Top 6 Ways to Style Men’s Polo T-shirts

Top 6 Ways to Style Men’s Polo T-shirts

It is no secret that polo T-shirts are among the most popular items of men's clothing. They are the go-to choice of tshirts for most businessmen and even celebrities have opted to wear these for casual outings.

A polo t-shirt is a versatile and vintage choice of clothing, people don’t put much thought when styling a polo tshirt. So the question of how to style a polo t-shirt never really crosses most of their minds. Our style guide was created specifically for such clueless people who need help in pairing polo T-shirts with the right pair of bottom wear and accessories.

While we would love to get right to the tips, let's take a short foray and learn about the fascinating origin of Polo T Shirts.

About Polo T-shirts

Polo T-shirts are a classic way of clothing that will never go out of fashion. It is convenient for the person to style it with other things. It is something you can wear at any event thanks to its unique neck, absorbent material, and buttons.

Polo shirts are usually made from cotton blends. It gets its name from the polo players in India in the 19th century and Great Britain in the 20th. Since then, the polo shirt has become a fashion trend. No matter who you are, whether a businessman or a celebrity, everyone loves to wear it.

Right ways to wear a Polo T-shirt

We've compiled a list of the easiest ways to wear polo t-shirts. Get started.

1. Polo T-shirt with Chinos

The best way to wear your polo shirt is with Chinos; you can put together a neat ensemble with a polo T-shirt that will give you a stylish informal and semi-formal look. You can wrap the upper half of your T-shirt into the trouser for an elegant appearance.

You can complete the look  with sneakers, black shoes, sports footwear, and boat shoes.

2. Polo T-shirt with Coat

If you love winter, then having a Polo T-shirt will be the option that will make you look good. You can adapt the perfect winter combination when you have the Collar T-shirt with the coat. It is a great combination and will give you a flawless look that will include a classy appearance and warmness.

3. Polo T-shirt with Formal Pant

Are you thinking of wearing something classy and casual to your office or any other formal meeting? If you are, then wearing a polo t-shirt with formal pants is an ideal option; it will give you a formal look and make you look intelligent and relaxed.

You can even use darker colours such as brown, navy, and charcoal instantly, providing you with a sleek look. So, you should not be afraid if you want to add a splash of colour to your formal outfit, it will help you stand out.

4. Polo T-shirt with Jean

There is no wrong answer to the question of how to wear a polo t-shirt with jeans. Denim jeans typically go well with everything, and wearing a polo t-shirt with jeans makes it look more casual and comfortable. Jeans are relaxed bottoms that give you an elegant style and an instant casual vibe. You can wear it with fitted jeans and give it a finished look with brown leather loafers.

But you need to ensure that these jeans are not too long. Such ill-fitted jeans will stack up on the top of your shoe.

5. Casual Polo T-shirt with Shorts

Are you thinking of wearing a Polo T-shirt with shorts? If you are, then that's a great idea! The trend of wearing this with shorts during the summer or when the climate is quite hot is becoming trendy. You can give it a simple look with classy denim boxers, providing you with a pretty chic look.

You can choose the white or black colour, which will be seamless and enduring. If you want to do some experiments, mix it with other colours too. Keep the polo unbuttoned to give you a relaxed fit, and ensure it is well-fitted because only it will help you look good. There are different ways to wear a polo t-shirt with shorts but whatever you choose, make sure it looks good.

6. The Go-Getter Look with a Blazer

Consider pairing a Polo T-shirt with a black blazer. It will make you appear quite professional. Moreover, it will be a comfortable outfit for dinner with your friends or even on casual workdays. You can wear a dark suit with a black or white polo t-shirt on a formal occasion.

If someone wants to stand out from the crowd, they can try some colourful polo t-shirts, which will bring much more fun.

Tips for Wearing Polo T-shirts

If you are looking for  there are a few things you must keep in mind. Learn how to style your clothes better with this simple and effective style guide.

1. Colours matter

While buying Polo shirts, the next thing you should think of is colour. You need to know what colour will suit you and combine it with the bottom wear. colours are essential, and if they are not suitable, you may not look good with them. If you want to stand out, you can add some different colours that will help you put together an attention-grabbing suave outfit.

2. Discover different types of knits and materials

When it comes to Polo shirts, you can find several different types of material. Usually, it is made out of cotton, and that is what keeps you warm. You can use it as a sports jersey, giving you more outstanding breathability.  

You can even go for the linen to have a classier or crisper look. You can find the fabric that looks best on you and which goes with the other clothing that is in your closet.

3. Find the right fit 

Another thing that matters is whether the polo neck half-sleeve t-shirt is fitting for you. You need to ensure that it is not too loose or tight and that you can move it around comfortably. The T-shirt must be short enough so it can be tucked in.

The sleeve should be midway, down the bicep, and not be longer than 2/3 down to your upper arm.

4. Get the polished look with the bottom.

For a polished look, you have to find the right bottom to go along with your Polo tshirt. You can wear it with jeans, chinos, formal pants, or any other bottomwear, the goal is to appear put-together into a no-nonsense look that works well for all occasions and events.  You can refer to   it can help you find the right bottom.


This guide will prove to be quite helpful if you enjoy wearing Polo T-shirts. It covers everything you should know about styling polo tshirts and can help you come up with outfit ideas suitable for varying occasions. It can help you learn about the proper ways to wear Polo shirts. You can find a large collection of all fashionable men’s attires on Harbour9.

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