8+ Interesting Ways to Style a Basic T-shirt for Women

8+ Interesting Ways to Style a Basic T-shirt for Women

What is the one piece of clothing item that you can never go wrong with? You have guessed it right, a t-shirt! Be it running a simple errand or going out for a casual outing, a T-shirt always comes to your rescue. It is the most convenient outfit you can think of, plus, you can also pair it with any comfortable bottom you have lying around.

Women have a variety of options in t-shirts. They come in so many different styles, including plain, printed, and striped, with quotes, cartoon characters, and graphic tees. You can play with the colours and wear them according to the season or time of the day. For example, select bright colours for summer and daytime and dark colours for winter.

There are more than one type of t-shirts, all of which you can style according to your liking and comfort. You can tuck your t-shirt in, keep it hanging out, knot it up or wear a belt over it.

Ways to style a basic t-shirt for women:

1. With denim:

Denim works well with most types of tops and t-shirts. You can wear dark-coloured printed t-shirts with light-washed denim and vice versa. Complete the look with white sneakers or pumps. Although denim may look great with any coloured t-shirt, it creates a classic look when paired with a white t-shirt. It is a simple yet elegant outfit. Try pairing your casual white t-shirts with jeans. You can accessorise with a fancy tote bag, pumps or bellies and a chunky belt.

2. Under a jacket:

A t-shirt can be a handy option to layer up under jackets during the winter to keep you warm and cosy. You can pair the t-shirt with a long jacket, bomber jacket, or blazer. All these jackets will give a feminine look. Wearing a t-shirt under a blazer gives a semi-casual look. And wearing a t-shirt under a long jacket gives a chic look. To enhance the long jacket look, pair it with stilettos or wedges.

3. With skinny fit pants:

A skinny fit pant with a basic t-shirt look will never go out of fashion. Accessorize the outfit with a statement bag and pumps or ballerinas to make a fashion statement. A ripped skinny jeans paired with a plain t-shirt looks simple yet chic. You can accessorize your outfit with white sneakers to make it look even more casual. You can also wear a graphic t-shirt or plain t-shirt with your skinny-fit pants.

4. Under a co-ord hoodie set:

A co-ord hoodie set is the latest in trend. You can wear a t-shirt under a co-ord hoodie to give an uber-chic appearance. A white or basic grey t-shirt looks good with all colours of co-ord sets. Tuck the t-shirt in, keep the jacket open and pair the outfit with trendy sneakers to complete the look.

5. With joggers or sweatpants:

Joggers and sweatpants are ideal for workouts, walks, jogging and athletic activities. A stretchable t-shirt would be the most comfortable to pair with joggers and sweatpants since they absorb the sweat and keep you dry. Sports shoes underneath give a perfect athletic look. Select a short or long t-shirt according to your activity and convenience.

6. Under a button-down shirt or flannel shirt:

Flannel shirts give you a street-smart look. Wearing a white t-shirt under your flannel shirt or a button-down shirt adds to the look. On warmer days, keep the buttons open or tie a knot at the front bottom of the shirt. On colder days, simply button up the shirt halfway. You can wear other coloured t-shirts too under the shirt. Complete the look with sports shoes or white sneakers.

7. With skirts:

The skirts and t-shirt look is quite unique and unusual. During the warm sweltering weather, skirts become women’s favourite outfits. You can style your skirts with printed, graphic or quotes t-shirts for a casual look. You can complete the look with loafers, a slip-on, or white sneakers. A skirt and t-shirt look can be carried well during the daytime, as well as during the nighttime. In order to add a little glamour to the outfit, you can pair the skirt with pencil heels or wedges. When you are styling loose flowy skirts, you can tuck in the t-shirt. Choose a baggy t-shirt to pair with a knee-length body-hugging skirt. A cropped t-shirt matches well with cotton or denim skirts. A sling bag adds to the beauty of the outfit and completes the look.

8. Under a fancy suit:

A suit is more of a formal look, which you can tone down by wearing over a casual shirt or t-shirt. Women can play around with different colour suits and shirts even during a formal event. Classic plain white t-shirt tones down the flashy colour of the suits and give a classy look. Pair your suit with heels and footwear with a pointed front or closed-toe sandals. For a more casual look, pair the suit with statement sneakers.

9. With overalls or jumpsuits:

Jumpsuits or overalls are the latest in trend. Few people who are not comfortable wearing open-shoulder jumpsuits or overalls tend to wear a t-shirt underneath, which is also a fun look. You can wear the same coloured t-shirt, plain white or black t-shirt under the jumpsuit. A pair of sneakers or loafers adds to the comfort of the outfit. Pull your hair back in a bun, wear your fancy eye shades and complete the look with a stylish cross-body.

10. With shorts:

Shorts are another great choice of bottoms you can pair with a basic T-shirt. They are great for a casual outing, grocery shopping, an evening stroll, travelling or relaxing at home. Some of these shorts have elastic at the waist others have buttons or drawstrings.  You can pair your dark-coloured printed or graphic t-shirts with earthy-coloured shorts or military pants. Wear light-coloured womens casual tshirts with dark-coloured shorts and vice versa. Style t-shirts as per your liking – tuck the t-shirt in, keep it out or tuck it only on one side to give a casual look and wear boots or sneakers.


Even if you own a single basic t-shirt, you can pair it with different types of bottoms, creating new looks and outfits. Add the final touch to the casual t-shirt dressing style by accessorising correctly! With Harbour9, you can find a wide range of tshirts and bottom wear to create outfits that compliment you.

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