A Beginner’s Guide To Pastel Colour Clothing

A Beginner’s Guide To Pastel Colour Clothing

Whether you follow the trend or otherwise, pastel-coloured clothing is a must-have in your closet. They give a perfect calming effect, which feels like the tender light of early dawn or the serene touch of a spring breeze. Apart from these things, they are also eye-pleasing. 

Today, the pastel palette has expanded beyond pinks and blues. Pastel colours dress code now includes green purple and even yellow hues which give a vibe of fresh flowers. In this blog, we’ve covered more about pastel colours, how to choose the right combination of pastel colour outfits depending on your skin tone and 7 outfit inspiration ideas to look pretty! 

A] What Are Pastel Colours? 


Pastel colours are soft, muted hues that result from blending a pure colour with white to create a lighter and less intense shade. These colours typically have a gentle and calming quality, often resembling the tones of chalk or soft candies. Pastel colours include variations of pinks, blues, greens, yellows, and purples, among others. They are known for their subtle and soothing appearance, making them popular choices in various forms of art, fashion, and design.

B] How To Choose The Right Pastel Colour Outfit For Your Skin Tone? 


1. Fair Skin Tone

Wearing your favourite pastel colours is like striking gold if you have a fair complexion. It's a breeze for you to pull off those dreamy baby blues, soft powder blues, sweet candy pinks, and charming pastel lilacs. The secret? Your cool undertones work like magic.

But here's the catch: to keep the balance in your overall look, go for makeup with bold, dark shades. You wouldn't want to appear all washed out and too pale. It's all about blending the soft pastels with a touch of strength in your makeup palette.

2. Medium Skin Tone

Whether you have warm or cool undertones, colours like mint greens, baby pinks, pastel greys, and peaches are likely to complement your skin tone. The key is to maintain balance in your party pastel colour outfit by pairing these pastels with whites, blacks, or any solid colour that complements the chosen pastel. 

Here's a handy tip: avoid using contrasting colours; instead, opt for hues from the same colour family. In this way, you may easily boost your entire style with a similar combination of pastels and complementing tones.

3. Dark Skin Tone

Many dark-skinned women avoid pastels, fearing they'll stand out too much. But it's a myth! Pastel yellows, lavenders, creams, and aquas can look stunning on darker skin tones. 

Choose lighter shades, avoid vibrant ones, and don't pair two pastels. The key is finding the right balance to enhance your beauty. So, don't shy away embrace the pastels and discover the perfect tones that complement your gorgeous dark skin!

C] 5 Classic Pastel Colour Combinations Of All-Time 


Classic pastel colour clothes combinations are timeless and often evoke a sense of nostalgia and elegance. Here are five classic pastel colour combinations that have stood the test of time:

1. Soft Pink And Mint Green

This pairing feels delicate and refreshing. Soft pink adds warmth, and mint green introduces a cool and calming touch. It's a classic choice that works seamlessly in fashion, creating a timeless and elegant look.

2. Powder Blue And Pale Yellow

Powder blue and pale yellow effortlessly create a light, airy feel, reminiscent of clear skies and sunny days. This timeless combo is perfect for spring and summer, embodying warmth and brightness in a simple and sophisticated palette.

3. Lavender And Sage Green

This combination gives a sophisticated and modern vibe. The serenity of lavender adds to the freshness and calmness of sage green. This blend captures attention with its timeless and versatile appeal, suitable for various fashion contexts.

4. Light Grey And Peach

The neutrality of light grey balances the soft warmth of peach, resulting in a vintage look. When you plan to buy womens dresses online, try experimenting with these colour combinations to add a touch of elegance to your wardrobe.

5. Baby Blue And Soft Pink

The pairing of baby blue and baby pink creates a charming, innocent vibe.  Their softness embodies the essence of pastel, bringing a gentle and soothing quality to any outfit.

D] 7 Outfit Ideas To Look Pretty In Pastel


1. Lilac Top With Mint Green Bottom (Vice Versa)

What makes Lilac and mint green the best pastel colour casual attire combination is, that both shades have a cool undertone. So it's easy to wear this colour combination such as a lilac top with a mint green bottom as it gives a sophisticated look and makes you stand out from the crowd. If you don’t have one, then you can easily buy women’s wear online from Harbour 9.  

2. Monochrome Pastel Look

So there is a common misconception, that monochrome just indicates black and white outfits. But the actual reality is, that any outfit paired together with different hues of the same colour such as a pink dress or peach dress is called monochrome. The key is to play with the various intensities and undertones of a single colour. This not only adds depth to the outfit but also highlights the nuances of the chosen hue. 

3. A Solid Pastel With Multi-Coloured Print

Want to grab eyeballs? A solid pastel with multi-coloured quirky print is guaranteed to do the job! Since one part will be multi-coloured the other one has to be simple to complement the whole outfit. For this look keep the accessories minimum and let the outfit steal the show! 

4. A Neutral Top With Wide-Leg Pastel Coloured Bottom

Not sure if pastel is your thing? Experiment by picking a bright pair of pastel high-waisted wide-leg trousers with a simple neutral blouse-type top tucked in. A beige and bubblegum pink always works out, just a recommendation. 

If you don't have one, you can easily buy T-Shirts & Tops for Women from Thomas Scott, as it always has the latest collection of trending outfits. 

5. A White Top With Pastel Coloured Midi

Want to make a fashion statement by wearing pastels, but not sure how? Try wearing a pastel colour casual outfit with a white top and pastel-coloured midi. This gives a sophisticated yet charming look also making it an ideal day-date outfit. You can complete the look by wearing white sneakers or heels, choose what makes you feel comfortable and suits the occasion. 

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6. Blue Denim Paired With A Pastel Yellow Top

Don’t want to make yourself stand out from the crowd and be your own muse? A blue denim with a pastel yellow top is a classic choice! This casual clothes for women combination is a great way of giving the pastel trend a shot. You can elevate the look by wearing brown ankle boots and some edgy jewellery such as earrings or a chain around the neck. 

7. Monochrome Pastel Coloured Power Suit

Do you want to bring out a boss-babe in you? Then you need a reliable power suit which gives you the confidence that you own the world. And if that power suit is in a pastel shade, an extra brownie point. For a more feminine and fierce board-room outfit, go for a brighter pastel-coloured suit. 


Pastel colours can be worn at any time of the year, only you should know how to style them! But for summer, it's the ideal one. From mixing and matching different hues to going with a bold multi-coloured print, try experimenting with all and pick what looks best on you. You can also pair them with fascinating designs such as checks, and stripes in addition to diverse the colours and not look boring.

If you are unsure, then experiment with a pastel top paired with jeans Or a simple salwar kameez for a casual day in college, the office or a kitty party.

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