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The Londrina Sweatshirt Green

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Rugby style is always in. Crafted using sustainable recycled yarn, this one is a conscious choice for when you are stepping out for the evening. Pair with denims for a classic look or skinny dark pants for an understated style!

The Londrina Sweatshirt Green

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What Will You Love

Fall in love with the timeless appeal of rugby style, now reinvented sustainably with the Londrina Sweatshirt. Its eco-conscious design ensures you make a positive impact on the environment while exuding effortless style. Embrace versatility, pairing it with denims for rugged charm or dark pants for refined elegance.

Material & Care

Crafted with sustainable recycled yarn, the Londrina Sweatshirt epitomizes eco-friendly fashion. To preserve its charm, machine wash with similar colors, avoiding bleach. Opt for a gentle tumble dry and low-temperature ironing. Its durable construction ensures lasting elegance while making a sustainable choice.


Introducing the Londrina Sweatshirt, where rugby style meets conscious fashion. Crafted using sustainable recycled yarn, this sweatshirt embodies a blend of classic appeal and eco-conscious choices. Perfect for evening outings, it seamlessly pairs with denims for a timeless rugged look or skinny dark pants for understated elegance. Make a statement effortlessly, embracing style that makes a difference.





Elevate Your Style: The Londrina Sweatshirt

Embrace timeless fashion with our Londrina Sweatshirt, where rugby style meets sustainability. Crafted meticulously with sustainable recycled yarn, it represents a conscious choice for your evening ventures. This sweatshirt effortlessly blends eco-consciousness with sophistication. Pair it with denim for a classic, rugged appeal or opt for skinny dark pants for a refined, understated style statement.

Londrina Sweatshirt Unleashed

Dive into the world of classic yet contemporary style with our Londrina Sweatshirt. The enduring appeal of rugby style takes center stage, enhanced by its sustainable recycled yarn construction. Making a conscious fashion statement has never been this effortless. Whether you're heading out for an evening soiree or a casual gathering, this sweatshirt pairs seamlessly with denim for a rugged charm or skinny dark pants for an understated elegance.


Londrina Sweatshirt's Timeless Charm

Explore sustainable fashion with the Londrina Sweatshirt, a perfect blend of style and eco-consciousness. Crafted from recycled yarn, it exudes the classic allure of rugby style. This conscious choice for your wardrobe effortlessly translates from casual outings to evening affairs. Pair it with denims for a touch of rugged charm or elevate your look with skinny dark pants, showcasing understated sophistication with every wear.


Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

I like the sweat shirt as it feels smooth and fitting is also good

I love the Product

Overall product is very good quality and very much comfortable also you can wear in summer.

Surprise Quality Product at Unexpected Price !

This was a surprise quality product !! But the fabric quality, stitching & fit were as good as any branded 2k+ stuff. Fitting at shoulders, chest & sleeves is perfect. Solid design so no issues of fading print. Good investment for one winter !


This is amazing. Like really is. Perfect for Mumbai winter. I mean it won't make you feel too hot and warm enough. Material is soft. I think it's still best to wash it in woolen detergents. Also, please buy one size smaller for a perfect fit. Buy your actual size if you want lose relaxed fit!!


Superb quality product go for it....