Indian Summer Style Guide For Men: Find Your Summer Style

Indian Summer Style Guide For Men: Find Your Summer Style

Indian summers can be unbearably hot, and with it comes the dread of reaching the office drenched in sweat. Many men carry spare outfits because of excessive sweating. However, while there’s no cure for sweating, we can take precautions during summers.

Wearing summer-specific outfits can reduce sweating. Wearing off-season clothes can make your body heat up, trapping the heat and making you miserable. So, we are going to help you pick the summer wardrobe essentials with this style guide featuring casual, business casual, and professional looks.

Indian Summer Style Guide For Men

1] Choose Breathable Fabrics for Summer

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Not everyone gives a second thought to what they will be wearing for summer or how it would benefit them. Some people are more likely to wear the first thing they find at hand and call it a day. They don’t even care or wonder about how weather-appropriate clothes can make their life easier.

In summer, you need a completely different wardrobe. It should be filled with light and breathable fabrics that will allow your body heat to escape and help with cooling.

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So, which fabrics should you select for summer? The answer to that question is Cotton, which is a no-brainer.

We'll list a few others that should help spruce your wardrobe. It should also help you stay fresh in summer.

✔      Cotton Fabric

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It is the best choice of fabric for men's summer wear. It would be ideal to find clothes made from 100% cotton, but that's not always possible. You can also invest in cotton blends such as cotton/silk or cotton/linen. These two combinations will keep you from sweating profusely. Ideally, summer fabrics tend to be made from a looser weave, but cotton is made from a tighter weave, which leaves fewer wrinkles. It is also very breathable.

✔      Khadi Fabric

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Khadi fabric originated in India. It is a handspun natural fibre that is woven to make clothes. Khadi clothes are usually made from cotton fibres, silk fibres, or wool. Clothes made from this fabric can be worn throughout the year. They'll keep you warm during the winters and cool in summer. It is one of the rare fabrics to have such properties. Purchasing khadi clothes might help you get sustainable clothing.

✔      Linen Fabric

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Cotton and linen have a few similarities and are an ideal fabric for men's summer wear. They are both obtained from eco-friendly sources. Linen comes from the Flax plant and is a great alternative to cotton. The fabric's open weave allows body heat to escape and helps you survive the hot and humid summer months.

But they have their differences as well. Due to the nature of an open weave, which is lighter, Linen wrinkles quickly. To combat this, you can look for clothes made from cotton/linen blends, which will allow you to have fewer wrinkles on your clothes.

✔      List of other Summer-friendly Fabrics

The following list of summer-friendly fabrics has a few things in common: they are all breathable, lightweight, soft, comfortable, and cool.

  • Fresco
  • Lawn Cloth
  • Rayon
  • Seersucker

2] Pick Lighter and Brighter Colours for Summer

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You might be tempted to put on an all dark outfit, which admittedly has its benefits, but not during summers. Summers are already hot and dark clothes tend to absorb heat. So, they will cause you the most discomfort.

That is why it is recommended to wear light coloured clothes in summer. They are poor heat absorbers, which work in your favour. You can try to find lighter or brighter coloured variations of your favourite styles of clothes. Replace your black polo t-shirt with either a white or millennial pink and other pastel colours.

Here's a list of colours appropriate for your summer outfits:

  • Sage Green
  • Toned-downed yellow
  • Lighter red shades
  • Pastel Purple
  • Lighter or brighter shades of orange
  • Lighter or brighter shades of blue

3] Instead of Form-fitting Go for Relaxed-fit Clothes

Most style guides will recommend form-fitting clothes that help you look fashionable. But that isn't great advice for summers.

In summer, you need to find clothes that can help your skin breathe. Purchase clothes that you can relax in. You can pair a solid vest with loose-fitting button-down shirts. In the case of pants, you can go for shorter or fuller pants based on the occasion and preferences.

So, look for shirts with a relaxed-fit that are designed to fit in the right areas and still give your body enough breathing room.

4] Pair Your Outfit with Summer-friendly Shoes

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Due to high temperatures, including the heat waves that often plague India, we are likely to sweat through most clothes and shoes. If you have more than one pair of shoes, you can replace them easily with an extra pair in a similar colour shade. This way, you can have your other pair cleaned and get them back when you need them.

Sneakers: White sneakers are the most common choice of footwear for summer. They are appropriate and go well with most outfits, including business casual. These are one pair of shoes you need to have in your wardrobe. You could also get sneakers in other colours, but make sure they go well with your entire outfit.

Brown Suede Loafers: Make some space for brown suede loafers in your wardrobe. You can find a breathable, unlined pair. It is super comfortable and goes well with formal/professional attire.

Flip Flops: Of course, you need a pair of flip flops, maybe more than one. When you are out of your business attire and put on casual clothes, you might want to let your feet breathe as well. Flip flops are great for that.

Espadrilles: Another pair of fashionable shoes to make their way into your wardrobe should be Espadrilles. Several fashion experts swear by them. They go well with dressy clothes, especially linen clothes, suitable for special occasions.

You should also switch to cotton socks for summer. They don’t have to be 100% cotton. You could try cotton blends, such as cotton/silk and cotton/linen.

5] Pick Citrusy Perfumes or Deo for Summer

One of the most essential items in your summer wardrobe should be the scent you wear. Several different products can help you stay fresh and odour-free even when you are sweating gallons. They come in the form of deodorants, perfumes, body mist, cologne, etc.

Your regular perfume or deodorant brand might not be suited for the summer. They can't cover up the sweat smell and are unable to help you feel fresh. So, you can switch it with the ones that have a citrusy scent. Those are refreshing.

6] Own At Least One Pair of Sunglasses

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After colognes, Sunglasses are an essential wardrobe accessory. They protect your eyes from the heat and blinding sunshine. Let’s talk about the four primary face shapes and the style of sunglasses that pair well with them:

Square Face Shape: Men with square face shapes can undoubtedly pull off a stylish summer look with darker sunglasses. But oversized frames are less than ideal for this face type. So, we recommend these sunglasses styles: Aviators, Round, Wayfarers, and Wrap.

Heart Face Shape: Men with foreheads wider than their jawline, a pointed chin, and a widow's peak have a heart-shaped face. They can also rock the same styles of sunglasses as men with square face shapes. So, we recommend these sunglasses styles: Aviators, Round, Wayfarers, and Wrap.

Oval Face Shape: Men with an oval face shape have a longer face, curved jawline, and narrower forehead.  Their symmetrical features ensure that they can rock most sunglass styles. So, we recommend these sunglasses styles: Aviators, Clubmaster, Rectangle, Wayfarers, and Wrap.

Round Face Shape: The round face shape is quite similar to the square face shape, with the difference being a rounded jawline. Men with round faces can wear Aviator Sunglasses, rectangle sunglasses, and Wrap Sunglasses.

7] Find the Perfect Summer Haircut

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Shaved head feels fantastic during the summer, and it is also cool. But not everyone can confidently rock a shaved head, so you can try the more stylish haircuts such as buzz cuts and short pomp haircuts that go well with business and casual looks. Those who have long hair can rock a man bun.

Our Summer Style Recommendations: Quick Summary

  • Shirts for Summers: Chambray shirts, polo t-shirts, button-down shirts, and camp collar shirts.
  • Pants for Summers: Shorts, jeans, chinos, lightweight tropical wool tailored trousers, relaxed shorts, and relaxed pants.
  • Other Summer wardrobe essentials: Sneakers, flip flops, brown suede loafers, espadrilles, cotton socks, sunglasses, citrus scents, and summer haircuts.

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