Summer Clothes for Kids: What Should You Look For?

Summer Clothes for Kids: What Should You Look For?

Summer is the time when days get longer, stars shine brighter, the hair gets lighter, and the water gets warmer. This is the season when kids spend most of their time outdoors. With no worries about studying, kids utilize their maximum time playing with their friends or are engaged in other summer activities. Kids hang out with their friends, spend time with family, or attend summer camps. This is the time your kid needs extremely comfortable clothing to have a joyous time.

1] Summer Clothes for Kids: Things To Know

  • During summer, sweat leads to clothes sticking to the body. Tight clothing might also cause chafing due to constant friction, making playtime difficult for the kid. To tackle this issue, choose comfortable clothing in breathable material.
  • Continuously wearing uncomfortable clothes along with sweat might lead to rashes. To avoid this, opt for clothes that are season specific.
  • During playtime, clothes should not restrict the kids’ movement. For this, select loose-fitting clothes that allow ample room for movement.

2] How to Select Suitable Clothing for Kids’ Summer Playtime?

Opt for clothes that are;

  • Light: With the scorching sun, kids can get exhausted in no time. So, spare them the added burden of heavy clothes and select lightweight clothes. For girls, select frocks, maxi dresses, shorts and t-shirts or rompers. For boys, choose t-shirts, shirts, shorts, jon jon, and rompers. 
  • Comfortable: Kids are a bundle of energy, which is why they need comfortable and stretchable clothing that is skin-friendly. Clothes that restrict movement will only add to the exhaustion. Select pull-up pants with adjustable elastic, which is not very tight. Go for stretchable pants for extra room. For indoors, loose-fitting cotton clothes are the best. 
  • Soaks sweat: Kids tend to sweat a lot, which is majorly due to their high metabolism. Select clothing that soaks up sweat and keeps the kid dry and rash-free. Cotton is an ideal material here for kids’ clothing
  • Allow airflow: To maintain the body temperature, our bodies sweat. There has to be space for airflow that will allow the kid to maintain their body temperature. Loose t-shirts, tops, button-down shirts, frock or maxi dress provides the luxury of continuous airflow. It also prevents rashes and chaffing of the skin.
  • Comfortable to run around while playing any sport: Clothes should be such that they allow the kid to bend, run, sit, jump and play around without any restriction. Avoid tight elastics at the waist or clothes that do not give room for leg movements. Always opt for exact measurement clothes or a little bit loose during summers.

3] Best Summer Outfits for Kids While Playing Outside

3.1] Summer Outfits For Boys

  • Cotton shirts with cotton shorts: This is the best combination any boy can wear.  Button-down shirts are very comfortable. Cotton material helps soak sweat and keeps kids dry. Cotton shorts help with proper air circulation. Experiment with stripes, printed or plain half-sleeve shirts and chino or cotton shorts. 
  • Corduroy or denim dangris with a cotton t-shirt: This is the trendiest outfit that will never go out of fashion. Corduroy gives a very sophisticated vibe. Denim is the only material that can be worn in any season. Lightweight, stretchable denim dangris with a cotton t-shirt are well-suited for summer. Pair earthy corduroys with bright or neon colours. Pastel or white t-shirts under the denim dangri will make your kid stand out.
  •  T-shirt with tracks: Tracks made from hosiery material gives that extra stretch and comfort a kid requires during playtime. This is the most loved and comfortable clothing any boy can wear. Pair bright, polo neck t-shirts with trendy capris or full or short length tracks.
  • Linen tops with pull up pants: Linen tops are very lightweight. Organic, good quality linen soaks up extra sweat, keeping the kid dry and preventing rashes. Pull-up pants, on the other hand, are easy to wear & remove, and the kids can do it on their own.
  • Cotton capris with cotton shirt: Cotton capris give that extra room for air circulation. Pair printed cotton shirts with earth colour capris. Pair bright coloured capris with a light pastel shade or white shirt.

3.2] Summer Outfits For Girls

  • Cotton dress with sneakers: During summer, opt for loose cotton dresses, maxi dresses or frocks that will keep your little girl comfortable throughout.
  • Cotton or denim jumpsuit: Jumpsuits made from light material are another excellent choice for girls. Jumpsuits allow ample air circulation and prevent any irritation. Cotton printed or striped or denim jumpsuit looks trendy.
  • Cotton tops with cotton shorts: Cotton tops help absorb sweat and allow for air circulation. Cotton shorts with stretchable material makes movement easy. Pair shorts with hosiery or cotton tops in bright colours and trendy prints to make them cheerful.
  • Spaghettis and halters with shorts: Girls have a variety of clothes to experiment with. Spaghettis and halters provide sufficient airflow. It keeps the body cool and looks trendy. Pair the top with stretchable shorts, which allow extra movements while playing outside. Make sure the size of the clothing is not too tight, which can make the outfit uncomfortable.

Final Thoughts 

Playtime is important for a kid’s mental, social and emotional well-being. Selecting the right outfit makes playtime more fun and will help enhance the kid’s personality. Wearing comfortable, lightweight clothes complements this learning journey for kids. Plus, if kids are happy, then parents are stress-free (and happy too!). 


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