8+ Different Types of Sweatshirts for Men and Women

8+ Different Types of Sweatshirts for Men and Women

Be it braving the frigid air in cold weather or a cold freezing room in warm weather, you can always pull on one of your comfortable sweatshirts. And since there are so many different styles of sweatshirts available today, it's possible to create your own unique style and appear fashionable.

Not only are sweatshirts perfect for cold weather, they are also very comfy, effortless, and distraction-free. As we have already mentioned,  sweatshirts can be found in various designs and  you can purchase different types of sweatshirts from Harbour9. Our men's and women's fashion sweatshirts collection can help you pull off  a dashing look.

Our style guide focuses on different types of sweatshirts for both men and women. Let’s take a look at the top 11 sweatshirt styles that can transform your appearance.

Different types of sweatshirts

Our handy list of top sweatshirts can help you keep up with the trends and get the most out of your clothes purchases.

1. Crewneck Sweatshirt

Crewneck sweatshirts, one of the simplest sweatshirt styles,  Are great for a  light winter season, when the temperature is mild. . In comparison to the full-sleeve t-shirt, the sweatshirt feels a bit  bulkier. Most crewneck sweatshirts can be worn by both men and women, you just have to refer to the size chart to find the right fit.  Many people prefer to wear loose-fitting sweatshirts, instead of going for the fitted look. They find it more comfortable.

A crewneck sweatshirt usually does not have a collar, and it is most common for them to have long sleeves. Additionally, you can find sleeveless and short-sleeved designs. In addition to being comfortable, they are affordable and can be purchased for regular use.

2. Hoodies

Typical sweatshirts with a hood are  usually tied at the neck with drawstrings. Those drawstrings come in handy on a windy day  so that you don’t have to struggle to keep your hood on your head.

Pullover hoodies and zipper hoodies are available for both men and women. They can be made from materials such as polyester or cotton. The  "kangaroo pocket" that comes with most hoodies will keep your hands warm.

However, hooded sweatshirts don't have a set style. There are various types of hoodies. . You can Buy Sweatshirts for Men Online since they are readily available at various online shopping sites.

3. Pullover

Pullovers are similar to hoodies, but they come with some unique features. Firstly, pullovers lack chains and buttons. Pullover sweatshirts are worn by pulling them over your head. When you are planning to go out on a cold day, you can layer your t-shirt with a pullover. It keeps your body warm in winter.  Women can refer to our t-shirt style guide to pick the right type of t-shirt to pair with the sweatshirts included in this list.

4. Athletic

Athletic sweatshirt is the perfect choice of clothing when your plans include running in cold weather. It is usually lightweight and can be worn indoors or outdoors.  It is also a great choice even if you are not planning to simply go to a gym since it has air conditioning . If you are running outside at night, consider wearing a hoodie with bright, reflective colours so you can  be visible to motorists. In addition, some of these athletic wear are often waterproof and have a quick-drying feature, which makes them so good.

5. Zippered

Zipper hoodies come in several styles including one that zips up and usually has a full-length zipper. Then there are hoodies with only partial zippers, from neck to waist. Full-length zippers make getting in and out easier. A pullover zipper hoodie is a type of hoodie that zips only partially. To keep your skin from feeling cold, wear an undershirt or t-shirt underneath your sweatshirt with a zipper.

6. Fleece

Sweatshirts made from fleece, a thick material, provide more warmth in the winter. Two things set these sweatshirts apart from the rest. It should be noted that a fleece sweatshirt design is entirely different from that of a regular sweatshirt. With these sweatshirts, you can stay warm and comfortable during the winter months.

7. Knitted

A relaxed-fitting oversized knitted hoodie is lightweight and allows your body to breathe. Alternatively, you can also choose to purchase a tight-fitting knitted sweatshirt to fit your body contours.

8. Polo Sweatshirt

A polo sweatshirt is similar to a crewneck sweatshirt, but they have some significant differences. However, as the name suggests, it shares commonalities with   For one, polo sweatshirts have collars.You’ll also find that full-sleeve polo sweatshirts are the most in-demand, but if need be you can also find . half-sleeved polo sweatshirts. A polo sweatshirt is a great alternative to a polo t-shirt during the colder months. A polo sweatshirt is sure to please anyone who loves polo t-shirts.

9. Mock Neck

Mock necks are modernised versions of turtle necks. The turtle-neck design is common on t-shirts but not on sweatshirts. A mock neck design replaces the turtle neck on sweatshirts, and there is usually a tiny zip on mock neck sweatshirts.


We have covered the most popular types of stylish sweatshirts for women as well as men. This should give you a clear understanding of each sweatshirt type, offering you insights into how they can be styled.  You can use those insights to create a comfy yet stylish outfit to truly transform your style. For more ideas to spruce up your style, you can refer to our dedicated winter style guide for men.
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