10 Types of Pyjamas or Sleepwear Sets for Men and Women

10 Types of Pyjamas or Sleepwear Sets for Men and Women

Our list of 10 types of pyjamas include pyjama sets made from either synthetic fibers or natural fabrics. Along with pyjamas with drawstrings or elastics, you’ll also find long and short pyjama sets. The shorter ones, like women’s nighties, are ideal for summers. This guide will help you understand the different types of pyjamas based on the fabrics they are made from and their style.

A] Types of Pyjamas by Fabric Type

1. Cotton Pyjama Sets

Image Credit: Harbour 9 Long and Short Cotton Pyjamas.

Cotton pyjamas are made from 100% cotton. They are highly breathable, soft, and comfortable.They are also durable. Nowadays, we see more pyjamas made from cotton blends since they are more affordable and significantly more durable. You can also explore our exclusive collection of pyjama set for men, listed below are the reasons why they are the perfect choice of sleepwear.

Why should you get Cotton Pyjama Sets?

  • Durable, breathable, and softer.
  • Loose-fitting, comfortable, and stretchable for sleeping
  • Ideal men's weekend outfits, perfect to wear during warm weather
  • It is lightweight and dries easily

2. Flannel Pyjama Sets


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Flannel is a soft and warm fabric made from synthetic fiber, cotton, or wool. It is used for making comfortable sleepwear sets for cold winter nights. Flannels pyjama sets often come in plaid patterns and are button-down shirts paired with matching pants. Unlike cotton, flannel can be heavier. It is also heavier than fleece, so not ideal for summers.

Why should you get Flannel Pyjama Sets?

  • Warm and Soft, ideal for cold nights.
  • Low maintenance choice of sleepwear.
  • Trending plaid patterns suitable for the holiday season
  • You can add layers beneath the button-down flannel shirt.

3. Silk Pyjama Sets


Image Credit: Lilysilk

Silk is a luxurious and shiny fabric that screams opulence. It is also very gentle on the skin. People who are allergic to harsh fabrics can get silk pyjamas instead. They are also hypoallergenic. Wearing pure silk pyjamas to bed has a lot of benefits. Its moisture-absorbing properties fight off the effects of ageing. It also reduces friction between your skin and bed, thereby reducing the creases that appear on your skin.

Why should you get Silk Pyjama Sets?

  • Pure silk pyjamas feel great on the skin and prevent ageing.
  • Its moisture absorbing property makes them ideal for summer.
  • Silk pyjamas are also stylish sleepwear sets.
  • Silk pyjamas are hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin.

4. Fleece Pyjama Sets

Image Credit: Prevention

People often confuse fleece with flannel or consider it a type of flannel. But it is a misconception. Fleece is a brushed knit made from polyester, which gives it the appearance of a sheep's coat. It is another popular fabric used to make pyjamas. While silk and cotton pyjamas are great for the indoors, they aren't ideal for outdoor trips such as camping or other rough terrains. It is also a bit water-resistant as water tends to slide off fleece, but we wouldn’t recommend treating it as a rain cover. Furthermore, they are lightweight, warm, and long-lasting.

Why should you get Fleece Pyjama Sets?

  • Highly durable and made from brushed knit polyester.
  • Made from warm fabric suitable for harsher environments.
  • Fleece pyjamas are slightly water-resistant.
  • Like cotton, they are lightweight and dry easily.

5. Linen Pyjama Sets

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Linen is a fabric made from the fibers of a flax plant and therefore considered hypoallergenic. Like many others on this list, it has been used for ages. Linen pyjamas are extremely lightweight and breathable. Unlike cotton or flannels, which tend to be coarser, linen pyjamas get softer and more comfortable with every wash. Similar to silk, people enjoy the feel of linen on their skin. They are also excellent sleepwear suitable for hotter weather.

Why should you get Linen Pyjama Sets?

  • Made from lightweight and breathable fabric.
  • Cool on the skin, perfect for hot summers.
  • They get more comfortable with every wash.
  • Linen pyjamas are also highly durable and hypoallergenic.

6. Satin Pyjama Sets

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    Historically speaking, satin was once made purely from silk, but that's not true for today's satin clothing. These days, satin mostly imitates silk. Satin is a weave made from fibers of nylon, polyester, or maybe silk. Satin pyjamas are an affordable alternative to silk pyjamas. Unlike silk pyjamas, satin pyjamas are easier to take care of. They can be machine washed without worries about spoiling the fabric. Satin pyjamas are lightweight and ideal for warm weather.

    Why should you get Satin Pyjama Sets?

    • Made from lightweight fabric, which is ideal for summer.
    • Affordable alternative to silk pyjamas with less upkeep.
    • Just as comfortable, shiny, and luxurious as silk pyjamas.
    • Made from highly durable and crease-free fabric.

    7. Polyester Pyjama Sets

    Image Credit: Indiamart

    So far, we have seen three fabrics (cotton, fleece, and satin) that are either meshed together with polyester or made from polyester fibers. Now, we'll talk about 100% polyester pyjamas. Polyester is made from polyester fabric which comes from petroleum. Other than pure polyester pyjamas, you can also get the blended ones as they are lightweight and quite durable. It is ideal for indoor use and also wrinkle-free.

    Why should you get Polyester Pyjama Sets?

    • Polyester pyjamas are an affordable indoor sleepwear option.
    • Made from petroleum, it offers a wrinkle-free experience.
    • It is also highly durable and suitable for warm nights.
    • Additionally, it is easy to clean and dry.

    8. Bamboo Pyjama Sets

    Image Credit: Qdessence

    While there's no lack of eco-friendly fabrics, experts are always on the hunt for biodegradable fabrics like cotton. In their search, they came across bamboo linen, which is made by using natural enzymes on crushed bamboo wood fibers. It produces silky yarn, which is then used to make bamboo fabric. When you look for bamboo pyjama sets, make sure that you avoid getting those made from viscose cellulose extracted from bamboo. Instead, buy the ones made from bamboo fibers.

    Why should you get Bamboo Pyjama Sets?

    • Made from highly breathable and lightweight fabric.
    • It is an eco-friendly pyjama option.
    • Ideal for everyday wear throughout the year.
    • Bamboo pyjamas are more stretchable than cotton pyjamas.

    B] Types of Pyjamas by Style

    9. Sweatpants

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    Sweatpants are ideally made from cotton or cotton blend. These are comfortable, soft, and warm sleepwear alternatives suitable for cold nights. Unlike most pyjama sets, sweatpants are a single product. You'll need to get a cotton or cotton-blend hoodie to pair with these pants. Sweatpants are also highly durable and have sweat absorbing properties. They are a bit heavier than most fabrics and can be worn at night and during the day. You can also style them into a smart casual outfit. However, they take longer to dry than most fabrics.

    If you want to explore some of the best pyjamas for men, you can refer to our style guide: Best Pyjamas For Men Who Enjoy Sleeping In.

    Why should you get Sweatpants?

    • They are highly durable and comfortable to wear.
    • Idea sleep pants for cold winter nights.
    • It can also be worn for exercising and outdoor activities.
    • Sweat absorbing properties to keep you dry.

    10. Onesies


    Image Credit: Tipsyelves

    Onesies are pretty common sleepwear for babies and teenagers, but recently they have made a comeback, and even adults can use them. They are usually made from flannel, fleece, or knit cotton. They also come in several designs, patterns, and styles. They are great to wear throughout the year but better suited for colder times. They are heavier than cotton and highly durable.

    Why should you get a Onesie?

    • It is a fun outfit to wear and super comfortable.
    • Made from highly durable fabric, they can be worn year-round.
    • Available in an extensive range of colours and styles.
    • They are easy to clean and maintain.
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