Trendy Winter Style Guide for Men

Trendy Winter Style Guide for Men

Over the years, men's winter fashion has evolved from basic sweaters to some of the most stylish winter wear, including ultra-modern jackets. These growing options of winter wear offer men plenty of clothing options they can sport on cold winter days. Thanks to online shopping portals, even the trendiest collections of men’s hoodies and sweatshirts have now become accessible to everyone.

The world is full of men glad to be called repeat outfit offenders simply because they have a tough time putting together the right outfit for every occasion. So, they'll often stick to their favourite hoodies and sweaters to beat the cold. Our style guide shares tips for men’s winter fashion that can help men with this pesky issue.

A] What can men wear during winter and still look stylish?

1. Jackets:

While selecting a jacket to wear, think about the occasion. If you are going for outdoor activities like hiking, walks or runs, you need a heavy jacket with thick insulation. If you are indoors, you need a jacket with thin insulation. A cashmere jacket made from fleece is lightweight and will keep you warm during the extreme winter climate. It is also easy to maintain, very soft and looks stylish. These warm jackets can be worn when you are attending formal events, dinners or for an outing in the evening. There are also shirt jackets made from denim, wool blend material or cotton. A shirt jacket is best to layer yourself when there is light cold.

2. Sweatshirts:

Casual sweatshirts are made from thick material. They have elastic on the wrist and waist, which helps keep you warm. Sweatshirts are perfect for light winter or slightly cooler days. You can use sweatshirts to layer your undershirt or t-shirt. In addition, you can also pair your sweatshirts with sweatpants, denim or joggers for a casual look. For smart casuals, try wearing a sweatshirt with a chino bottom. During winters, select darker colours that absorb more heat and keep you warm.

3. Hoodies:

Casual hoodies are similar to sweatshirts but have a hood that helps to cover your ears and head during windy days and a zipper in front. Hoodies make you look funkier and stylish. Pair your hoodies with tracks or sweatpants. For days when there is less cold, you can keep the front zipper of the hoodie half or fully open. Hoodies have kangaroo pockets that help to keep your palms warm. Complete the look with a pair of woolen socks and sneakers.

4. Sweater:

Sweaters are the most commonly used winter outfit. It can either be hand-knitted or machine-made. Sweaters are perfect for layering up on your clothes and feeling cosy and warm. They are made from different materials such as cotton, wool, cashmere wool and Marino wool. Sweaters can be of a pullover design or with front buttons. To opt for a classy look, you can wear a collared shirt underneath a sweater and keep the collars out over the sweater. Sweaters match well with tracks, denim, cargo and chinos. 

5. Full-Sleeve t-shirts:

Shirts are the first layer on the skin that will keep you warm. When the weather is lighter, less cold, you can wear only long sleeve t-shirt. The t-shirt can be of cotton, wool or cotton blend that keeps the body warm. Full-sleeve t-shirts match with denim, cargo, chinos, and joggers. Layer your full-sleeve t-shirt with a sweater or hoodie for low temperatures. 

6. Woollen t-shirts:

T-shirts are a universal outfit that looks good for most occasions. At times you might not want to dress in bulky clothes or want to settle for something more light and comfortable. At such times, you can opt for thin Marino wool t-shirts. These t-shirts look like regular t-shirts but wearing them will keep you warm, even when the temperatures go below zero. Some t-shirts are made of fleece, which is not very thin but is soft on the skin. You can pair your woollen t-shirts with cargos, denim, chino, corduroys or cotton pants. 

7. Woolen or blended woolen pants:

Generally, we are more focused on finding the right clothes that cover the upper half of the body. But your legs also need protection from the frigid cold air. Wearing warm bottoms will save you from the chilly winters. Woolen bottoms, in particular, will help to keep your legs warm. You should preferably opt for darker colours as they tend to absorb the heat. Pair your woollen pants with woolen t-shirts, sweatshirts or hoodies.

B] Styling guides for men during winters:

1. Smart-layering:

 Sometimes, a single layer is not enough to keep you warm. You need to be smart about layering clothes. They should not only keep you warm and comfortable but also make you look trendy. You can wear a sweatshirt or hoodie over a white undershirt or a shirt jacket over a t-shirt or a shirt.

2. Wearing full sleeves shirt over an undershirt or a thermal:

It is also possible to keep yourself warm with minimal clothing such as a thermal. Put on a thermal under your full-sleeve t-shirt. It will keep you cosy and warm. To avoid bulky jackets, you can always try two or three thin layers that can keep you warm and yet not look bulky. Our style guide featuring casual men’s fashion can help you learn more about layering and other casual outfits that you can pair with your warm clothes to look more fashionable in winter.

3. Adding accessories like scarves or mufflers:

Let's not forget our neck is also susceptible to cold winds. Mufflers and a scarf help keep the neck warm. You only need to wrap the scarf around your neck and, if required, over your ears. A woollen scarf or Marino wool muffler is soft on the skin and very effective against the cold.

4. Wearing a leather jacket:

A leather jacket forms a thick layer over your body that withstands the strong wind currents and protects you from feeling cold. Leather jackets particularly come in handy when you are travelling via two-wheelers, riding against the wind.

5. Wearing a woolen tracksuit:

Getting up early in the morning for a regular workout or walk becomes a bit difficult during winter. It's a constant struggle to leave the embrace of your warm bed and blanket. A woollen tracksuit gives you a cosy and warm feeling and motivates you to get out of bed and continue with your workouts.

6. Wearing linen or woollen blazers: 

Blazers always make you look smart and trendy. Blazers are ideal for any casual, semi-casual or semi-formal events. Woollen blazers look very smart and keep you warm enough to get through the event of the evening. With a windy atmosphere, you can put on the buttons or open them if the day is not that cold. Complete the look with stylish loafers or leather boots.

7. Wearing boots:

Wearing boots will keep your soles warm, and you might not feel much of the cold. While you are in the snow, the boot will help to prevent toes from freezing and getting frostbite. 

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