Stylish Gym Outfits : 5+ Men’s Outfit Ideas For Workout

Stylish Gym Outfits : 5+ Men’s Outfit Ideas For Workout

The pandemic made everyone realise how important physical well-being is and hence began everyone’s tryst with working out. One scroll at your Instagram will render proof of this fact, as all you’ll see are images of everyone adopting a fitness regime into their lives. Apart from having a healthy and lean body, working out renders multiple health benefits in the long run, including lower risk of diabetes, cholesterol and reduced depression, and improved levels of testosterone in men.

While working out is imperative, looking smart and stylish is equally important for some men while working out. This is more so because when you head to the gym, you are bound to meet your friends and other people. Hence, being comfortably stylish is imperative during these times. Also, with a wide range of athleisure coming into the market, stylish gym wear for men is on a fashion spree, to say the least!

A] Stylish Gym Outfit Staples for Workout

Just like outfit staples for weekend, formal and casual wear, there are outfit staples for workout wear as well. These will help you build the perfect workout wardrobe; one that doesn’t have you buying new athleisure repeatedly. Given below are a couple of points that you need to keep in mind while buying workout clothes.

  • Ensure that your workout clothes fit you perfectly. While slightly loose clothes are fine, never go for something that feels extremely tight and body-hugging in hopes of shedding extra pounds even before you’ve begun your journey. 
  • Choose rapid dry fabrics; ones that can absorb sweat without leaving you extremely wet and smelly post a workout. 
  • Combine fashion and function. There is no rule in fashion that says you can either be a workout or a fashion enthusiast. Many athleisure brands provide comfort and fashionable workout wear, so that is exactly what you must opt for.
  • Know that gym costume for men or workout wear is a form of investment, and you’ll get what you pay for! Even when it comes to something as basic as socks, ensure that you invest in long and thick socks if you’re indulging in outdoor workout activities or at least good quality ankle-length socks.
  • Don’t mix your indoor workout clothes with outdoor workout clothes. The material used in both may differ and indoor workout clothes may not be suitable for outdoor workout sessions.
  • Be mindful of changing your workout clothes along with the season. Materials must vary according to summer, winter, and monsoon, allowing your skin to breathe. 
  • Never accessorise your workout outfits because that will be all show and no utility. Stay away from wearing bracelets, rings or pendants when working out.

B] Men’s Workout Outfit Ideas

Now that we are aware of the points to consider while updating our workout wardrobe, here are a few men’s workout outfit ideas to help you achieve the Instagram-worthy workout look that’s not only stylish but comfortable as well. You can easily look for and buy them from the wide range of men’s gym wear online in India

  1. Opt for Co-ords

Co-ords are more or less the workout uniform these days. This is perfect for people who wish to use their energy working out instead of thinking of outfits for the gym. If your workout of the day is an outdoor run, opt for a black or dark grey co-ord, which prevents sweat patches from being exposed. Pair the outfit with a pair of trainers and start running! Co-ords are also easily available and require minimum styling.

  1. Camouflage pants for the win

Trust us when we say white pants are the last thing you should wear for a workout session. All you’ll end up getting is a huge sweat patch or dust from the machines you’ve used. If you want stylish bottom wear for workouts, opt for camouflage pants or joggers with a sleeveless tee. Pair it with a pair of trainers, carry your duffle bag, and the result is an effortless, comfy look. Camouflage is just an example here, the point is to wear a dark-coloured bottom. 

  1. Hoodie for a hideout

Most of us have days where we just want to enjoy a workout in peace, being incognito, and that is when hoodies come to the rescue! If you want to finish your workout routine in peace, all you have to do is wear a hoodie, use the hood over your head, plug in your music, and focus on your workout for the day. Hoodies are also good style statements, especially when paired with yoga pants and sports shoes.

  1. Sneakers for shoes

Gone are the days when white sneakers were staples. We’re talking about some quirky, colourful sneakers now! While nothing beats the charm of black or white trainers, opting for a splash of colours occasionally only adds to the charm. You can go for an all-black workout look by sporting a black t-shirt, black joggers, and black trainers. You can also go for skin-tight half-sleeve t-shirts to show off your gains! Plus, sneakers ensure much-needed comfort during the workout as well. 

  1. The Sweatshirt fever

The sweatshirt fever is a forever one and has been in the picture even before workouts became a 'trending thing' for everyone. Some men can spend their entire lives in sweatshirts, that’s the kind of comfort they are known to render. With sweatshirts for workouts, you can go for any colour be it navy blue, pastel shades, or olive green. Pair these with workout shoes or lace-up sneakers and add a baseball cap to attain the ideal workout look.

  1. Shorts for hardcore leg days

Loose and comfortable shorts are the best outfits for workouts! Leg days are dreaded by all as they’re difficult to keep up. On the days you decide to work your legs, ditch the joggers and sweatpants for a pair of shorts that’ll allow your muscles the freedom of movement. Shorts are a no-brainer when it comes to leg workouts. However, make sure to avoid wearing shorts that are too tight to prevent any wardrobe malfunction at the gym.

  1. Sleeveless, Subtle and Sexy

Sleeveless t-shirts have made it to the list of everyone’s favourite workout outfits besides muscle tees. These look nice and comfortable on men who have just started working out. They help you move freely while being highly comfortable for sweaty workouts, especially during summers. They also prevent the discomfort of sweat patches on the armpits.

When opting for a sleeveless t-shirt, go for the colours white, black, or grey and pair it with drawstring trousers in a contrasting shade. A pair of shoes in black or white colour will work the magic for the overall look.


Comfort and style are the only two things that must be considered when putting together a workout outfit; comfort is the most important parameter. We hope these men's gym clothes fashion ideas inspired you to work on burning calories while looking dashing!
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