Colour-Coordinated Sister and Brother Outfits For 2022

Colour-Coordinated Sister and Brother Outfits For 2022

A brother-sister relationship is very much like Tom and Jerry (the much-loved cartoon characters). They always tease and knock each other down but cannot live without each other. As the saying goes: ‘there can be no companion better than a brother and no friend better than a sister.’ 

No one can understand you better than your sibling, especially if you are twins. They are also always there to inspire and encourage you to do better in life. 

Often we have seen younger siblings wearing similar or colour-coordinated clothes. This trend never grows old. Wearing colour-coordinated clothes not only has a visual effect, but is also known to strengthen our relationship with our siblings. Moreover, a boy growing up with a sister will also never have gender-biased choices when it comes it selecting colours. 

Below we have listed various combo outfits and twinning outfits for kids that a brother-sister duo can wear. These are especially a good choice when you want your children to stand out for a special occasion.

A] Effects of Wearing Colour-Coordinated Outfits

  1. Psychological effect:

    Wearing the same colour clothes is visually very appealing. Wearing colour-coordinated clothes provides a sense of calmness & belongingness and helps boost confidence in kids. It reduces anxiety and releases happy hormones. It also helps reduce animosity or any friction between siblings. 
  1. Emotional touch:

    Along with mental health, the trend of brother and sister matching outfits is also known to enhance the emotional well-being of newborn babies as they grow older. It strengthens their bond, increases understanding between siblings, and helps them express their emotions better. Thus, providing enhanced emotional stability. 

B] Sibling Matching Outfits: Colour Combinations That Blend Well 

  1. Yin-yang colours:

    Yin-yang is black and white colour. Yin represents black, and yang represents white. Yin symbolises calmness, quietness and stillness. Yang symbolises warmth, energy, and light. You can select colours according to the time of the day. Yin is characterised as night and yang as day. Siblings can match either trousers or t-shirts of the same colour. For an evening event, the brother-sister duo can opt for black bottoms or black t-shirts and tops. For a day event, they can pair their pastels with whites. 
  1. Pastel colours:

    Match the pastel colour with the skin complexion. Buttery yellow, lavender, cream and aqua look good on a wheatish complexion. Try and avoid using two pastels in one outfit. There needs to be a perfect balance of colour to enhance the personality of the siblings. Pink, lilac, and soft colours go well with a whitish skin tone. Try and avoid using contrasting colours. Use colours from the same family to give a balanced effect. For a medium tone, mint green, shades of pink, peach, and mauve are a perfect match. 
  1. Bright neon colours:

    Bright neon colours represent happiness, the effervescence of the kids, and their playful nature. Neon colours will always uplift the mood of an event and keep the kid charged. Gender-neutral neon colours like orange, yellow and green are an excellent choice for cute sibling outfits. Siblings can match neon shirts, t-shirts, caps, bands or even shoes. 

C] Matching Sibling Wear: Types of Clothes You Can Colour-Coordinate 

  • Kurta with lehenga:

    This is one of the best Indian matching outfits for siblings. Siblings can wear matching kurta and lehenga. Boys can wear light-printed kurta or vest jackets that coordinate with girls’ lehenga and dupatta. Indian festivals are the best occasions to experiment with pastel-printed kurtas and lehengas. 
  • T-shirts:

    Siblings can wear matching t-shirts with BRO and SIS printed on them. They can have their favourite cartoon characters on their t-shirts. You can print various fun quotes relevant to the brother-sister duo on the kids’ t-shirts. Pair these t-shirts with matching white or black bottoms. You can also pair these t-shirts with denim bottoms or dangris. 
  • Shirts and Sweatshirts:

    Shirts and sweatshirts are gender-neutral. You can match sweatshirts and hoodies, jackets or simple flannel shirts. A similar check-shirt paired with denim will enhance their personality and look trendy. Styling the colour-coordinated shirt with block print joggers will also add to the fun quotient of the outfit.
    • Frocks with jackets:

      You can match the sister’s frock colour with the colour of the brother’s jacket. A simple denim frock will match well with a boy’s denim jacket. Likewise, you can coordinate black colour frock with black hoodies for boys.

    D] Occasions Where Kids Can Colour-Coordinate With Their Siblings

    • Festivals:

      Festivals are the best occasions to colour-coordinate kids' clothes. It adds a special touch and shows the love between siblings. It also adds a little zing to the occasion, and the siblings can become the centre of attention. 
    • Weddings:

      Weddings are the occasions when people like to dress up. Being colour-coordinated gives a vibrant feel to the whole event. The brother can always match his kurta or jacket with the sister’s lehenga or frock. 
    • Outings:

      Colour-coordinating clothes for outings and weekend getaways ensures that you get some good pictures, and it lends to the whole 'we are happy family' vibe. You can coordinate t-shirts, skirts, shirts or hoodies. You can also wear fun matching night suits. 
    • Special occasions:

      Special occasion like Raksha Bandhan is an excellent time for kids to colour-coordinate with their siblings. The occasion marks the bond and love between siblings. As such, wearing matching and coordinated outfits will only enhance this bond and give the occasion a beautiful, loving vibe.

    To sum up

    The whole purpose of colour coordinating clothes is to strengthen the sibling bond. It gives a sense of belongingness and can help make an occasion more fun and vibrant. This list is just a glimpse of what you can do. However, you can try your own unique fashion sense to style your kids accordingly!

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