their social interaction by caring for plants, so can kids! It’s a great time to start that tiny home garden you always talked about and have your little one get their hands dirty too. This would include watering, digging and even planting new seeds. Not only is this a great way to keep them busy, it also imbibes a sense of responsibility in them at a young age. Nothing really compares to watching your first tomato plant bloom after the effort you put into it. Nothing except, you know, having a baby. And another plus, it’s going to be a lot easier to get those veggies in them.

3. Let Them Eat Cake

Treat your muffins to some baked treats but get them actively involved in the making. Set up a recipe every weekend and let your little kitchen assistants take the lead on the mixing and the batters. Naturally the cooking will be for them to watch. But the frosting can be completely their department. 

4. Who said timetables are boring?

Even though they’ll be at home, let your kids follow a timetable for all their activities. But make them a fun, graphic schedule by using picture cut-outs and images to indicate sleep time, meals, play time, TV time etc. Structure is super important for kids at this age and just because we’re all stuck at home all the time doesn’t mean anarchy should reign supreme.  

5. From Trash to Treasure

There is a plethora of fun things you can do with your toddlers. Build them a crafts table and make things like feeders for birds, boxes to store their things, dolls and accessories. You can use every day things that you find around the house to make this time enjoyable for both you and your kids. Honestly, sky’s the limit here. But some quality parent-child time trying to get glue off the carpet is never a bad thing. 

Think of the pandemic like the best play-date you could have asked for with your kid. In this tech-dominated time of raising your kids, give them a slice of what growing up for you was like. Build them a fort, bring back those pillow fights and even curl up on the couch with their favourite movie or books. Make this testing time, the most fun for you and your toddler! Because even a cloud as dark as this has a silver lining sometimes ☺.

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