Mens Plus Size Fashion: A Guide To Dress With Confidence

Mens Plus Size Fashion: A Guide To Dress With Confidence

The best thing about fashion is that it comes in all shapes and sizes just like the people who wear them. While there are many negative connotations against plus size fashion for men, knowing what to wear and how to wear it can make you look stylish.

The fashion industry has begun to put emphasis on the importance of men's fashion, in the last couple of decades. However, it can be difficult for plus size men to find clothing that fits their body shape and is stylish. With that in mind, we have designed this list of 8 practical outfits and style tips that will help guys of all sizes to be stylish and more confident being themselves.


1. Vertical Striped T-shirts Make You Look Slimmer

When you look online for tips on fat man fashion, one of the most common tips you will find is to wear vertical strips. While the sentiment is common, this trick actually works. Wearing vertical striped t-shirts can give an illusion of an elongated body, taking the focus off of your sides.

Vertical striped t-shirts are the best option for chubby men as t-shirts offer a loose and relaxed fit. Something like the Duque polo can be a perfect pairing with jeans or trousers to create an easy-going look.


2. Loose T-shirts With Jeans

Continuing from our last point, loose-fitting T-shirts are perfect for big guys as it provides ample room to move around comfortably. It is important to note that a loose T-shirt does not mean getting a T-shirt that is two sizes above your size. The T-shirt should drape over your body, creating a clean and linear silhouette.

You can pair the T-shirt with jeans to create an everyday street look. Remember to check the quality of the T-shirt before purchasing. Low-quality T-shirts wouldn’t feel comfortable on your skin and wear out after a few washes; hence, it is advisable to buy Men's Premium T-shirts Online.


3. A Good Fitting Shirt

If you are looking for an outfit for formal or semi-formal occasions, there is nothing better than a fitting shirt. Find a shirt that is appropriate for your body shape to create good-looking outfits. A good-fitting shirt is one that fits perfectly over your shoulders and is a bit wider near your hips.

You can buy shirts for men online to ensure good quality. You can style the shirt depending on the occasion you are wearing it to. A tie in a complementary colour, a thick metal or leather watch, and a blazer jacket might be the best options to pair with a formal shirt.


4. Colourful And Comfortable Clothes

Many fashion influencers might suggest wearing neutral or dark colours for plus-size casual outfits for men. While darker clothes might conceal your shape, they also conceal your personality. People should not have to hide their personality to look stylish and comfortable.

Colourful and comfortable clothes such as tracks, sweatshirts and sweatpants can make the wearer look stylish and confident. Comfort is especially important for bigger guys as they already feel conscious about their bodies. If you find it difficult to find track pants in your size, You can find high-quality mens track pants online.


5. Polo T-shirt With Shorts

The polo T-shirt is one of the classic looks for men and is a staple for many closets. You can wear the polo T-shirt with a pair of denim shorts to create a contemporary look for the beach or weekend vacations.

A neutral-coloured polo T-shirt can be perfect for bigger guys as they give ample room for layering and adding accessories. Wearing denim or polo shorts along with a polo can make you feel comfortable in warm weather.


6. Wear A Black Shirt

There is nothing more stylish and versatile than a black shirt for men of all sizes. A black shirt hides the curves well, which makes you look slimmer. It also offers a neutral background for creating an aesthetically pleasing look around it.

There are many different ways to style a black shirt, you can pair them with jeans, chinos, trousers, etc., to create a unique look that suits the occasion. A black shirt can be perfect for formal and office wear, weekend wear or even while on an outing with friends or family. You can try different black shirt combinations to create an eye-catching look for various occasions.


7. Neutral Coloured Hoodies

Winters are the perfect time to wear hoodies to create a cool and comfortable look. Hoodies are very versatile and can be dressed up or down, especially neutral-coloured hoodies. Hoodies are usually oversized near the waist which makes them perfect for men who have a bit more weight down there.

A high-quality hoodie such as the white Joinville hoodie can be easily paired with a pair of jeans, sweatpants, or khaki or off-white trousers to create an elegant look. You can also put on a windbreaker or a denim jacket to create a street-style aesthetic for the winter.


8. Add A Statement Piece

A statement piece is something that pulls people’s attention towards it. Adding a statement piece to your attire can add dimensions to your outfit and make you look like a fashion genius. A statement piece can be anything from a colourful tie, a jacket, a scarf, a cardigan, a watch, shoes, rings etc.

Plus-sized men should opt for accessories that are proportionate to their size. If you wear smaller accessories, it may look out of place on a plus-size person. If you are accessorising, choose a bulkier watch, a wider tie, thicker shoes, and so on.



Many plus-size men might feel like dressing well as a big person is very challenging, which is nothing but a myth. Plus-size men have the same clothing options as slim people, you just need to have the confidence to own the look.

There are various dressing styles, clothing items and accessories that you can incorporate into your look to create an unforgettable outfit. The important thing is that you must feel confident and comfortable while wearing the outfit. If you are looking for stylish and high-quality clothes, buy men's wear online to find plus-size stylish clothes for big guys in India.

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