Tips On Personality Development For Kids

Tips On Personality Development For Kids

Every child is different and has a unique personality, which gradually gets influenced by their surroundings. Parents, teachers, and caregivers are responsible for guiding kids during different stages of personality development, ensuring they learn positive traits. Below we have mentioned some personality development tips that can prove helpful in simplifying their task.

 Tips on Personality Development for Kids

  1. Be a Good Listener:

    Children crave attention. As they grow up, they discover new things that increase their curiosity. They start to express themselves, asking questions to their parents or teachers. During this phase, all they want is to be heard. So as parents, listen to their stories and theories patiently. It will help improve their self-confidence and encourage them to be good listeners themselves.
  1. Encourage Independence to Enhance Self-Esteem:

    As parents, always encourage your children to be independent. Give them time to think and make decisions about themselves; be it what clothes to wear or what they would like to eat. This will increase their self-esteem and enable them to differentiate between right &
  1. Avoid Labelling your Child:

    Words can have a deep impact on your children. When you label them based on a specific behavior (you are good for nothing), they unconsciously start to believe the Hence, always be cautious with your words while correcting their behavior or scolding them, as harsh words can negatively impact your child.
  1. Refrain From Comparisons:

    Comparing your child with other children of their age can damage their personality, making them feel inadequate or incompetent. Constant comparison can make them doubt their own identity, and they may start to imitate others to appease you. Thus, always respect and praise your child’s individuality. It will help build their morale and bring out the best in them.
  1. Be Gentle on their Shortfalls:

    Failure and success are a part of everyone’s journey. You can’t expect your kid to excel at everything they do. It puts undue pressure on them, decreases their morale and makes them feel inferior. Understand that kids are unique and have varying capabilities. Instead of harping about their shortfalls, identify their talents and encourage them to develop those. Also, offer the required assistance that will help improve their capability to reach newer heights.
  1. Practice Gentle Parenting:

    Physical abuse, yelling, being extremely strict will do no good either for the parent or the children. More often than not, children take this harsh behavior to heart and may respond negatively to all future positive advancements. Here, explaining the problem will more likely convince them to change their behavior, rather than threatening them with dire consequences.
  1. Don’t Worry, Be Happy:

    Parents are often too focused on their child’s future, which leads them to neglect their present. Research claims that kids raised in an environment with parental anxiety, stress, and criticism are more likely to develop personality disorders. Therefore, while you are prepping your kids for a brighter tomorrow, it is equally important to let them enjoy their present. Practice optimism, as it can contribute to your child’s personality development.
  1. Limit Screen Time:

    Studies indicate that too much screen time can impact kids intellectually and hamper their social development. Spend more time with your child by playing games for personality development and travelling to divert them from these gadgets. Rather than reel-life, give them real-life experiences. Teach them the difference between the real and virtual world. Teach them to appreciate and value their people and surroundings. It will help develop a well-rounded personality.
  1. Model the Right Behavior:

    Visual learning is more impactful than audio learning. This statement holds true for kids as they learn more from what they see than what they hear. Therefore, model the right behavior in front of your child, and they’ll surely learn from it. Practicing what your preach is one of the best ways to develop a personality. It is bound to leave a lasting impression on them. Even teaching little things like arranging the books on the shelf and not wasting food can make a difference in their life.
  1. Let Them Play:

    Playing outdoor has substantially decreased among the children of this generation due to various reasons, especially during and post the lockdown. Games and sports are the best personality development activities to teach children the value of sharing, caring, team spirit, sportsmanship, and resilience. It teaches children how to work together and keeps them active and healthy. Simultaneously, it fosters overall mental and physical growth. It is also a great source for kids to unwind from academic stress and relax.
  1. Incorporate Emotional Intelligence:

    Emotionally fulfilled and satisfied children tend to live happier life. They are self-aware, conscientious, sensitive, and empathetic, which will make a difference in their academic and social success in the future. It is necessary to recognize your child’s flaws and accept & guide them on the right path. Accepting their feelings and the reality of their surroundings will not only motivate them to do better, but would also fuel enthusiasm.


Kids' personality development should be an integral part of parenting. Parents should remember that the environment a child grows in has a huge impact on their personality and tend to shape their behavior over time. Thus, guiding your child as they tackle challenges that life throws at them is essential if you want your child to be a happy and fulfilled young adult.

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