5 + Types of Men’s Trousers well-suited for Every Occasion

5 + Types of Men’s Trousers well-suited for Every Occasion

Have you ever thought about why men take less time to get ready? Everybody thinks it is an easy job for men to dress. All they have to do is wear a pair of pants and a shirt, and they're ready for the day. But, it isn’t as easy as it seems. Men need to look best in the limited options available, and at times they tend to fall into a routine with similar kinds of clothes.
However, some men love to dress their very best on every occasion. For this, they need to have the appropriate clothes to blend in. So if you’re one of these men who love dressing appropriately, this style guide has been created especially for you. Read on to learn more about the different types of trousers for men.

Types of trousers well suited for every occasion:

1. Formal pants: 

Formal pants are the go-to trousers for men. They pretty much wear it for most formal occasions, places, or events like offices, meetings, black-tie events, formal parties, etc. The most common form of formal pants are the pleated ones. These make you look elegant and subtle at the same time. Consider pairing your formal trouser with a linen or cotton shirt. You can also pair your pants with a sweatshirt. Select dark-coloured pants for formal events, like shades of black, navy blue or grey and pair them with light-coloured shirts. For a semi-formal event, you can experiment with light-coloured pants with a dark-coloured shirt.

2. Chinos:

Chinos are non-stretchable, stylish trousers made of cotton with a straight fit. These are perfect for any occasion, irrespective of any time of the day. The recent trend is cropped chinos with a narrow bottom. You can pair your chinos with linen shirts, t-shirts, polo t-shirts, flannel shirts, sweatshirts, or hoodies. Select neutral or earthy colour chinos and pair them with light or pastel shades for an elegant look. For a casual look, wear dark-coloured t-shirts and shirts. Chinos can be worn for a casual outing, travelling, or lunch and dinner meets. You can complete the stylish look by wearing white sneakers. For semi-casual events, pair your chinos with loafers.

3. Sweatpants or track pants:

Would it not be amazing if we could wear sweatpants, joggers or tracks everywhere we go? These are the most comfortable street style trousers or bottoms one can wear. Smartly pairing your tracks, joggers or sweatpants will allow you to wear your pants to many casual events. The tapering bottom below the knee gives a very sleek look. Regular sweatpants with sweatshirts are ideal for workouts or running. A polo neck t-shirt is suitable for afternoon or evening outings or café meetups. Sweatpants are made of thick stretchable material, which makes them look neat and non-wrinkly.

4. Denim:

Be it a jacket or pants, denim is considered one of the most versatile clothing options. Unwashed, crisp denim looks fashionable, comfortable and long-lasting. Dark-coloured denim matches well with light pastel coloured shirts, light-coloured t-shirts, bright printed t-shirts and flannel shirts. A man can never go wrong with blue denim and a white shirt. To complete the look, pair your outfit with sports shoes, loafers, or leather shoes. Narrow bottom denim looks good with heavy shoes, and straight-cut denim matches well with loafers or sneakers. For a semi-casual look, pair your denim with a button-down linen shirt and roll the sleeves to the elbow.

5. Cargos:

First thing that comes to mind when we talk about cargos is the number of pockets. Cargos are the only pants that have so many pockets. They are a bit loose, cotton pants that do not have body hugging or tight appearance. These pants are ideal for a street-style casual look. Cargo looks amazing when paired with oversized sweatshirts or hoodies. For a funkier look, you can try flashy sports shoes or white sneakers. Earthy-coloured cargo looks better with dark-coloured or pastel shades.

6. Linen Pants:

Linen pants are cotton pants made from organic cotton and linen blend. These are straight-cut pants that give a particular shape to the body. Linen pants pair well with linen shirts. Pair your linen pants along with pastel shades of shirts. The darker the colour of the linen pant, it will complement the light coloured or earthy colour shirts. Leather shoes are widely worn, along with linen pants.

7. Shorts:

Shorts are pants that come up to the knee. Although these days shorts are created from different types of fabrics, pure cotton shorts are quite popular with the majority. Many stores and shopping portals have a large collection of 100 % cotton shorts for men. Made from organic fabrics, these pants are highly eco-friendly and durable. Shorts are premium casual wear that one can wear while travelling, running errands in a market, on a simple stroll in the neighbourhood, or at home. It is not advisable to wear shorts at any formal event or in the office. Pair your cotton shorts with a polo neck or a collared t-shirt for a trendy look. A baseball cap, funky sneakers and sunglasses complete a casual shorts look. You can pair your in-shirt or white t-shirt, layer it with a flannel shirt or any button-down shirt and wear white sneakers.

8. Joggers

Cotton joggers for men are pants made from thick material. It is a very stretchy, fancy, yet comfortable pair of bottoms. Joggers are best suited for running, working or yoga exercises where there is an elaborate movement of the body that needs flexibility. Pair the stylish joggers with an oversized t-shirt, hoodie, or round or V-neck t-shirts. Joggers are an absolute casual outfit that needs to be avoided during any formal events. Joggers with no elastic at the ankles give a more relaxed look, whereas narrow bottom joggers with ankle elastic give a stylish look.


In recent years, men have become more focused on their appearance, worrying about grooming their hair according to the latest trend or what to wear for different occasions. And it's about time.

You can expand your wardrobe by getting the pants mentioned in this list. You can look stylish by creating different outfits with many types of shirts and pants.
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