Summer Wear for Kids: Why Buy Cotton Clothes?

Summer Wear for Kids: Why Buy Cotton Clothes?

Summertime is vacation time! It is a highly anticipated two-month holiday that all kids look forward to. During this time, most kids spend their time outdoors, more often than not, playing in the scorching heat. Here, dressing your child in comfy clothes is important to prevent overheating or worse yet rashes.

Summer clothing for kids mostly includes shorts and tees. But, while buying these, you need to consider the material used. Thus, to help you out, here are a few advantages of cotton clothes for kids that make them the best buy for the summer season.

A] Summer Wear for Kids: Advantages of Cotton Clothes

1.Breathable and Odour free

    We all know that summers can be hot and humid. It is the reason why dressing your kids in season-appropriate clothing is important. The right summer clothes will prevent the accumulation of sweat, ensuring there is no unpleasant smell. Plus, it will protect your kid's skin from harsh sun rays.

    Cotton is a great fabric as it is breathable, absorbent, and known for its cooling properties. Its high absorbency rate wicks away excess moisture, preventing overheating and odour. Thus, pick cotton clothes for kids during summer to keep them cool and dry.

    2. Versatile

      Cotton clothes are highly versatile. Dressing children in cotton clothes ensures they remain cool (despite the heat) and can play around freely.

      • For a casual outing, you can dress your kids in a cotton t-shirt & pants.
      • For a play date, a cotton jumpsuit or a romper is ideal.
      • For any occasion or event, there is an option of cotton dresses.
      • For a toddler, you can dress them up in a onesie, romper, sleepsuit or bodysuit.

      3. Durable

        Let’s admit that kids get dirtier faster, especially when you are outdoors. Be it an outdoor picnic or a stroll through the park, kids are bound to get their clothes dirty. They can even mess up their clothes at home while eating food or unintentionally by wiping their hands on them.

        When it comes to kids, purchasing durable clothes is as important as comfy clothes. Hence, here cotton kids' clothes stand out as they are highly durable. Cotton is more long-lasting and dirt-resistant than any other fabrics. Also, cotton clothes don’t wear off easily even after multiple washing. Thereby, making it the best fabric for kid's clothes.

        4. Hypoallergenic

          Imagine you've just purchased a lovely outfit for your child, and they are excited to flaunt it in front of their friends. But as you help them dress, they start sneezing continuously. An unexpected allergic reaction caused due to new clothes can terrify parents. As such, with cotton clothes, you don’t have to worry about allergies as they are 100% natural. Summer cotton clothes are also resistant to dust mites. Hence, with cotton clothes for your kids, you can have fun rather than worrying about allergies.

          5. Easy to Wash

            Cotton is a breathable fabric, and it doesn't trap oil or odours compared to other fabrics. This ensures that cotton clothes don't get dirty quickly. But, you still have to wash your child's clothes often. You can also teach them to help you in doing the laundry.

            B] Trendy Cotton Clothes For Kids to Wear This Summer

            1. Football Tee for Boys

              Here's a perfect summer outfit for your kid. This vibrant blue cotton t-shirt sports a football print. Made from 100% cotton, it is naturally soft and won’t rub against your son's skin or cause irritation. It features a round neck & short sleeves and is available for kids up to 1 to 12 years old.

              2. White Floral Summer Dress

                Don't think that comfy doesn't equal fashionable. Have a fashionable kids' summer with this adorable floral dress. It is available for kids from the age of 12 months to 4 years. This sleeveless cotton white floral dress comes with a round neckline in the front and a V neck in the back. To add some extra spice to this fashionista outfit, the backside features buttons and bows for closure.

                3. Rainbow Print Tee for Girls

                  Another summer wear for kids, this quirkily designed tee for girls is a light grey cotton t-shirt that features a frontal embroidery of a rainbow, flowers and animals. The t-shirt is made from cotton, has short sleeves and comes in the perfect length for your little girl. It is available for 1 to 6 years old and is well-suited for a hot summer day.

                  4. Grey shorts for Boys

                    Shorts are amazing summer wear. These grey cotton shorts come with drawstrings and also feature cargo pockets. They are available for boys from the age of 1 to 6 years old, and you can pair them with different coloured t-shirts.


                    Pick cotton clothes to keep your child safe and comfy during summertime. A lot of summer activities for kids include outdoor sports. So, it is best to keep your child cool by dressing them according to the weather. Cotton clothes are also more durable and versatile. Plus, they prevent allergies, sunburns and other skin-related issues. Thus, make the most of the list mentioned above, and shop for children's cotton clothing right here!

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