Winter Wear For Kids: Hoodies, Sweatshirts and Pullover

Winter Wear For Kids: Hoodies, Sweatshirts and Pullover

Every year around this time, people get excited as it is the winter season, aka hoodie season. Yes, sweatshirts, pullovers and hoodies are so popular that they have their own season. There are many kids online shopping sites where you can shop for hoodies for boys and girls.

No matter if you want to dress your kid in an athleisure look or a casual one, a hoodie, sweatshirt or pullover is a must-buy option for winter. It will help keep your child warm during the cold weather. Plus, it is a comfortable and relaxing casual attire. As it is a versatile piece of clothing, you can pair them up with tracks or jeans to dress up your kid stylishly.

A] Difference Between Hoodies, Sweatshirts and Pullover  


One of the reasons why a hoodie has thrived and sustained as a favorite among kids is because of its practicality and convenience, especially if your kid doesn't like wearing layers of clothes. 

Kids hoodie can replace their t-shirt, vest and also headgear. A total package!

Also, a hoodie is as diverse as it comes in a pullover format with a front zipper or a sleeveless gilet. Hoodies also vaguely offer a sense of relaxed, low-key dressing. Click here to buy hoodies and sweatshirts for boys online.


A sweatshirt is a loose, warm shirt with long sleeves made of cotton or some specific fabric blend. On the other hand, a sweater is knitted like a jumper that envelops your kid. A sweatshirt is practical, versatile and more functional than a sweater or a jacket. It can accommodate numerous kinds of detailing from collars to cropped cuts and can be styled in different patterns.

Because they are the literal definition of easy casual, they are popular among kids across the world. You can pair it with denim or a jogger. Purchase hoodies and sweatshirts for girls online, right here!


A pullover is a typical attire that you wear by pulling it over your head. As one of the most widely-used winter apparel staples, a kids pullover is another excellent choice. It can be a little lightweight and roomier than slim-fit sweatshirt. You can pair a pullover sweater with denim or semi-formal trousers. The most popular type of pullover is the hooded one as it resembles a hoodie but is much more cozier and snug. Pullovers are mostly unisex, so they can be worn by both boys and girls.

B] Tips For Buying Kids Sweatshirts, Hoodies and Pullover  

  • Right Fit: While buying hoodies for boys or girls online, pay attention to their size to ensure it is the right fit. Check the sleeves to ensure they are not too baggy. A slim-fit hoodie and sweatshirt is a better option that will keep your child warm. Check that the length of the sweatshirt is appropriate to your kids' height. Look out for side zips and kangaroo pocket, as these offer greater accessibility.
  • Material: Fabrics of hoodies, sweatshirts and pullovers come in numerous blends. From 100% cotton to polyester to cotton/poly blend. Depending on your child’s age, select winter wear in the right fabric. Mostly, cotton winter wear is the topmost choice.
  • Zipper types (Metal and Brass): Look at the colour of the zipper - a metallic zipper is ideal than a brass zipper, which can rust easily. The zip is one of the main features of a hoodie. Hence, it should stand out rather than blend in. Also, the zipper should be visible rather than being covered in flaps.

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C] How to Keep Kids Winter Wear As Good As New?

Hoodies, sweatshirts, and pullovers are mostly worn only during the winter season. Post that, they are either stored in a suitcase or stuffed at the back of a cupboard. This can damage them or lead to wear and tear. Thus, to ensure your kids winter wear is as good as new, here are a few mistakes to avoid.

Mistake #1: Not Washing Before Storing Them

Not washing clothes you are going to store away for a while is not ideal. Storing hoodies/sweatshirts with food stains or odor only makes it harder to remove them later and can attract bugs & pests.

To steer clear from these issues, it is best to dry-clean or wash them and treat all stains before storing them. You'll be thankful next year when you open your wardrobe/suitcase and find your kid's winter clothes ready to wear.

Mistake #2: Cramming Too Many In One Suitcase/Bag

While storing different winter clothing items, utilize a space-saving vacuum-sealed bag. If you stuff all of them in one small bag, they are likely to lose their shape. Also, consider dry areas in your home for storage (for example: under your bed), as opposed to an attic or basement.

Mistake #3: Storing in the Wrong Place 

When you choose a place to store your kids winter clothing, select a spot that's cool, dry, and away from sunlight. The basement or the attic are popular choices, but make sure that these areas do not experience extreme temperature variations.

  • Don’t store them in a humid spot, as it can cause mold and mildew.
  • Make sure to store them away from sunlight, so the colour doesn’t fade over time.

If you do store your children's winter wear in a moist environment, consider including a few silica gel packets to prevent unwanted moisture from seeping in.

Mistake #4: Not Using Acid-Free Tissue for Delicates

For special knit sweaters or delicate fabric hoodies, invest in acid-free paper. Don't store natural-fiber, delicate, or vintage winter wear in plastic as they need to breathe. Also, don’t utilize regular old tissue paper as the acid in it can break down fibers. Instead, pack these delicate winter clothing in acid-free tissue paper or an archival box.

D] Stylish Winter Wear For Kids

  • Zip Quilted Sweatshirt For Girls: This quilted sweatshirt is made from 100% cotton and comes with a round neckline and a zipper. Bring your little girl immense joy with this bright pink jacket that features sequins embroidery and kangaroo pockets. This zippered sweatshirt is available for 3-12-year-old girls.
  • Pullover Hoodies For Boys: Made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester, this hoodie for boys comes with long sleeves and features a front print, 3D reversible sequins of a dino. Let your child glow in his Dino world hoodie, as he and T-rex conquer the world.
  • Navy Hoodies For GIrls: This sequins embroidered hoodie for girls is made from 100% cotton. It features kangaroo pockets along with sequins on the shoulder and ribbed hems. Available in navy blue, this hoodie is well-suited for girls aged 3 to 12 years old.
  • Grey Sweatshirt For Boys: Children love watching fish swim in the sea and are quite fascinated by the different species. This grey sweatshirt is perfect for boys aged 3-12 years old. Let your child explore the sea world wearing his shark attack sweatshirt that features a front print with kangaroo pockets and ribbed hems.
  • Grey Zip Sweatshirt For Girls: Going for a walk with your little girl on a cold winter evening? Swaddle her up in this grey quilted sweatshirt. It has a silver zipper and is made from a cotton blend. The grey zip sweatshirt also features embroidery and kangaroo pockets.
  • Cotton Sweatshirt For Boys: Made from 100% cotton, this sweatshirt comes with a round neckline and features kangaroo pockets and embroidery on the front. Available in olive green colour, it is suitable for boys aged 3 to 12 years old.


For all those unpredictable weather days, kids hoodies, sweatshirts and pullovers are a lifesaver. Choose from fun and quirky theme sweatshirts, whichever style suits your child. You could go for themed hoodies or colourful patterns and cute motifs. These winter wear will keep your little ones warm and comfortable throughout the season.


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