Rainy Season Clothes: How To Dress Your Kids For Rains?

Rainy Season Clothes: How To Dress Your Kids For Rains?

Monsoons are the best season to enjoy an evening at your home with a nice cup of coffee and a book to read. Rains mean the end of the hot days and humidity. There would be very few people who would not like the smell of wet soil. In India, the rainy season lasts for four months. Most of the days are wet and humid. Having a sunny day is a rare occasion. You can have a wet and dry spell on the same day. Weather can change at any minute during monsoons. 

It feels all nice and cosy when you are sitting at home and it is pouring outside. But when asked to step out, it is the most difficult task to do. The wet roads, mud puddles, and vehicles splashing water is a nightmare. Even if you dare to step out, the main question arises, what should you wear? 

The same issue is faced by our kids too. It is difficult for parents to choose a perfect outfit for kids while they play outside, even during the rains. There is always a scare of mud puddles splashing on their clothes and making them dirty. It is also difficult to keep the kids away from playing in the puddle. 

For the rainy season, kids need clothes that are fuss-free, comfortable, easy to maintain and look trendy. As such, below are a few rainy season clothes for kids ideal for both boys and girls.

1] Outfits For Rainy Days: Things to Consider

  • Short bottoms:

    Keep the bottoms above the ankle all the time. It prevents the whole bottom from getting wet. Ideally, kids should wear calf or knee-length pants. Boys can wear shorts and girls can wear a skirt.  
  • Clothes material has to be warm enough but light too:

    With continuous rains, the temperature can drop at any time. Clothes that kids wear should be durable enough to keep them warm from cold. On the other hand, during dry spells, when it is more humid and hot, kids should wear clothes that don’t cause discomfort. The ideal material for monsoon is lightweight cotton, rayon or linen.  
  • It should be easy to maintain, wash and wear:

    During rains, there are high chances of clothes getting dirty with mud splashes. If these mud splashes dry on the clothes, it becomes difficult to remove them. Thus, opt for a material that is easy to wash, does not get soiled with mud, and there is no hassle of ironing before wearing. Wrinkle-free cotton or rayon material is an excellent choice here as it is easy to wash and maintain. 
  • Water-resistant material if possible like rayon or nylon:

    Nylon or rayon does not absorb water. The water just slides down the material and doesn’t make the material wet. Even if these fabrics get wet with heavy rains, they dry up quickly without the sun. 
  • Should dry quickly:

    During the rainy season, the atmosphere is moist and clothes take time to dry. If the material is thick, it will take days to dry. This might cause the material to stink. So, select a material that dries up quickly.

2] Monsoon Children’s Wear: Outfits kids can wear during the rainy season

  • Shorts and skirts:

    Shorts and skirts are the best options during monsoons. Keep the length up to the knees. It saves your clothes from getting soiled by puddles and rainwater. Select light cotton or rayon material which is soft on the skin, easy to dry and does not get damaged by rains. Pair your shorts with an all-season sandal or rainy shoes. 
  • T-shirts:

    T-shirts made of cotton or linen is ideal for humid climate during the rainy season. It will keep the kid cool and also dries up quickly. Select bright colours that will make dull monsoon days brighter. Avoid light pastel colours as they may get stained easily with mud. 
  • Cotton frocks:

    This is another excellent rainy season outfit for girls other than a skirt. Cotton frocks up to the knee serve the purpose of not getting your clothes wet during monsoons. Frocks are comfortable and easy to wear and remove if they get wet. Lightweight cotton denim frocks are also comfortable during rains. They keep the kid warm, thereby preventing cold. 
  • Dresses:

    Dresses are the ideal outfits for rainy days. The flowy material prevents the dress from sticking to the legs when wet. Select bright coloured or printed dresses. The print on the dress helps to hide mud splash. A linen, cotton or denim material is perfect to keep the child warm during rains. However, it should be not so thick that it makes the kid feel hot when it is not raining. 
  • Dangris:

    Dangris are best for monsoons and a fuss-free outfit. It keeps up with the fashion quotient and is comfortable. Pair dangris with flip-flops or ballerina or all-season sandals. Also, experiment with stripped, printed or sleeveless outfits for rainy days.


Get monsoon ready with these monsoon fashion trends that will keep your child well-protected during the rainy season.

It's not just clothes that will keep your child safe from the rains. Accessorise their outfit with raincoats and rain cheaters. Always ensure that your kids wear comfortable rainy footwear to avoid slipping and getting injured. Gumboots are kids’ favourites that will save the ankles from getting wet. If raincoats are difficult to carry, the kid can wear a poncho during the monsoon season.

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