What To Wear With Denim: T-shirts, Tops or Sweatshirts?

What To Wear With Denim: T-shirts, Tops or Sweatshirts?

While wearing the most staple piece of kids' clothing a.k.a denim, there is always a lot of confusion about what to pair it with - t-shirts, tops or sweatshirts. Each pairing be it a casual t-shirt and denim or denim jeans and tops combination are suitable for different occasions. Thus, if you feel unsure about which is the right way to go, then this article is just what you need. 

This article explains the do’s and don’t’s of dressing your children right and provides information on which t-shirt, top and sweatshirt shades (colours) go-well with varied types of denim.

A) Let's First Go Through a Few Do's and Dont's

  1. Try not to buy busy t-shirts and jeans for kids:

Busy t-shirts and jeans basically mean they have excessive designs and patterns on them. Here, a simple rule to follow is to pick a solid colour t-shirt if the denim has a design on it. Vice versa, choose solid colour denim if the top/t-shirts already have a graphic or printed design on them.
  1. Always ensure the t-shirt and jeans fit well:

Fit is essential with regards to pulling off an incredible look. While buying kids' clothes, avoid too tight or lose clothes as your child might feel uncomfortable in them. Buy clothes that fit them right. This will make them happy and ensure you are stress-free.


  1. Light/dark t-shirts/tops with light/dark denim:

Again this is mostly a personal choice. Depending on what looks good on your child, you can either opt for a dark-on-dark combo for an intense look. Or pick a light shade top/t-shirt with dark denim for contrast. A light denim t-shirt and shirt combination along with dark denim is also a popular choice for kids.


B) Kids Fashion Wear: T-Shirts and Tops That Suit Different Denim

  • The basic white t-shirt and blue denim:

    A white tee or t-shirt with blue denim is a classic look. Simple to wear and beautiful, this no-fuss outfit is well-suited for both boys and girls. For a smart casual look, opt for a white shirt and blue denim. For relaxing evening wear, pair this outfit with a black jacket.
  • The cool black t-shirt and black jeans:

    Nothing shouts certainty like an all-dark outfit. Going for a black t-shirt with dark pants is an excellent choice. Dark on-dark is an incredible decision for cooler seasons. Also, most jackets work well with this outfit.
  • Plaid shirt, white t-shirt, and light blue jeans:

    A light set of pants with a white round neck t-shirt and an open blue plaid shirt on top is suitable for both summer and winter. The contrast between the white t-shirt and blue plaid shirts is really wonderful. You can also try an olive green, yellow or red open plaid shirt. However, ensure to pick the right shirt material for your kids according to the weather.
  • Pink tee and blue jeans:

    A pink tee would look strikingly beautiful on your little girl. Also, irrespective of boys or girls, a pink t-shirt with the right denim would really make your child stand out in a crowd. 
  • Blue denim jacket, white t-shirt, and blue jeans:

    Denim on denim outfits is another ideal choice for kids' clothing. With regards to the t-shirt, go with a light-hued round neck or V-neck t-shirt. Ideally, a white t-shirt would pair well with both blue as well as black jeans.
  • Green t-shirt and dark blue jeans:

    This offbeat jeans and t-shirt combination will look really good on kids. Green is a bright colour, which is ideal for summer. So, buy a green t-shirt, which you can either pair with blue or black jeans.

C) Types of Sweatshirts That Go Well With Denim

  • Blue jeans with classic crewneck jumper:

This is a great choice if you are looking for a semi-formal look. Crewneck jumpers are ideal for summer too, as they are made with lightweight fabric. To make your child look fashionable, always pair a dark crewneck jumper (navy or black) with blue jeans.
  • Chunky Jeans, Chunky Sweater. Slim Jeans, Slim Sweater:

Another fashion tip for kids that you can’t miss. Chunky or loose jeans would go well with baggy sweatshirts. Likewise, for an elegant look, make sure to pair a slim sweater with slim jeans. This will make the kid look super cool. 
  • Brown coloured leather jacket, white tee and navy blue jeans:

If you are looking for a stylish outfit for your child, then this is a superb choice. This outfit is ideal for winter. For summers, you would need to ditch the leather jacket.



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