How To Help Your Kids Deal With The J-Word

How To Help Your Kids Deal With The J-Word

Jealousy is a train of thought we all ride from time to time, all through our lives. Whether it’s when you’re a kid and everyone starts doting on your new baby brother or when you’re grown up and have to put up a brave face and congratulate your colleague on getting promoted before you. We have all experienced jealousy at one point or another. 

Everyone loves attention, praise and recognition and hates sharing it; so, it’s but natural that your little ones are bound to feel insecure when they have to share their soft toys, their favourite jammies and your attention with someone else.

Addressing this feeling early on can help prepare our kids for this ride and give them some clarity. So, we’re here to help you navigate the jealousy journey with ease.

1. Both you and Cinderella can convey the message

The easiest way to make your kids understand this feeling is by sharing relatable instances from your own life. Talk to them about how you dealt with jealousy as a child or in school and that it’s okay to feel this way. Use their favourite stories and fairy tales to further explain the feeling but, reassure them that no matter what, they are still loved and cherished by everyone around.

2. Don’t compare them to Sharma-ji ka beta

Comparing your kids to their siblings or other kids invites a lot of jealousy. It also inbreeds insecurity and makes them less confident in life. So, if they don’t make it to the finish line as quickly as the others in the race, congratulate them on finishing anyway. Motivate them on their strengths and help them with their weaknesses so they know they can achieve as much as anyone else.

3. Teach them to clap for their friends too

Kindness begets kindness. One of the most important and difficult things to learn for anyone is to be able to appreciate others wholeheartedly. As grown-ups we know it’s super difficult and as kids, it’s almost impossible. Help your kids cultivate positive relationships with people and share in the joys of others. Once our little ones can learn to be happy for others, the battle with jealousy is as good as won.

And mommies of 2 or more kids, we hear you too! Sibling rivalry is a battle for parents (almost) every single day so these tips can come in handy whenever you need them. Think of your attention like the chocolate cake that your kids love so if one gets a little bit more, the other is bound to feel jealous. As parents, be mindful of this possibility and balance out your time, love and praise between all your kids. Furthermore, teach them to be a team and to support each other through games and stories.

When kids are not able to identify and label their feelings, it builds on to their uncertainty. We hope with these tips at your disposal, you’ll be able to help navigate your muffins through this journey of jealousy and come out on the other side with a smile.

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