7+ Ways to Style Men's Joggers for Summer

7+ Ways to Style Men's Joggers for Summer

Joggers are one of the most comfortable and sporty essentials for men. Today, they’re also available in a wide variety of styles that make it easy for men to style them in many different ways. Jogger pants are easy to style when paired with the right clothing item (t-shirt or shirt) or according to the vibe you’re planning to go for. However, the versatility of joggers makes it a challenge to get the look right, so sometimes the styling may go haywire.

While some combine jogger pants with a shirt and sneakers for a casual look, others combine them with denim or a sports jacket and boots to pull off a smart-casual look. 

With the confusion around how to nail the right look yet feel comfortable in joggers, we have compiled for you over seven jogger pants outfit ideas. This guide is a compilation on how to style joggers from tight to loose, khaki to colourful ones, and much more. So whenever you feel the need to style yourself up in an elegant yet sporty fashion, you need not look any further.

A] What Are Joggers?

For those who don’t know, joggers are a classic style of pants that relate to the athletic category often made with lightweight fabric to render comfort and function such as cotton joggers for men. They have a slim-fit design consisting of elasticized or cuffed ankles that tapers down the legs and front pockets as well. You can style joggers any way you want, be it comfortable or classy - the result will be an effortless and trendy look.

While the common misconception that joggers are only sporty wear is now long gone, another misconception is that many people believe that joggers are sweatpants. The basic difference between joggers and sweatpants is that joggers are made from a light material, one that allows your legs to stay cool, while sweatpants are designed with comparatively thicker material and keep your legs warm.

Joggers are more versatile when compared to sweatpants and have a more tapered fit with a cuffed, zippered, or elastic ankle. Joggers are something one can wear during any season if they want to go for something stylish yet comfortable, which is not the case with sweatpants.

B] How to Wear Joggers Fashionably?

While styling joggers is not rocket science, you should get a heads up with certain combinations for reference. This way, you’ll get an idea of how to wear joggers fashionably, and you can flaunt your style with comfort this summer. Here’s our take on how to style joggers:

  1. Keep it Casual 

The best part about styling joggers is that you can pair them with different shirts and shoes and come up with multiple fashionable yet casual-looking outfits that give a relaxed vibe. For a casual look, you can choose fitted t-shirts to match your pants. You can also go for a slim-fit crew neck t-shirt which gives men a lean and trim appearance while simultaneously offering comfort. As for footwear, you can style the look with sneakers or high tops, while classic suede moccasins remain an elegant choice for a semi-casual look.

  1. Smart plus Casual

Want to keep it casual while also being able to go with the smart look vibe? Incorporate joggers with a tailored buttoned-up shirt for a masculine and sexy outfit combination. You can also fold the sleeves up neatly till below your elbows and wear a stainless-steel sports watch to complete the look. Pair this outfit with leather sneakers or loafers for a charming and smart combination.

  1. Khaki or Dark-coloured joggers

If you want to go for a more elegant look, you can style khaki or dark-coloured joggers with a cashmere sweater and finish it with leather tassel loafers to bring out a classic yet refined tone that also looks chic when paired with black horse-bit loafers.

  1. Business Casual Attire

For business casual attire, combine chino joggers with a cotton polo t-shirt. A blazer is an optional choice, and opt for dress sneakers. If you strike the right balance between formal and relaxed dressing, you can effortlessly achieve a well-groomed and casual look.

  1. Semi-Formal Joggers

As we said, joggers can be anything you want them to be. So if you’re going for the semi-formal vibe, know that formal jogger pants are designed with clean lines and are a replication of features of classic workwear while adding a contemporary sort of distinctiveness to them. Hence, these look smart irrespective of whether you’re wearing them to work or date night.

For the semi-formal look, pair chino joggers with a classic spread dress shirt, a blazer, and a leather braided belt. Add leather derby shoes with no-show socks, and you’ll look no less than someone styled by a designer! This will be the perfect look for someone who doesn’t wish to look ordinarily styled but would rather prefer a more decked-up look.

  1. Joggers and Sweatshirts

The evergreen combination of joggers with sweatshirts is a natural fit that you can opt for whether you want to dress casual, athletic, or smart. For a relaxed approach, you can wear these to the gym or while running an errand by pairing a matching sweatshirt and joggers with sneakers in either white or black. You can also style a woollen sweater with lightweight runners and grey joggers for a more cool and distinct look. This outfit will make you look handsome owing to the combination of some classic pieces that give out a unique finish.

  1. Joggers with Denim Jackets

Joggers paired with a denim jacket speak volumes about your styling sense. The best outfit and the one trusted by most is pairing a white t-shirt with an unbuttoned denim shirt. This look is a combination of elegance and style and looks ravishingly hot.


The combinations with joggers are endless and you can go for any kind of look you want with this versatile piece of clothing. To sum it up, you can wear joggers with t-shirts, hoodies, polos, and even button-down shirts to create a light and casual vibe which can also transform into a more formal one depending on the kind of colour combinations you choose.

Jogger pants come in a wide range of colours like khaki, black, bottle green, navy blue, and many more. You can also style denim tracks, biker jackets, and bomber jackets with jogger pants to elevate your look.

As for the footwear, you can put on trainers, sneakers, high-tops, boat shoes, and loafers with all kinds of jogger combinations, depending on how casual or formal you want it to look. While most men prefer to go with no-show socks with joggers, you can also pair joggers with long and thick wool socks for extra warmth while not compromising on styling.

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