10 Stylish Types of Tops for Women

10 Stylish Types of Tops for Women

While everyone is aware about the different types of tops for women present, there’s always a confusion about pairing them with the right bottom wear and accessories. Amongst the different types, there are standard tops with fitted back and front providing a comfortable fit and support. Then, there are voluminous styles that offer extra flow and movement. You will also come across hipster tops that deliver the freedom of movement and appear great at the same time. The variety in types of tops for women’s collections is quite overwhelming.
When browsing through women’s casual tops online on shopping portals, it is important to prioritise your personal style, a factor that is second only to comfort. For instance, women who prefer wearing fitted silhouettes can search for tops featuring fit triangles or other unique designs emphasizing the hips and waist.

Types of Women’s Tops Suitable for Every Occasion

While fashion trends might come and go, the foundation of basic clothing remains the same. As a fashion diva, you need designer tops to complement stylish bottoms and the overall personality. Despite new trends, there are some types of women's tops that remain etched in our wardrobes. With so many different types of tops for women online, it becomes a difficult decision to choose the best one out of the lot.

Here are some of our top picks:

1. Shirt Style Top

This trendy top will look great with just about anything. This type of classy top features a relaxed fit while featuring some buttons. Therefore, as you adorn a stylish shirt-style top, you are offered ample room for movement while being fashionable at the same time.

Nowadays, shirt-style tops are available with designer cuffs, hem, and collars to enhance the standard shirt look. While you can opt for full-sleeved or half-sleeved shirt tops, you can also come across sleeveless shirts that cover a significant part of the shoulders while featuring a higher neckline or a proper collar.

2. Blouse Top

If you like dressing up fashionably, your wardrobe must feature a classic blouse top. The presence of boat-neck styles, wide straps, conservative collarbone, and a longer hemline make this top design a timeless piece. With its modest empire waist and a button-down collared look, it is one of the leading choices when you buy tops for women online.

Blouse tops can be best worn by those having a smaller bust size due to the presence of chest straps in most cases. If you have a larger size, then you can choose a larger blouse top to avoid any room for error.

3. Cape Top

The cape serves to be a classic piece that has been around in women's fashion for quite long. The top serves to be an ideal option for chilly days. Adding a stylish cape top to your wardrobe will not only add to your growing collection of trending women’s tops, they’ll also give you another top to pair with your favourite bottom wear.

You can buy a cape top featuring a semi-wide collar along with stylish cuffs to allow the top to stay in place when you are treading around.

4. Cold Shoulder Top

The best part of this variant of women’s top is that it appears great with both dressier and casual looks. You should search for a cold-shoulder top featuring dedicated panels to offer you an elevated look. The top also sports semi-circular slices or cuts on both sides of the shoulders to make it more unique and voguish.

One of the interesting aspects of these types of tops for women is that you can think of keeping most of your arms well-covered if you are not willing to reveal them too much.

5. Maxi or Long Tops

A Maxi top or long tops are a great option for everyone. When you buy this top, you should choose a loose fabric with a fitted bust, to give you a fashionable empire silhouette.   Similarly Long tops can be worn as a dress or paired with your choice of bottoms, be it joggers or any other types of women’s trousers.

6. Tank Top

It appears to be a semi-fitting top that is available in a myriad of prints, colours, and designs. You can think of wearing a classy tank top underneath different layers to come up with a unique look. Still, you can stylishly wear this top alone with joggers or loose-fitting jeans for a great casual look.

7. Kaftan Top

A Kaftan top is a warm women's top that can be worn under a dress, a jacket, suit, or any other outerwear. It is available as a long-sleeved, loose top and comes in a variety of interesting prints and designs. The best part is that you can wear this top with almost anything -right from a cardigan to a pair of sweats, or a loose shirt.

8. Crop Top

Crop top is one of the most casual choices of tops for women. A crop top features a cropped length -falling around mid-calf. The ideal look for a crop top is for a woman with an average height. It serves to be a highly versatile clothing option.

9. Tube Top

It is one of the oldest and the most versatile tops for women. It is available in multiple forms. You can wear a tube top with almost any look. It comes in a variety of styles. Some are solid, others striped or banded.

10. Tunic Top

These are regarded as loose-fitting dresses that are mostly worn with boots or sandals. The tunic top is a highly versatile clothing item that can be worn with any look. You can wear it casually as well as on special occasions.

You can also learn about the different types of t-shirts for women with comprehensive women’s t-shirt Guide.


We have covered 10 stylish women’s tops that can help spruce up your wardrobe. Each one of these tops come with a variety of styling advice that can help you put together a fashionable wardrobe. You can add to your wardrobe by browsing through the wide collection available at harbour9.

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