How to Enhance Dresses for Baby Girls at Special Events

How to Enhance Dresses for Baby Girls at Special Events

Special events deserve special dressing up. Some parents often complain there are not many styles available for baby boys, but it is just the opposite for baby girls. Partywear dresses for baby girls come in different styles and designs that will leave you baffled. From lehengas to suits and from tulle dresses to pretty gowns, you can pick the best style for your little princess.

It is so much fun dressing up your baby girl. But when it comes to special occasions, most parents can’t decide which is the best from the exquisite range of party wear dresses available for little girls. Not only dresses, but you also have to choose from hair clips, bands, and accessories to make your baby girl look stylish. 


A] Stylish Tips For Your Little Girls

  1. Keep it simple:

    There is no shortage of designer dresses available, but that doesn't mean you need to choose a trendy dress every time. Instead, keep it simple, as comfort matters over style. Besides, overdressing can make your little girl feel overwhelmed. The right blend of style, comfort, and fashion is the key to simple dressing. Choose fabrics with minimalistic prints or tops that look pretty.
  1. Play with patterns:

    Can you imagine how your little diva will look in a patterned and layered dress? She will look like a princess. Mix and match patterns for it to be magical. Besides, patterns are not limited to dresses. You can choose patterns in tops, blouses, and gowns. And to make your little one shine brighter for the occasion, choose patterns in contrasting styles and color palettes. Patterned frocks will also make your baby girl look cute.
  1. Enhance with color's:

    Baby girl dresses are primarily preferred in pink or yellow color's. But, there is more to baby pink and bright yellow. You can choose color's that enhance the personality of your kid. Besides, choose color's for different occasions. For birthdays, select red, and for a formal party, pick pastel color's. For Diwali, choose vibrant color's like orange or green. Aqua blue, purple, and pastel shades also look great for girls dresses.
  1. Choose the correct fabric:

    Fabric plays an essential part in dressing up a baby girl. However, your girl might feel irritated if the fabric is uncomfortable, and most toddlers also feel cranky. So the material you choose should be smooth and comfortable. For this, the best choice would be cotton and linen. Both the materials are light and airy. In addition, silk is also a good fabric for occasions like Diwali and parties. Choose according to the season, more lightweight clothes for summer and layered clothes for winter.
  1. Think unique and different:

    Don't follow the herd. Get your little daughter something she has never worn. Unique styles are eye-catching and look lovely on special occasions. It is your time to think out of the box and choose designs that look great. For example, an oversized shiny tee can be your little one's one-piece dress for the party. Remember, creative styles look contemporary. 
  1. Check for fitting:

    Even a designer dress can ruin the look of your baby girl if the fitting isn't correct. So check for proper fitting while buying kids clothes. Moreover, an ill-fitted dress can make her stumble and fall, and you don't want that to happen, right? Besides, if the outfits are too loose or tight, she would feel uncomfortable, so always choose the right fit.
  1. Avoid too many embellishments:

    Baby girl dresses with embellishments and sequin work may look pretty, but your girl might not feel comfortable. Also, for small kids, it becomes difficult to carry heavy dresses full of embellishments. If you wish to choose a dress with embellishments, select one with minimalistic work. Moreover, you can order a customized dress for your little girl to make it more comfortable for her. It is vital to think about her comfort more than fashion.


B] Best Picks For Special Events

  1. Lehenga:

    Lehengas look super cute on small baby girls. Besides, it is the most preferred choice in baby girl dresses. The designs in lehengas can be customized and are suitable for all ages. You can buy a customized lehenga for a nine-month-old baby girl and 5-year-old toddler; be rest assured it will look pretty and elegant. Moreover, you can choose different fabrics and designs based on the occasion.
  1. Indo-western gowns:

    Indo-western gowns are ideal for kids' party dresses. The gowns are available in different cuts, designs, and color's. Even embroidered ones look good on small girls. You can customize indo-western gowns based on your baby girl's preference. Be it a birthday party or a celebration, gowns will make your darling look like a princess.
  1. Dhoti sets:

    Dhoti sets are kid-friendly and genuinely adorable. Your baby girl would look super cute in this style. Moreover, the style is comfortable, so your little one can move around without getting irritated. You can choose different blouse designs and customize the dhoti styles. Some dhoti sets are available in silk and fancy materials. Whichever style you choose, the fabric should be easy on the skin, and it should not harm your little one's skin.
  1. Anarkali suits:

    Anarkali suits are a timeless style with many designs to choose from. Moreover, the fabrics are flowy, which takes care of comfort. Besides, baby girls look lovely in the Anarkali style of dresses. But you will have to make sure that the material is not too heavy or the embroidery is not too shimmery. So, breathable fabrics should be your first choice in these dresses.
  1. Stitched saris:

    Small girls are fascinated with saris as most of them try to replicate their moms. However, if you want your baby girl to wear a cute sari, there are alternatives available. Stitched sari option is great. Choose a sari in a light fabric or a customized design and capture the beautiful memories of your little one. Moreover, you can choose a similar dress concept and twin with your baby girl.
  1. Tulle dress:

    Tulle dresses set the tone for the party. If you are looking for party wear dresses for girls, you can choose a pink or red tulle dress. Besides, some tulle dresses come with overlay options. The overlay tulle dress will make your little girl look like one pretty princess. Moreover, the dresses are available in different designs and sizes for your baby girl. The dress style can be worn with leggings for extra warmth during winters.
  1. Floral appliqué dress:

    The floral applique dress is perfect for making your baby girl look like a doll. The concept is similar to the doll dress, and hence it makes your little one look pretty. Some dresses have a flower design, and some come with embellishments. Moreover, the dress styles can be customized according to your baby's color preference. Pink, purple and red - are the three most preferred color's in floral appliqué dresses.
  1. Sleeveless party dress:

    A sleeveless party dress can make your little darling look beautiful. These dress styles are available in - prints, flowers, geometric patterns, polka dots, and shimmer. A black-shimmery dress for your little one can make her look adorable. She would surely be the center of attraction at the party. Also, you can never go wrong with a sleeveless party dress. In addition, your baby girl will feel comfortable wearing
  1. Butterfly 3D party dress:

    Butterfly 3D party dress is the latest addition to baby girl party dresses. The dress is available with a layered and net flare with 3D butterflies. And, the pearl and diamond embellishments in the 3D butterflies look breathtaking. It's an ideal choice for special occasions like a birthday party or maybe some special event. The style is comfortable and is available in many different color's. 3D dresses are perfect for the winter season.


C] Choose the Right Accessories and Footwear

Once you choose the right dress for the occasion, it is time to choose accessories. Delightful little accessories like clips, bands, caps, scarves, and bows add a different charm to styling. If you choose an Indo-western gown for your little daughter, you can buy a pretty tiara or a headband to complete the look. In addition, the right choice in footwear will complete the whole look. Footwear can be customized for babies, as they are available in many styles and sizes. 

Comfort Comes First,

Comfort always comes first for little ones, but that does not mean that the dresses should be boring. It is essential to keep the right blend of trend, style, and ease. Besides, planning is essential before you buy a particular dress for a special occasion. Keep the mind various color's, stripes, patterns & designs and make the right choice. Also, don't forget to accessorize as that will complete the whole look.

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