Perfect Colour Combination For Kid’s Clothing

Perfect Colour Combination For Kid’s Clothing

In earlier days, boys and girls wore almost similar clothes. However, with time, boys’ outfits were narrowed down to shirts, t-shirts, and pants. Whereas, girls wore pants, frocks, dresses, rompers, shorts, and dangris. Infants were swaddled in cotton fabric, and once the kid started crawling, shorts were introduced, which made it easier for them to move around freely. 

After 3 years of age, kids start being picky about clothes and the colour they wear. This is when you need to impart the knowledge about the colour combination for clothes. It is rightly said, children must be taught how to think and not what to think, as such, imparting knowledge of colour and clothing is essential.

1] Why Teach Your Kids the Importance of Colour Combination?

Teaching your kid about clothing colour combinations can help with intellectual development. It helps boost memory, like remembering the name of the colour, best dress combinations and patterns. It also enables them to choose the right colours, depending on the occasion. It gives them the freedom of choice and makes them responsible. It also helps them develop decision-making skills which is an important life skill

Children can beautifully express themselves through their gestures. Once they understand the colours and combinations, they will experiment according to their personality. Extroverts might experiment with bold colours and prints, while introvert kids might select subtle colours.

2] Importance of Colour in Life

  • Colours play a major role in kid’s moods

Colour selection tells us a lot about the kid’s mood. Kids in a happy mood will select bright colours. A kid who is not so cheerful on certain days will just settle for lighter shades and hues. Likewise, colours can also have an impact on the kid’s mood. Wearing flashy or neon colours can make the kid cheerful. Whereas, wearing cool colours like blue or green can help keep them calm.

  • How do colours help uplift the mood of any event?

Ever seen how a birthday dress stands out amongst school uniforms? That day the whole class seems to be in a celebration mood. Imagine celebrating Diwali wearing regular clothes. Will regular clothes give you the festive vibe? Bright, festive and colourful clothes help uplifts the spirit of all events, while making the kids happy.

3] Segregation of Colour For Girls and Boys

For ages, colour was a factor that distinguished genders. T-shirt in blue colour was for boys, and pink t-shirt was for girls. Boys generally wore a younger masculine version of men’s colour pallet like blue, green and a touch of red and yellow.  The cuter colour shades of pink and yellow were reserved for girls. 

In this millennial world, parents are selecting shades that reflect gender fluidity. There is a trend of gender neutrality where kids can pick any colour of their choice and play with prints and colours to make an impactful impression.

4] Use of Bright Colours for Both Genders

  • Happy colours make the whole atmosphere lively. For festivals, select shades of warm and vivid colours. For instance, select bright colour party dresses for girls
  • Vibrant colours are perfect for morning wear. Select shades of yellow, pink or fuchsia to keep up the kid’s energy levels throughout the day. 

5] Different Clothes Colour Combinations for Boys and Girls

  • Pair bright colours with solid colours for balance. For example, a bright yellow t-shirt with a brown or black joggers. 
  • Also, any printed shirt will stand out with a plain bottom.

Different clothes colour combinations for girls

  • Pair fancy frocks and skirts with subtle footwear
  • Pair a simple outfit with a stylish footwear

6] Clothes Colour Combination: Other Things to Consider

Prints and cartoons suitable for boys and girls


  • Boys might love to wear Avenger characters or cars themed t-shirts, whereas girls would prefer unicorns and Barbie theme clothes.
  • Boys might opt for abstract prints, whereas girls might select floral prints. 
  • A printed top paired with a plain bottom will make the top stand out and vice versa.

Use of subtle colours

  • Select nightwear in subtle colours for calmness
  • Select pastel shades or prints on white for a formal occasion

Use of colours while kids are involved in outdoor activities

  • Select dark colours so that they look less soiled, like black, brown, navy blue, red or maroon
  • Avoid whites and light colours for the same reason
  • Monochrome clothes are also ideal for outdoor activities

Colour combination for festivals

  • Use bold colours for festivals and weddings. It makes the whole atmosphere cheerful.
  • For boys, pair a dark-coloured  kurta with white bottom to balance the shade
  • Use dazzling colour dresses or frocks or skirts for girls

#Best Colour Combinations For Kids

  • Pale blue and pink: A pale blue bottoms with a pale pink top gives an elegant look
  • Red and denim blue: A kid can seldom go wrong with denim paired with any warm colour
  • Green and Yellow: Green and yellow complement each other. You can get the best frock combinations in shades of green and yellow.
  • Blue and white: Both colours complement each other well
  • Orange and yellow: It just makes the atmosphere vibrant and alive
  • Purple and beige: Purple with beige is ideal for formal occasions
  • Neon with denim blue: Neon adds a fun element to clothing. Denim helps neon colours to stand out and grab attention.
  • Neon with black or white: Black and white balance the neon vibe
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