Kids Clothing Style: Tips for Working MOMs

Kids Clothing Style: Tips for Working MOMs

One cannot imagine the amount of time and effort that a mother invests to take care of her child while managing work. Working mothers try their best to strike a healthy work-life-family balance. Yet, in today’s world, the biggest question remains can working mothers take care of their kids and spend sufficient time with them?

Out of the many responsibilities that a working Mom struggles with, dressing their kids can be as big a challenge that consumes too much time. Younger kids are not aware of how to dress themselves. Thus, more often than, it becomes their mothers’ job to guide them through.

To make this task easy, we have shared a few tips for working MOMs that will help them manage their kids’ wardrobes.

Tips for Working MOMs To Save Time on Choosing Kids Clothes

1. Pre-plan:

 To avoid chaotic mornings, make sure to plan everything in advance. Begin with the preparations at night by selecting your child’s clothes for the next morning. This will help you save time, fastening the dressing up process before you need to leave for work.
    • For upcoming festivals, events and celebrations, prepare a shopping list and order online. This will ensure there is no rush on the last day.
    • If you are shopping for kids clothes online, pre-plan at least 10 days before, so there is enough time for delivery.
    • If you already have appropriate clothes for the occasion, make sure they are ready to wear (dry cleaned, ironed, etc).

    2. Divide Kids Clothes into Categories:

    Segregating clothes into categories from everyday wear to formal events and casual outings is another time saving tip for Moms that will make their task easy.
      • For special occasions like holidays or functions, make sure to keep a separate section. This makes selecting the right clothes easy and ensures they don’t get mixed with everyday/casual outfits.
      • It is also quite common to forget about new purchases. To avoid this, keep new purchases separately.
      • Make sure your kids’ wardrobe has a separate section for clothes, accessories and other everyday essentials.
      • Segregation can be made simple by putting labels on the drawers or shelves to avoid confusion.

      3. Prioritize Comfort: 

      Though dressing up your little one stylishly is important, never neglect your kid’s comfort while following the latest children’s fashion clothing As a parent, you must make your kid feel happy and comfortable in whatever you choose for them to wear. If the clothes are not comfortable enough, your child may feel irritated, or small kids may get cranky.

        Heavy clothes filled with embroidery may also harm their soft skin and cause discomfort. Hence, prioritizing your kids’ comfort is necessary when selecting clothes for them. Also, avoid tight-fitting clothes or clothes with rough patches that offer a high probability of scratching your child’s skin or causing your child to suffocate.

        4. Shop for Kids Clothes Online:

        Due to a busy schedule, working mothers may find it difficult to take time out and go shopping for kids. Here, online shopping is the best option. You can browse through the various kids' clothes online and add suitable stylish dresses for kids to your wish list or cart. Virtual shopping is a much easier and more convenient alternative than offline shopping. Also, it saves considerable time and effort by being accessible from anywhere; at any time.

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          5. Keep it Basic: 

          Do not overdress your child to make them look fashionable. Be minimalist while styling your kid.
            • Do not put in too much effort; keep it simple.
            • Select clothes that are easy to wear and remove than choosing overly stylish clothes that may cause them inconvenience.

            After all, you wouldn’t want your kid to be the odd one out at an event. Thus, dressing up simply and efficiently is the key.

            6. Make Use of Accessories:

             You can make your kids overall look more attractive and stylish with some accessories to accompany their outfits. By using accessories, you can add a formal/stylish touch even to the simplest, daily-wear outfits.
              • Use vibrant, playful accessories to enhance your kids' appearance effortlessly. This includes little caps to protect their delicate skin from the sun, colorful rubber bands for hair, bracelets, wrist bands, brooch, and lapel pins.

              These will also help engage your kids, making them a part of the dressing up process, wherein they can choose their own accessories.

              7. Train your Kids to Dress Themselves:

              Raising a child to be self-reliant and independent is essential, especially when you are a working mother. Train your child to do basic things correctly like buttoning their shirt, wearing pants, putting on shoes, etc. Be patient and choose the right tricks and tips that will make their learning experience more fun and engaging.

                8. Keep an Extra Pair Handy:

                 Kids tend to get messy quickly, especially when it's an outdoor party. In such cases, it is always better to have an extra pair of clothes at hand. This will ensure your kids are well-dressed and safe from all harm. Plus, a change of clothes at hand will ensure your child can have fun without worrying about ruining their outfit for the day. In short, it is a win-win situation for both and will prevent any sort of temper tantrums.

                  9. Consider the Weather: 

                  Another time management tip for working mothers, consider the weather when selecting clothes for your kids.
                    • If the weather is hot or during summer, stick to light, airy clothes that keep them comfortable. This includes tees and shorts, rompers, etc. Here, purchasing cotton clothes for summer is the best option.
                    • For the winter season, opt for layers. Hoodies, sweatshirts and pullovers are stylish dresses for kids that will protect them from the harsh cold winds.
                    • During winter, you can also use accessories such as woolen caps, muffler, boots, etc.

                    As mentioned above, when categorizing your child’s wardrobe, you can also segregate their outfits based on the weather.

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                    10. Consider your Kid’s Choices: 

                    The likes and dislikes of your kid must be a priority while you select an outfit for them. As kids grow, they tend to become more vocal and choosy about what they would like to wear. So you need to understand their curiosity and excitement in choosing what they want to look like and abide by it.

                      If you start going by their opted style for dressing up, you are close to making them more organized. They would learn about their favorite colour, dressing style, what they prefer, etc. This will boost their morale and decision-making abilities alongside making your job easier. This is also the reason why letting your children pick their own clothes is highly advocated.


                      Sometimes it is frustrating to get the perfect outfit for your child to make him/her look stylish while simultaneously choosing an outfit that is easy to wear and remove. In such scenarios, the first step should be to understand the kids’ clothing style in general, followed by what would suit your kid. The above tips for working Moms can help you achieve a sense of normalcy without getting overwhelmed while balancing work and motherhood at the same time.

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