What to Wear At A Airport: Outfits Looks for Men & Women

What to Wear At A Airport: Outfits Looks for Men & Women

Have you ever wondered, "How do celebs do it? How do they walk through the airport looking so comfortable and stylish, as if they haven't spent hours in an aeroplane seat but just went for a walk in the park?" Some may answer, “Money.” And of course they travel in luxury, however one has rightfully said, Money can’t buy style. Most of these celebs have to rely on their stylist to help them dress up even for an airport outing.

This is where our style guide comes in. We understand that you have a style and want to just find outfits that make you look effortless at the airport, even when you have had a long flight. Taking your needs into consideration we have created this guide that can help up your style questions by helping you put together outfits that are a blend of comfort, style, and practicality while making an airport trip.

So, if you find yourself asking the question, “What to wear at the airport?” Here’s a guide that can help you get ready. All you have to do is follow the style tips suggested in this guide!

A. Considerations for Airport Outfits

1. Comfortable Fabrics

Comfortable fabrics are a clear sign that your clothes are stretchable and breathable. It's important to remember that breathability plays a significant role in various ways. It allows the air to circulate freely, keeping your body feeling fresh. Additionally, garments that stretch well enable you to move around easily and feel comfortable, even in tightly-packed airline seats.

2. Layering

When deciding on what clothes would be the best for you to wear to the airport, you should always go with ones that can be layered. The temperature at the airport and on the aeroplane might differ, so you might have to put on or remove some clothing items to keep yourself suitable. Therefore, look out for such options, irrespective of whether you are picking airport outfits for women or men!

We have a proper guide on solving that issue for all men who find it difficult to layer clothes. Refer to our beginners' guide to layering shirts

3. Footwear

You must wear comfortable shoes that are easy to wear or remove when needed. Therefore, among the options for airport dress for ladies, the footwear recommendations include wearing ballerina flats, low-top sneakers, or flat mules. And for men, you can wear penny loafers, slip-on sneakers, boat shoes, or others.

B. Stylish Outfit Ideas for Men


Here are a few stylish airport looks men should try next time they plan on flying.

1. Casual Travel Look

When going on a casual trip with friends or family, men aiming for an airport look should dress with charm and style. To achieve this, opt for comfortable and stylish attire such as simple, stretchable jeans, a light T-shirt, and a plain jacket. To give you a general idea, here are the three casual airport look men can count on:

  • Dark wash jeans can be the best stylish pick for your airport travel, which can be paired with a plain and comfortable T-shirt and a zip-up hoodie. Put on those slip-on sneakers to complete the look.

  • If you are fond of wearing buttoned-down shirts over T-shirts, get one of moderate colour, and wear it with chinos pants. Now, keep the sneakers low-profile and wear a denim jacket to complete the attire.

  • If you want to create that casual appeal, put on your jogger pants and a soft-knit sweater shirt. Pair it up with a bomber jacket and any athletic shoes. Now that’s a perfectly casual-yet-stylish attire.

    When you buy top wear online, be assured of picking solid colours or minimal patterns like holiday prints that aren’t too distracting.

    2. Business Travel Look

    When travelling for business, airport outfits men wear should reflect the purpose of their trip. A suitable ensemble would typically include a shirt, blazer, dress shoes, and trousers as the essentials.

    • Pick the best navy-coloured trousers you can get, and pair them with a plain crisp white shirt. Now, put on the navy blue blazer and loafer shoes to complete the look.

    • If not that, you can settle for grey dress pants, a patterned tie, a light-blue dress shirt, and polished dress shoes. Carry the most sophisticated and professional look with it.

    • Look classy with a charcoal suit consisting of a fitted shirt, Oxford shoes, and a solid-coloured tie.

    When you buy shirts for men online, remember to pair them up well with a blazer or trousers for an outstanding look. 

    3. Summer Travel Look

    Summer travels are always the best. Therefore, when choosing airport outfits for men, why not wear stylish attire to complement airport travel in this warm weather? You can wear a Polo t-shirt, loafers and shorts to finish your summer look. Here are some outfit ideas you can consider for summer travel:

    • Head out to the airport in your lightweight Khaki shorts, boat shoes, straw fedora hat, and button-down shirt. Your summer attire couldn’t be any lighter!

    • If you want more comfort and flexibility in your summer attire, choose linen pants, slip-on canvas shoes, sunglasses, and a short-sleeved patterned shirt. You are open to choosing your colours.

    • What’s better than chinos short for summer comfort? Pair them with polos, you can browse through and buy T-shirts for men online, where you can find the right t-shirt to go along with the chinos. Wear leather sandals and a watch to complete the look.

    C. Stylish Outfit Ideas for Women


    Here are a few stylish airport looks women can try on their next trip!

    1. Casual Travel Look

    Enhance your airport attire by striking the perfect balance between fashion and comfort. Opt for stylish yet relaxed outfits that exude confidence. The casual airport outfits women can wear include leggings, sweatshirts, sneakers, and other light clothes or accessories to complement your airport look. Here are some options to count on:

    • Pick stretchy black leggings, a stylish blue sweatshirt, and put on slip-on sneakers. Use a crossbody bag to accessorise the look!

    • A loose-fitting peach top, denim jacket, boyfriend jeans, and ankle boots would do justice to your casual airport travel attire. When you are about to buy tops for women online, be assured they are light in weight and are highly flexible.

    • A loose-fitting blue top, jogger pants, a cardigan, and fashion sneakers would do justice to your purpose of putting together a casual look for airport travel.

    2. Business Travel Look

    Women often spend a little more time than men when they intend to wear professional attire, which makes them appear quite classy. The ideal business airport wear for women should include tailored blazers, heels, trousers, blouses, skirts, and others to complement your attire. Here are some outfits you can consider:

    • Go for ankle-length pants and pair them with a silk top to activate that feminine charm. Wear a structured blazer and put on those pointed-toe flats.

    • Get a pencil skirt and tuck in your selected top to look more fashionable yet professional. Wear those low heels with a blazer or cardigan, and head out of your house.

    • A jumpsuit would also make you look professional, only if you pair it with a statement belt, classic pumps, and a contrasting blazer.

    3. Summer Travel Look

    Summer airport outfits for ladies should showcase a sense of joy and reflect the relaxed atmosphere of the season. Get a yellow dress (sundress), a wide-brim hat, and sandals to complement the look. Listed below are a few outfits that would help you decide better:

    • A midi dress with flowery prints and sandals, paired with oversized sunglasses and a tote bag, is all you need for your summer airport travel.

    • Feel free from within with a breezy tank top, linen shorts, floppy sun hat, and espadrilles. This attire would make you feel lighter and hotter in the crowd.

    • Get a sleeveless blouse, wide-leg pants, a crossbody bag, and slide sandals to create a distinct look.

    You can buy women dresses online and choose the options that would go well with the suggested outfit ideas.

    D. Accessory Essentials for Airport Travel

    Some of the accessories that are essential while you travel to the airport are:

    • Carry-on Bags: Pick a functional yet stylish carry-on bag for airport travel. It will help you with easy storage and retrieval of necessary items. 

    • Travel Accessories: Keep your travel needs handy, such as scarves, wallets, sunglasses, and others.

    • Watches & Jewellery: Carrying a polished look is important at the airport. Therefore, consider wearing minimalistic-yet-statement pieces for the same.

    Want to explore some more carefree dressing ideas? Read our style guide: Weekend Outfits For Men And Women!


    Now that you have a clear understanding of how to dress up for your airport travel, why not give these suggested outfits a try and see how they work for you? By opting for these outfits, you'll not only feel more comfortable and stylish but also practical during your time at the airport and on the flight. Take the opportunity to evaluate your own look and experience the benefits firsthand.

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