The Ultimate Guide to Finding Joggers for Short Men

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Joggers for Short Men

Joggers are some of the most comfortable clothes a man can wear, not just for exercising and running but also for doing day-to-day chores around the house. However, it is tough to find the perfect pair of joggers for short men, as most joggers available are created for taller men.

Nowadays, joggers have grown in popularity as a jogger that fits correctly can make you look trendy and stylish. However, short men wearing overlength joggers can make them appear sloppy and disheveled, but there is no need to worry about it now.  

In this blog, we will guide you through the basics of buying joggers for short men and explain how to style them properly.

A. Understanding Joggers for Short Men:

People often confuse joggers with sweatpants, although they look the same they are way different in their material and experience. Made with thicker fabric compared to joggers, sweatpants are meant for winter wear while joggers made from materials such cotton or linen are comfortable and ideal as casual clothes for men for everyday wear, no matter the season.

Jogger pants for short men are one of the best items of clothing; they are fashionable, and trendy and can also make shorter men appear taller. Which is why, it is necessary to find the right size, otherwise you’ll end up with baggy and oversized joggers that will do nothing for your appearance. The ideal jogger fit includes the jogger ending right above the ankle without excess fabric pooling at the bottom for a streamlined look. Shorter men should also look for a shorter rise and a waist that is not too tight or too loose.

B. Where to Buy Joggers for Short Men?

If you are looking for the best joggers for short men, Harbour9 is one of the top retailers in India with a wide range of products. Harbour9 offers short jogger pants in a variety of styles and colours that can help you revamp your wardrobe.

Harbour9 offers high-quality 100% cotton joggers for short men who have a difficult time finding clothes in their size. Harbour9’s all-purpose joggers are designed to be breathable and comfortable throughout the day as well as at night. Short men can pair these with a stylish pair of sneakers and T-shirts to style up the casual look.

The all-purpose joggers are available in multiple colours and sizes at astonishingly affordable prices. They are perfect for any casual occasion, be it a night out with friends, doing chores around the house or lounging around and are highly beloved by the customers.

C. How to Style Joggers for Short Men:

Jogger pants for short men are quite frankly one of the most stylish pieces of clothing in trend right now. However, if joggers are not properly styled they might look underdressed. Here is how you can correctly style joggers when you are on the shorter side;

1. The Athleisure Look:

The sporty look is the classic look for wearing jogger pants. Joggers were made for athleisure and sports and that classic style of wearing joggers with athleisure t-shirts and sports shoes can make you look more active and sporty in an instant. You can explore through our wide range of athletic wear for men and put together a perfect athleisure look.

2. The Comfy Look:

If you are going for the comfy look then consider pairing your joggers with a hoodie or a sweatshirt. This look is best suited for the winter season. Make sure that the sweatshirt or the hoodie you pick is a colour that complements the jogger pant, this will help create a linear silhouette that’s always in style. A pair of sneakers can convert this look into dapper streetwear. You can get some great variety in sweatshirts when you buy sweatshirts for men online!

3. Try Out Layering:

While mens casual joggers and tshirts make a great look, consider adding a denim jacket or a shirt to put together an outfit for running afternoon e rrands, or going on an evening walk with friends. Layering can help you look more fashionable in an instant. You can refer to our beginner's guide for layering to understand the dos and don’ts of this styling technique.

4. Smart Casual Look:

Need something comfortable for a casual event? Try pairing your joggers with a mens polo t-shirt with pocket. The trick is to incorporate contrasting colours along with softer and lighter fabrics such as cotton. The fit should be correct as the jogger mustn't exceed below the ankles and the rise shouldn’t be too high. The T-shirt should also end right below the waist and should not be too tight or too loose.

5. Incorporate The Right Accessories:

The accessories that you choose should be proportionate to your size, so you should consider wearing a belt if you are going for a casual look. Avoid a fanny pack since it can attract more attention towards your waist making you look shorter. Rather you should add a minimalist shoe with a longer sole, short socks, long jackets, vertical strips, a thin watch etc.

6. Revel In The Street Style:

The latest trend is to mix streetwear with high fashion, and honestly, it looks amazing. Windbreakers, bombers and denim jackets can be incorporated into the outfit with joggers to dress it up. The idea is to keep the designs and prints to a minimum while incorporating items that go well with each other.

7. Semi-Formal Joggers For Men:

Although unconventional, joggers can be a stylish and fashionable addition to semi-formal attire. You can try pairing joggers with button-up shirts, blazers and a formal pair of shoes. The joggers should be neutral-coloured such as beige, black, denim blue or navy blue, and the ensemble shouldn’t contrast. Joggers can be a comfortable alternative to dress pants while having the same sophistication.

D. Conclusion

To summarise, joggers are a perfect pair for comfort and style. It is important to select the right pair of joggers. Here are the factors you should consider while buying joggers as a shorter person; the length should be up to the ankle, the fit should be tapered and not baggy, and the top wear should complement the style of the jogger and accessories should help you to look taller.

You can use the above information to find the perfect pair of joggers for a stylish and comfortable look. Harbour9 offers premium joggers that are both comfortable and stylish at an amazing price, so if you are looking for one, feel free to browse through our collection of premium cotton joggers for men to find the perfect pair for yourself.

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