Kids Styling: Dos and Don'ts Every Parent Should Know

Kids Styling: Dos and Don'ts Every Parent Should Know

Parenting is not about following a rulebook, it is about making mistakes and learning from them. Parenting is about experiences and wisdom. For new parents, the process evolves with time.

Kids today are well aware of fashion and style. They know about the right clothing options and accessories. Some kids are fashion influencers at a young age. Moreover, they are picky when it comes to clothes.

As a parent, you need a list of dos and don'ts when buying clothes for kids online. Besides, the right tips in styling will help you know about your kids preferences and keep you on the right track.

A] Importance of Dressing Up

Dressing up your kids is the best way to make them look adorable and confident. It will make them look captivating and give their personality a new dimension. Kids also learn the importance of styling and clothing. 

But as a parent, it is important to consider comfort before styling. Moreover, through dressing up, parents can influence the thoughts & behavior of their little ones in a positive way. There are many aspects of dressing up and styling your kids, apart from acquiring stylish clothes. Also, most children are specific about their preferences, so it's vital to consider their inputs.

B] Dos and Don'ts When it Comes to Styling Your Child

  1. Dos

  • Listen to your children: It is essential to understand the preferences of your little one. Listen to them with a patient ear and understand their likes & dislikes. If your kid prefers a subtle colour, pick that colour. If your kid dislikes a pattern, avoid it. Don’t force your choices on them; always ask their preference.
  • Know about their preferences: Before buying clothes for your little ones, make a list of their preferences. Some children don't like clothes with heavy embellishments; ask them if they feel comfortable with bold prints and heavy embellishments. If not, go for lighter embroidery and softer tones in clothes. Know their preferences in styling. For example, ask your daughter if she feels comfortable with a tiara or headband. Some girls love to wear headbands, some don’t, so pick accordingly.
  • Pay attention to less exposure: Kids today are smart and have easy access to gadgets. Most kids also surf fashion sites and Instagram pages to know about the latest kids fashion But it is not a good idea to get them exposed to fashion at a young age. Styling is significant but not at the cost of getting exposed at this age. Fashion should be a part of a healthy growing-up experience for little kids.
  • Balanced dressing: You will be amazed to see the variety of stylish dresses for kids that are available today. But, maintain a balance-dressing concept where you can incorporate style and comfort. Don't go over the top with styling. Choose a balanced approach while selecting clothes for casual or party occasions. The idea is to make your kids feel comfortable in any clothes. Moreover, it is essential to choose the right size.
  • Seasonal clothes: Always keep in mind the weather and climate when you buy clothes for kids. Lighter clothes are ideal for the summer season and heavy ones for the winter season. Besides, you also have options in all-season clothes that may save your money.
  • Spend extra on quality: Kids have sensitive skin, so you should buy the best quality clothes for them. Good quality clothes also come with a good shelf life. Low-quality clothes, on the other hand, may cause rashes and allergic reactions on sensitive skin. Even if you need to spend extra, do it for your kid as premium clothes offer good flexibility & Spending on cheap clothes for kids repeatedly will burn a hole in your pocket. Rather spend the right amount on good deals that offer quality.
  • Pay attention to comfort: Though dressing up your little one is significant, do not overlook the comfort part. As a parent, you must make your kid look happy in whichever clothes you choose. If the clothes are not comfy, your kid may be irritated, or small kids may feel cranky. So, priorities the comfort of your kids over heavy stylish clothes. Also, fashionable and expensive clothes are of no use if your kid is not happy wearing them.
  • Experiment with colours: It is essential to select the right combination of colours for styling your kids. Don't stick to white or pastel shades. Go ahead and experiment with colours like purple, dark yellow, and green. The more you experiment with colours, the more your kids will love it. Don't forget to ask your kids favorite colour.
  1. Don'ts

  • Buy too tight clothes: Look for the perfect size for your little one. Size and comfort are two primary factors to consider while choosing clothes for kids. If you want them to look stylish, don't overlook the size of the clothes. If the clothes are too tight, they’ll feel uncomfortable. If they are loose, they might feel irritated. You need to prioritise the comfort of your child or else even the most trendy clothes will go in vain. It's essential for your kid to feel relaxed and happy with the clothes that you choose.
  • Overdress your kids: Kids love to look stylish, but that does not mean you overdress them. Overdressing may affect their innocence and make them look older than their age. Make sure you buy clothes that are suitable for their age. A heavy embroidered Indo-western gown won't look good on your toddler - you must make the right choice in dressing. Dressing up according to your kid's personality matters the most. Besides, if they feel irritated, what's the point in overdressing or splurging on an expensive designer wear.
  • Argue on choices: If your kid has an opinion on their clothes, hear it out. Don't argue on choices, and let your kids wear what they want. When you let them make free choices, they feel a sense of responsibility and independence. However, if you want them to wear something you specially bought for a particular occasion, talk to them and make them understand. There is no point auguring, which may lead to angry outbursts or tantrums. Kids today are smart and would like to make their own choices about the clothes they wear.
  • Influence: There is a difference between convincing and influencing. When you style your kids, you could convince them to wear the clothes that you picked for them for a special It should be done subtly and not forcefully. You can also go twinning with your kids, as that may inspire them to wear clothes in different designs and patterns. Moreover, it would also be a new learning experience for you.

Give them the right freedom to dress,

There are many styling tips for kids that you can consider, but the foremost aspect is comfort. While buying clothes for kids, it is important to look for the right fit, comfort, and aesthetics. With the right kind of clothes, your kid will shine brighter with confidence. Make it a point to give them the freedom to choose their clothes according to their preferred style and colour.

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