Kids Photoshoot: 6 Helpful Tips and Tricks

Kids Photoshoot: 6 Helpful Tips and Tricks

Childhood is a golden period, and most parents want to capture and preserve this phase for posterity. Nowadays, a fun-filled kids photoshoot seems to be the easiest & convenient option that most parents prefer. But, kids or baby photoshoot is not as easy as they may seem. It does require a certain amount of prep, beginning with selecting the theme, location and outfit.

Hence, if you are looking for children's outfits for a photoshoot, here are a few tips that can help. We have also listed some kids' outfit suggestions to help you pick the right kids' clothes.

Children’s Photoshoot: Tips On What to Wear

While there is a wide selection of kids' outfits available, your kid's comfort should be a top priority when selecting clothes, especially if it is a newborn baby photography session. If the clothes are restrictive or cause any discomfort, your child won’t be happy and may create a fuss, and this would ultimately ruin the photoshoot.

Whether it is a casual play-day photo session or a fancy photoshoot, always dress your kids in comfortable clothing. This would ensure both you and your child is happy, which would reflect in the photos taken.

1. Wear Bright Colours:

Adding splashes of bright colours to your kid’s clothing will ensure the photoshoot is vibrant, setting up a joyful mood. Bright colours can stimulate the children’s rich imagination and highlight their lively personalities effortlessly. They can also delight them, ensuring they engage with their surroundings, especially if kids' photoshoot props are used.

    2. Accessories:

    While outfits are incomplete without accessories, ensure that they don’t overshadow your kid.
      • You can adorn your baby girl with delicate hairpieces like hair bands or clips that go with their outfit, or have them wear hats and sunglasses for warm weather.
      • Cute purses or sling bags could be a good add-on.
      • For winter, beanies, mittens, and boots are excellent for both boys and girls.
      • Accessories like guitar or football can also be used to highlight your kid’s hobbies or personalities.
      • Toys also serve as an interesting accessory for a baby photoshoot.

      3. Consider the Weather and Location:

      Another essential tip is to always consider the location & weather when picking the right outfits for the photoshoot.

        Dressing up in layers is suitable during winters as they keep children warm and look stylish at the same time. A warm jacket, hoodie, cardigan, or sweatshirt would work just fine in cold weather. During summers, opt for soft and lightweight clothing for kids. Also, no matter the location, kids tend to get their clothes messy quite often. Hence, pack spare outfits, so it won’t disrupt your photoshoot schedule.

        4. Outfit Pattern and Colour:

        Let your children make a unique style statement as you dress them up in trending patterns and beautiful colour combinations.
          • Make your children’s photoshoot memorable by using the classic shades of black and white to create a retro look. Like this striped baby suit.
          • Wearing contrasting colours can also make your child look stylish.

          Alongside colours, look up for trendy outfit patterns that you can use for the photoshoot, keeping your child’s comfort in mind. You can dress them in outfits sporting random prints, crisscrossed checks, or simple stripes.

          No pattern is too old or too new as long as it suits your child and makes them look adorable. You can also make the overall look better by supporting it with some exciting kids photoshoot props that can engage your kids.

          5. Avoid Outfits With Big Logos or Pictures:

          Avoid outfits with big logos or distracting pictures that take the attention away from the child. Remember, your child is the star of the photoshoot, not their clothes or accessories. Hence, ensure that the limelight is on them at all times.

            6. Be Consistent with style:

            Proper planning will ensure consistency. Make sure to be consistent with your kid’s sense of styling. Pick clothes that they like so they won’t feel awkward or uncomfortable during the shoot. Don’t force your kid to experiment with different looks, as it might dim their spirits and ruin the photoshoot altogether. You can check out our blog to learn some amazing styling tips you can follow for your kids.


              To sum it up, don’t focus on being too “perfect”, let your kid enjoy the shoot and have fun. Just make sure to follow these simple tips mentioned above to get the exact output you want from the shoot. We are hopeful these tips will help you obtain amazing pictures that leads to a long-lasting memory for you and your kids.
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