How To Choose The Best Joggers For Men?

How To Choose The Best Joggers For Men?

There are many different styles of joggers that you can choose from. The ideal way to decide which is the best men’s joggers for you is to consider your style and the type of activities you most often do.

Different joggers come in various colours, designs, and sizes. The most common features of joggers are pockets, cuffed (elasticised) ankles, stretchable waistbands or drawstrings. A good pair of joggers should also be breathable, so it doesn't cause any discomfort after a long run or workout session.

1. Joggers: When and Where To Wear

Joggers are a staple in men’s wardrobes. While you can wear them at any time and in any season, it pays to know when and where to wear joggers to make a style statement.

Casual joggers are excellent for everyday wear as they are comfy. You can wear them at home or while running errands. Winter is the best time to wear joggers as they help keep you warm. You can wear a sweatshirt along with the jogger for a dapper look. During winter, choose joggers in dark colours, such as black, dark grey, brown, navy blue, etc. Team this up with a light coloured t-shirt or sweatshirt.

Cotton joggers for men are well-suited for summers. Since cotton is a breathable material, it will help keep your body cool. Also, it will help prevent any rashes. For summers, choose lightweight and neutral colour joggers. Pair them with cotton t-shirts and loafers for a complete look.

The perfect place to wear jogger pants are festivals, concerts, and outdoor sporting events like football or soccer games because they are comfortable. They are stylish without being too formal or casual. Plus, they’ll look well-coordinated when paired with the right t-shirt, casual shirt and shoes.

2. Joggers: How Should They Fit

With the abundant options available for men’s jogger outfits, to pick a style that suits you, you need to consider the following:

  • The first thing is the length. The longer it is, the more comfortable it will be. If you're taller, then go with a longer length. If you're shorter, go with a shorter length.
  • The next is material. Cotton is best for summertime, and fleece is best for wintertime.
  • Buy jogger pants in your size and not one size up or down for a perfect fit.
  • Take your pick between stretchable waistbands or drawstrings. Both are comfortable options.
  • Choose premium quality jogger pants made of durable fabric that will withstand wear and tear. Cotton, polyester, nylon, wool, and spandex are the most common fabrics used to make jogger pants.
  • Well-fitting joggers will be snug around your ankle. If the bottom is loose or baggy around the ankles, it is not the right fit for you.
  • The joggers should have a slim fit, but shouldn’t cause discomfort. Meaning, that it shouldn’t restrict your movement.
  • Check for ease of movement when stretching or bending. Make sure it’s not too tight.

Joggers are a type of pants that are often worn for outdoor activities such as jogging, walking, and cycling. They are designed to be loose-fitting and comfortable, allowing individuals to move around freely without restricting movement. They are typically made of stretchable materials that are more durable than others. This provides it with an amount of flexibility while performing various activities such as climbing, hiking or just routine workouts. Today, most joggers are designed to be multi-purpose, so they can be worn indoors and outdoors or while at the gym or for a casual party.

3. Different Types of Joggers

Jogger pants are a classic casual fashion item that you can wear for any occasion. They are versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Being a versatile outfit for men, joggers are available in different styles. Among the vast number of options available, listed below are the top jogger pants for men.

  • Everyday Joggers: As the name suggests, these are ideal for everyday use. These joggers are typically made from cotton and have side pockets and a back pocket. Most of the everyday joggers are available with elastic waistbands and drawstrings. So you can take your pick. They are also available in different colours.
  • Twill Joggers: They are ideal party wear and come with drawstring waistbands. Most of the twill joggers are made from cotton and are much more form-fitting than regular, everyday joggers.
  • Fleece Joggers: These are a good choice for winters. Most fleece jogger pants have cargo pockets and a slim fit. They offer maximum comfort and are well-suited for indoor use.
  • Mono Knit Joggers: This is a casual outfit for men that has a relaxed fit and cuffed ankle. This type of jogger has a contemporary style and design and is well-suited for outdoor parties.
  • Cargo Joggers: These are similar to cargo pants with multiple pockets. However, while cargo pants have a zip closure, cargo joggers mostly have a drawstring. These are suitable for outdoor adventure and travelling.
  • Chino Joggers: This is the perfect combo of style and comfort. Chino joggers are ideal if you want to sport a semi-casual look. Pair these joggers with a men’s polo t-shirt for a smart casual look.
  • Tie-dye Joggers: These joggers are an excellent choice for outdoor parties as they have an edgier look. Tie-dye joggers will make you stand out and is comfy to wear for long periods of time.
  • Non-cuffed Joggers: While most joggers are cuffed at the ankle, some are available in the non-cuffed variant. These have a straight fit joggers and usually come with a drawstring. They are another excellent option for everyday wear at home.
  • Tapered Joggers: These joggers have a tight-fit bottom at the ankle. They are suitable for workouts in the gym, running and squatting.
  • Contrast tape joggers: These are similar to everyday joggers, the only difference, however, being the side piping (or print). These jogger pant styles are well-suited for lounging at home.
  • Zippered Joggers: These joggers are for those that like to stand out in the crowd. The adjustable zip provides maximum comfort, while the waistband is usually elasticated to provide enhanced support.


Choosing your perfect joggers is more than just about style and colour. It would be best to consider your athletic level, everyday activities and how long you want to wear them. Some people like to wear athletic joggers with a broad waistband and drawstrings, while others prefer regular joggers as they're more convenient. Wearing a pair of ankle-zipped jogger pants is an option that some people might enjoy because it provides maximum ventilation.

So, the next time you see a pair of joggers you like, think of them as a personal fashion statement, and pick one that best suits your overall style.

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