11 Types of Shirts Every Man Should Have in His Closet

11 Types of Shirts Every Man Should Have in His Closet

With our curated list of the most different types of shirts for men, we have made finding the right outfit simpler for you. Own at least one pair of these 11 types of shirts and follow our advice, and you never again have to wonder if you can pull off a look.

Several studies have found a strong connection between a person's clothing choices and confidence. People who feel uncomfortable with their clothes tend to be less confident than those who love what they are wearing.

If you are ready to switch up your entire unstylish wardrobe with something more fashionable that will give you the much-needed confidence boost, refer to our list of fashionable shirts for men.

A. Fashionable Shirts for Men

1. Aloha or Hawaiian Shirts

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One of the best casual clothing items in your wardrobe should be a Hawaiian shirt. It is ideal for men who enjoy life and aren't afraid to show it. These come in a variety of colours and patterns. Also known as Aloha shirts, due to their popularity in Hawaii, these feature big breast pockets and convertible collars. They are great for summers and ideal for vacations on beaches. The fun patterns usually include palm trees and flowers. You can pair them with shorts or khakis.

2. Oxford Button Down Shirts

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The Oxford button-down shirt is a classic shirt style for men and a wardrobe essential. Button-down shirts are usually made from Oxford cloth. They are elegant and great for special occasions, including dates and parties. In addition, they go well with stylish trousers such as brogues or chinos, or even a pair of jeans.

This classic shirt style features solid/plain colours. To put together an elegant and refined outfit, you may want to purchase button-down shirts in pastel colours. You can pair them with contrasting pants. The buttons holding the collar in place are one of its most distinguishing features.

3. Chambray Shirts

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Chambray shirts come in darker shades, such as greys and blues. Their strong likeness to denim often has people mistaking it for denim. Chambray is made from a plain weave, making the shirts lighter.

There's no second-guessing with Chambray, you can pair it with anything, and you are good to go. Adding a fashionable blazer to the mix will elevate your look. We recommend pairing them with complementing pants and a pair of suede loafers.

4. Denim Shirts

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Generally, denim fabric is made from cotton twill weave, which is highly resistant to wrinkles and soiling. It is also low maintenance and highly durable. Amongst all the different shirt styles for men, denim shirts are a versatile choice. It can be worn by itself or paired with a solid/plain t-shirt underneath for a carefree look. They go well with a pair of jeans. You have to experiment with different colours.

5. Dress Shirts

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Dress shirts are usually made from pique or Marcella fabric. They are breathable and lightweight mesh fabrics used to make formal cotton shirts. Dress shirts feature their signature French cuffs, cutaway collars, and full-length sleeves.

Similar to button-down shirts, they are great for special occasions. You can accentuate your look with fancy pearl cufflinks and stylish shoes. They pair well with tuxedo jackets and pants. The last tip, let's not forget to add the missing element, an elegant bow or a tie.

6. Epaulette Shirts

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Epaulettes are shoulder straps typically seen on the police, army, and defence forces uniforms. Designers have turned the look into stylish shirts that give men an alternative to button shirts and t-shirts. Shirts with Epaulettes are made from different fabrics and come in different styles. They pair well with jeans and formal trousers.

7. Flannel Shirts

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Flannels shirts are also known as plain shirts. These shirts are made from flannel fabric woven from either wool or cotton, which is lightweight and warm. They are usually worn over a t-shirt for extra warmth. Flannel shirts are great for non-formal occasions and pair fantastically with a pair of jeans. Flannel shirts look best paired with boots and a hat and are also a good choice for men’s stylish casual wear.

8. Linen Shirts

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We have already seen different shirt styles for men that are great for summer.  Linen is also a summer-friendly fabric. Linen shirts are made from lightweight fabric that allows your skin to breathe during the summers.

Avoid pairing a linen shirt with jeans. Instead, pair them with solid khakis, which is an elegant look. You can also wear it at beaches or swimming pools. Linen is also great for special occasions such as parties. Lighter colored linen shirts make you suave during such festive events.

9. Tunic Shirts

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Tunics shirts are essential for traditional events. Tunic shirts are fancy alternatives to the dress shirt and Oxford button-down shirts and can be worn at most Indian festivals. A tunic shirt is a loose-fitting long shirt with a slit neckline and a Chinese/mandarin collar.

Tunic shirts are made from cotton, linen, or silk. These fabrics are good to wear for hot Indian summers. They can also be worn year-round.

Tunic shirts can be paired with solid/plain jeans or traditional Indian pyjamas. Choose ethnic footwear such as fancy Juttis, Mojaris, and Kolhapuris.

B. Shirts With Different Types of Collar

10. Camp Collared Shirts

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A camp collared shirt is also known as a pyjama collared shirt or Cuban shirt. It features a double notched and soft, one-piece collar sewn directly on the shirt's body. So, rather than being stiff like other collars, this one lays flat against the shirt.

Short-sleeved camp collared shirts are the best to wear during summers. They are loose-fitting and have straight hem, which makes them breathable summer essentials. You must own at least 2 pairs. When the occasion calls for it, you can also dress it up with the right jackets, pants, and shoes.

11. Mandarin Collared Shirts

Image Credit: FabIndia and Company

One of the most stylish shirt types, a mandarin collar shirt does away with the need for ties and bows. Depending on what you pair it with, it is suitable to wear on most occasions, including weddings, meetings, and semi-formal events. 

The band collar looks sophisticated and can be paired with a fitted blazer and formal pants. For a semi-formal look, you can easily pair it with jeans or chinos. Put together a stylish look by adding fancy dress shoes to the mix. They go well with the Mandarin collar. 


Most of you may already have at least 2 of these in your wardrobe, and now you have the power to style them appropriately. If you can’t upgrade your entire wardrobe at one time, start with three of these elegant shirts for men. We recommend purchasing Denim shirts, Dress shirts, and Oxford button-down shirts. You can then expand your wardrobe whenever possible. Harbour 9's extensive collection can help you fill your wardrobe with outfits that you would love to wear.

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