What Are Cufflinks: A 2023 Style Guide

What Are Cufflinks: A 2023 Style Guide

Cufflinks are small, decorative fasteners used in men’s fashion to safeguard cuffs of dress shirts. They serve both functional and elegant purposes, adding a touch of sophistication and personal style to formal attires.

Cufflink designs are available in various styles including s plain silver studs with black enameled centers, gold-plated designs featuring diamonds set in high-quality leather Some even feature diamond-encrusted design & are made from precious metals such as platinum and silver favored by celebrities around the globe.

This   blog will help you understand everything you need to know about cufflinks including  how to wear and style cufflinks in 2023.


A] What Is A Cufflink?

Cufflinks are a stylish alternative to buttons for securing the cuffs of different shirts when paired with a suit. Fashion and styles have always been fluid, so they can also be styled with casual outfit, creating a fusion piece.  Cufflinks  essentially serve two main purposes: keeping your shirt sleeves closed and adding a touch of style or aesthetics to your outfit. They come in various types of designs and materials, making them a fun and elegant way to express your personality.

They are generally worn and styled by celebrities and business tycoons who attend gala events primarily.


B] Invention Of Cufflinks

Before the invention of cufflinks, shirt cuffs were tied with ribbons or strings. However, in the last few years of Louis XIV’s reign, fashionable gentlemen began fastening their  sleeves with pairs of buttons, painted with miniatures of loved ones or a significant figure and united by a little chain. Later, throughout the 18th century, cufflinks were worn by fashion-conscious Europeans of high society.

It’s important to note that cufflinks were introduced in the 17th century by King Charles II. Their history is inseparable from the shirts, which men have been wearing since the woven fabric’s invention in 5.000 BC. King Charles II popularized cufflinks by wearing them regularly in public, which helped him to influence people’s opinion on these fashion statements. In addition, cufflink culturally symbolizes and signifies reputation, power and wealth. 

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C] Evolution Of Cufflinks In Modern Times

The tradition of cufflinks still remains the same. In recent times, styles have ranged from classic and collectable to funky and aesthetic. Men have opted for custom cufflinks that are made for all occasions, interests, personalities and styles.

Furthermore, cufflinks are also often given as gifts, especially for the groomsman at a wedding or to celebrate some occasion. Styles and materials have also been evolved and enhanced due to modern crafts, wherein wearing cufflink with a suit has been a staple part of high society and fashion has been used as a symbol of status.


D] Types Of Cufflinks

Cufflinks incorporate various styles and designs tailored for individuals with different tastes. Listed below are a few most prominent types of cufflinks:

  • Fixed Back Cufflinks: Fixed back cufflinks are a classic artifact, also referred to as button-style cufflinks, having a fixed post and zero movement. The advantage of this style is that you just need to pop them through the buttonholes on your shirt, and you're good to go. They're simple, don't create fuss, and are proven to be a great choice if you want a dapper look at an event.
  • Chain Link Cufflinks: Chain link cufflinks are one of the unique types of cuff accessory. This cuff has two connectivity links, similar to chain, which glides through the  buttonholes on a shirt’s cuff. Moreover, chain link cufflinks can offer a stylish look which can be a great conversation starter, also perfect for adding a touch of delicacy to your personality.
  • Stud or Button Style Cufflinks: Stud or Button style cufflinks are a less complex style of cuff fasteners. They incorporate small and decorative buttons, instead of using the classic swivel mechanism. Typically, one button goes through the shirt's buttonhole, and the other secures  it from the other side. Also, there are some great benefits, which include simplicity, ease of use and offers a subtle and clean look.
  • Toggle Closure Cufflinks: Toggle closure cufflink is a flamboyant type of cuff artifact with an unique fastening mechanism. They use a toggle or bar that passes through the buttonholes, securing your cuffs, instead of the traditional swivel or snap mechanism. They are determined to be a trendy choice which can outlook your dashing personality.
  • Bullet Back Cufflinks: Bullet back cufflinks are considered to be one of the most common cuff accessories acknowledged globally. Bullet back cufflinks contain a metal bar that attaches to the cufflink. This bullet-shaped metal bar spins 90 degrees so that it easily slides through your cuffs. They are simple, stylish, and perfect for daily wear purposes.
  • Fabric Cufflinks: Fabric cufflinks are sterling cuff accessories that spice up your dress shirt’s cuff. They are made of fabric that often matches your tie or pocket square.  These quirky little gems (cuffs) add a pop of texture and color to your look, making you stand out in style.
  • Whale Back Cufflinks: Whale back cufflinks, also known as whale tail cufflink are similar concepts to that of bullet back cufflinks. They include a rotating bar that swings 90 degrees and connects to a metal bridge. The distinctive feature of whale back cufflinks is that they often have a short, thick, normally rectangular rotating bar, which can also be turned vertically as you slide the cufflinks on, and then uniformly to secure the cufflink in place.
  • Novelty Cufflinks: Novelty cufflinks are an intriguing alternative to traditional cufflinks. They come in unusual, entertaining designs, ranging from tiny sports equipment to miniature superheroes. These distinctive cufflinks are a smart accessory for special occasions since they spark conversation and enable you to add elegance to formal attire.


E] How To Wear Cufflinks In 2023?


1. Types Of Shirts Accommodating Cufflinks

The Everytime Shirt WhiteThe Oxford Weekend Shirt

  • The Barrel cuff: A barrel cuff is a classic shirt cuff style with a cylindrical shape, which is often laid hold of two buttons, showcasing simplicity and versatility, such as our Oxford Weekend Shirt.
  • French cuffs: French cuffs are more towards the formal side as compared to the barrel cuff. Most people consider this style of cuff when they imagine a wedding or a gala event. Moreover, it is a popular cuff for tuxedo shirts and can be laid back with a formal white shirt along with jeans for a subtle and classy look.
  • Single cuffs: Single cuffs are even more formal than French cuffs. Basically they are double cuffs fastened with cufflinks. Since they are so formal, they are typically opted for white-tie events and are a preferred option for black-tie events. Additionally, single cuffs link pleasantly with tuxedo sets for top notch appearance.


2. Different Ways To Wear And Style Cufflinks For 2023

Consider the following factors if you want to learn how to wear cufflinks with suit or any shirt. creating fashionable outfits that help you stand out.

  • Personal style: Cufflinks can be chosen to reflect an individual’s personality, interests, or even a specific theme or occasion due to the broad variety of designs, materials, and colors that are available. 
  • Professional attire: Cufflinks are a common accessory for men in formal or business settings, since they can enhance the appearance of a dress shirt and suit.
  • Formal occasions: Cufflinks are often allied with formal events like weddings, black-tie affairs, galas, adding elegance and sophistication to such occasions.



Men's outfits, be it formal shirts or casual wear for men, including casual shirts, can be effortlessly enhanced with the addition of cufflinks, which are a versatile fashion accessory that helps elevate men's style by adding a touch of sophistication to both formal and everyday attire.

It emphasizes how cufflinks can be statement pieces, expressing individuality through various designs and materials. Lastly, it is essential to embrace cufflinks, not just as functional fasteners but as a way to infuse unique style and personality into your attire, making a bold fashion statement while elevating their fashionable game.

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