Joggers vs Sweatpants: Differences You Need to Understand

Joggers vs Sweatpants: Differences You Need to Understand

Have you ever mistaken track pants for joggers or joggers for sweatpants? You are not alone. It happens more often than you think. So, are joggers and sweatpants the same? No, they are not. Neither are track pants and joggers & sweatpants.

Track pants are similar to joggers and more suitable for sports and fitness activities. They are also comfortable, soft, and made from wrinkle-free fabrics like polyester.

Joggers and sweatpants are often advertised as activewear, and you might have come across people wearing them at the gym or park. While they both have a lot of similarities, there are differences too.

So, what makes joggers unique?  Why do some people prefer sweatpants over joggers? Our Joggers vs Sweatpants guide will answer these questions.

1] What’s the primary difference between joggers and sweatpants?

The primary difference between joggers and sweatpants is that sweatpants are made especially for cold weather.

  • Sweatpants, as the name suggests, are significantly heavier, warm, and sweat inducing.
  • Joggers, on the other hand, are trendier. They are flexible, lightweight, and fashionable, ultimately more suitable for athletics throughout the year.

So far, we have discussed the essential difference between the two. Now let's take a look at individual characteristics, which will help you decide which one to purchase.

2] What are Joggers?

Joggers are athletic pants designed specifically to provide optimal comfort and flexibility. They are made from lightweight and breathable material and are ideal for sports or rigorous physical activities. The typical Jogger design is slimmer, and the pants are more form-fitting. These narrow pants are usually cinched or cuffed at the ankles, making them appear trendy. Furthermore, joggers for men and women are available in an extensive range of colours, designs, and patterns that make them a fashion statement.

2.1] How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Joggers?

  • Purchase a jogger that compliments your body shape.

You must have noticed many reputed brands are selling a variety of joggers, which come in all shapes and sizes. Unlike sweatpants, joggers are more stylish. Therefore, one has to pay careful attention while purchasing a pair. Get the right size. Don't settle for a size that makes you feel less than confident. Check the size charts and find the correct measurements before ordering one.

  • Look for functional pair of joggers that doesn't restrict movement.

Joggers are considered activewear. Therefore, you must find a functional pair that allows you to move as you exercise or run. It shouldn't hinder your activities. Remember that these aren't sleepwear.

  • Look for cotton or cotton-polyester blend joggers.

To find the most comfortable pair of joggers, you'll want to purchase joggers made from 100% cotton. For flexibility, you'll have to go for a cotton polyester blend. Fleece is usually made out of synthetic fibres, namely polyester, so you could also consider getting joggers made from cotton-fleece blend as alternatives.

2.2] Quick and Easy Tips for Styling Joggers

  • Wear a form-fitting jogger with cuffed ankles.

It might be tempting to order your joggers a size larger to have some extra legroom, but it is unnecessary. Joggers are already flexible, so you don't need the extra room. Hence, go for form-fitting joggers. They are easier to pair with most trendy top-wear, including t-shirts, tees, tanks, crop tops, etc. Also, remember to look for joggers with cuffed or cinched ankles.

  • Put together a smart casual outfit, pair it with a jacket.

The best part about joggers is that they go well with most top wears. But you might try to dress up a little instead of just pulling on a t-shirt over your head. Pair it with a classy jacket, a long trench coat, or a stylish blazer. Rather than letting your top-wear hang out listlessly, tuck it in to elevate the smart casual look. You can browse through our exclusive collection of casual clothes for men to put together your smart casual outfit.

  • Accessorize with jewelry or fancy belts.

When you aim for a stylish look, you have to make optimal use of the accessories at hand. We have already seen how jackets can increase the appeal of an outfit paired with joggers. Consider adding minimalistic jewelry such as finger rings, earrings, wristbands, or fancy belts. You don’t have to overdo it. Even wearing a simple pair of earing can change your appearance. People who don’t enjoy wearing jewelry can pair their joggers with a long top or t-shirt and cinch it with a fancy belt.

Are you looking for more styling tips for joggers? Read our helpful style guide: How To Choose The Best Joggers For Men?

3] What are Sweatpants?

As mentioned before, sweatpants are the heavier and baggier version of joggers, designed for people who want something soft and warm during the cold weather. Sweatpants are made from materials that tend to absorb sweat and are often considered lounge wear.

In earlier days, classic sweatpants' designs came in shades of blue, black, and grey. Now, they are available in several colours. It is often loose-fitting, comfortable, and thick. You can switch your pair of joggers for sweatpants for exercising in cold weather.

3.1] How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Sweatpants?

  • Take the weather into consideration.

Sweatpants are thicker and baggier than joggers, ideal for winter. If you have an active lifestyle that includes sports and rigorous exercise regimens, you should consider getting joggers instead. Even with its sweat-absorbent qualities, wearing sweatpants during hot summers would feel uncomfortable.

  • Look for comfortable fit and soft quality fabric.

The definition of a comfortable fit may vary from person to person. Some of you may prefer wearing baggy sweatpants, while others may want to find a more stylish pair that they can wear out and about. Similar to joggers, all of the best sweatpants are made from cotton or blends of cotton with polyester or fleece.

  • Consider the occasion for wearing sweatpants.

While sweatpants are great activewear during cold weather, they are even better as sleepwear. You can pair it with hoodies on cold nights. They are comfortable to sleep in and can also be worn casually.

3.2] Quick and Easy Tips for Styling Sweatpants

  • Wear stylish jackets and fashionable shoes with sweatpants.

Sweatpants are pretty much one of the most comfortable types of pajamas out there. You can make them appear stylish by pairing them with the right accessory. You can pair it with a blazer, sweater, or leather jacket. Denim jackets are more suitable for joggers. Next, consider the shoes you'll be wearing to pull off the entire look. Instead of athletic shoes, go for heels or boots. They are bound to turn heads. You can also accessorize with hats, beanies, and jewelry.

  • Stick to the neutral or dark shades.

Styling vibrant and colorful pants can be a bit tedious. You need to have a very keen fashion sense to pull off that look. It is easier to pair neutral and dark shades of pants with even vibrant and flashy tops and shirts. People who want to match their tops and sweatpants should find top wear that completely matches the sweatpants. Otherwise, the whole outfit looks glitchy and out of place. You can always go with black sweats and tops/t-shirts.

  • Go with the casual or smart casual look.

Adding heels and a jacket to the mix elevates the look. For a more put-together look, you can add a designer belt or tuck in the t-shirt or top. For a casual outfit, you can pair your sweatpants with a tank top or t-shirt, contrasting or matching hoodies, and a pair of fashionable boots.  Even though sweatpants tend to be baggier, you can find the ones that are a good fit if you plan to wear them for grocery runs or a day at the park.

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