How to Store & Organise Kid's Clothing: The Ultimate Guide

How to Store & Organise Kid's Clothing: The Ultimate Guide

Purchasing kids clothes online is a simple task compared to maintaining them as kids clothes tend to get disorganized easily. Being a parent can come with its own challenges. Here, if your child's closet is well-organized, half your worries are gone. You can even teach your kids to maintain their wardrobe if you are short on time. If their clothes are organized, they can even select their own outfits. Another children’s clothes organization idea is to invest in drawers, hanging storage, and boxes. These can keep your child’s closet clean and tidy.

Below we have shared some tips on how to organize your children's clothes. We have also shared tips on folding clothes and shoe storage.

A] How to Organize Your Child's Closet?

1. Empty the closet:

Looking at a messy closet can annoy any The first step in having an organized closet is to clear the clutter by emptying the whole closet. Place all clothes on the floor and observe the amount of space in the closet. This will help you decide how to store all your kid's clothing in an orderly manner. 

    2. Categorize Kids Clothes:

    Once all the clothes are out, it is time to sort them into piles - wear now, store, donate and throw-

      • The wear now pile contains clothes that are a perfect fit for your kid. While stacking these clothes in the cupboard, make sure to stack them according to seasons.
      • Pile one can be filled with summer clothes while pile two with winter clothing, so you can change the setting of the piles as per season. By doing this, you also get an idea of what clothes fit your kid and what doesn't.
      • The next pile is the store pile, which contains clothes that are too big for your child and can be worn when they get These kids clothing items can be stored in boxes or vacuum bags.
      • The donate pile includes clothes in decent condition that can be donated to the ones in need.
      • Clothing items that your child has outgrown or beyond repair can be recycled or thrown into the throw-away pile.

      3. Utilize hanging space:

      Once you complete stacking the clothes, it is time to start storing your kid's outfits. These clothing items include dresses, traditional outfits, skirts, clothes that wrinkle easily, etc. Mostly, all kid's clothing that are not compatible with folding and storing can be stored on hangers.

        4. Add a storage box:

        Clothing items like socks, masks, hankies or hats - that cannot be stored by stacking or hanging - can be placed in a box. You can utilize different patterns or coloured boxes or label boxes based on what they contain.

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          B] How to Utilize Drawers in Storage?

          Empty and line the drawers:

          Here's another excellent kid's wardrobe idea. Utilize drawers to store your kid's clothing. Kids clothing items are generally tiny and can be tricky to store. The first step is to empty the drawers, then put the clothes back in, in an organized manner.

            Use drawer dividers and liners:

            Clothes in the drawers can create unnecessary clutter. To avoid this, you can use drawer dividers. These dividers ensure your kid's clothes are neatly aligned. Liners are just like drawers that help keep clothes organized. Nowadays, scented liners are available in the market. These can keep your clothes smelling clean and fresh.

              Utilize clever folding techniques:

              If you check online, you will find numerous methods for folding clothes. We have listed a few below that you can check out later.

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                C] Kids Shoe Storage

                Kids clothing items aren't the only ones that need to be stored and organized. Their shoes can pile up in the hallways or under their wardrobe and cause a mess. Having a children’s closet shoe organizer, shelf, or rack makes it easier to store their shoes.

                In other words, you are making your child's life easy by keeping a basket or crate for them to store their footwear. If your kids have numerous shoes, then a shoe rack is what you need.

                D] Steps to Maintain Clean and Tidy Wardrobe

                Even though you have cleared up your kid's closet and set everything, it can be difficult for them to maintain it. Here are some pointers to help your child organize their clothes and shoes.

                • Provide them with a laundry basket or a hamper to place all their dirty, used clothes. This way their clothes won't be cluttered on the floor or any other part of the house. Place the hamper or basket in a place that is easily accessible.
                • Children outgrow their clothes fast. So, keeping a basket, box or bag for these clothes can be helpful. As soon as the basket is full, sort the clothes into donate pile or throw-away pile. By having a pre-assigned place for these old clothes, you can prevent them from cluttering your child's cupboard.
                • Take a few minutes every day to check their wardrobe to see that nothing is messed up. You can even ask your kids to help you place their clothes appropriately so that they learn how to maintain their wardrobes on their own. 

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                E] Tips for Folding Clothes 

                1. For T-shirts:

                Place the shirt on the bed (facing down) and fold the sleeves inward. Then fold the right side of the t-shirt to the center and do the same for the other side. You would now have a rectangle t-shirt. Fold the bottom to the top, and you have a clean, folded t-shirt.

                  2. Sweaters:

                  Place the sweater on a flat surface with its front side facing down. Tuck the arms inward, so they lie parallel and flat to the side of the shirt. Fold the left side towards the center of the back of the sweater, then do the same for the other side. Do not overlap the sides. Fold the sweater in half and store it in the cupboard.

                    3. Jeans and Pants:

                    Place the pants on a flat surface and then straighten out the pockets flat against the pants. Fold the pants in half and smooth out the seams to get the pants flat. You can fold it into quarter parts to get the desired folded length. 

                      4. Socks:

                      Place the socks on top of each other. Now hold the socks together on top and turn it inside out. You can use this technique to neatly store pairs of sock together.


                        This sums up the tips on kids clothes storage. Keeping your kids' wardrobe organized can be a task indeed. But, it can be immensely helpful during times when you want to find something quickly. These tips are especially quite useful for working Moms and can help them save time and effort. By organizing your child’s cupboard, you are also instilling in them the value of looking after their personal stuff. The best part, an organized system of storing, labelling, and cleaning clutter can also prevent you from buying unnecessary clothing items.

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