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The Seymour Top Coral

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In-betweening never looked so good. Whether you like kurtas with a flair or an elegant top, we combined both with superior comfort, eyelet lacing at the front and a simple opening at the neckline to keep you cool and breezy while still looking fresh & stylish!

The Seymour Top Coral

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What Will You Love

Experience the perfect fusion of style and comfort with The Seymour Top. Designed for those who appreciate the elegance of kurtas and the ease of a modern top, it offers a unique blend of sophistication and comfort. With eyelet lacing at the front and a simple neckline opening, this top keeps you cool and breezy, making it an ideal choice for both casual outings and special occasions. Embrace the art of in-betweening with this versatile and stylish piece.

Material & Care

Material: The Seymour Top is crafted from a high-quality blend of fabrics, ensuring a soft and breathable texture against your skin. The carefully chosen materials provide superior comfort, allowing you to wear this top for extended periods without discomfort. Experience the luxury of premium fabric that enhances your overall experience. Care: To maintain the pristine condition of The Seymour Top, it is recommended to hand wash it with care. Use mild detergent and cold water to preserve the fabric's integrity and color vibrancy. Gently squeeze out excess water and avoid wringing. Lay flat to dry in a shaded area to prevent fading. With proper care, this top will continue to adorn you with its unique charm.


Elevate your style with The Seymour Top, a versatile masterpiece that bridges the gap between traditional elegance and modern sophistication. Its eyelet lacing at the front adds a touch of grace, while the simple opening at the neckline ensures breathability and ease. Whether you pair it with your favorite jeans for a casual day out or dress it up with statement accessories for a special event, this top effortlessly complements your fashion choices. Embrace the beauty of in-betweening with this chic and comfortable top, designed to enhance your fashion journey.



Elegant Fusion

Discover the art of elegant fusion with The Seymour Top. Its unique design seamlessly blends the flair of kurtas with the modern elegance of a top, creating a harmonious balance of styles. The eyelet lacing at the front adds a touch of traditional charm, making it a versatile choice for various occasions. Embrace the elegance of fusion fashion and indulge in the sophistication of this exquisite top.

Effortless Chic

Achieve effortless chic with The Seymour Top. Its relaxed silhouette and thoughtful details make it a symbol of easy elegance. Whether you wear it to a cultural event or a casual brunch, this top exudes grace and style. Embrace the ease of chic fashion and enjoy the compliments that come your way as you effortlessly showcase your fashion-forward sensibilities.


Versatile Sophistication

Experience versatile sophistication with The Seymour Top. Its adaptability allows you to explore a myriad of styling options, from pairing it with traditional skirts to combining it with contemporary trousers. Embrace the versatility of sophisticated fashion and unleash your creativity as you elevate your style with this elegant and comfortable top.


Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Beautiful top

Top is beautiful and classy. But it has fitting issues. Go for 1-2 size bigger

Average product

Product is just ok. It's a bit short in length.

These colours are awesome ❤️

I bought two and I'm fully satisfied with the product... It's good go for it!💛

Good product

Overall a good product. Can be wear both as formals of casuals

Good quality

Quality is good. One has tk check the size and order since its elastic material, it may be a bit tight. No color bleed.