Different T-shirt Styles For Men

Different T-shirt Styles For Men

Even though there are limited options available, the men’s T-shirt is without a doubt the most versatile clothing item. However, there are ways of pulling off the look since not all T-shirt and pant combinations work. Shirts and pants are the most flexible articles in a person's closet, and when coordinated accurately, they make a brilliant outfit for some events. From social outings to working, top-notch T-shirts and pants are a perfect pair for any individual who needs to ooze easygoing certainty.

Not certain where to begin? Let's have a look at the Best T-shirt combinations. But just before we go there, let's discuss the history of T-shirts and then move on to the different types and T-shirt styles for men.

A. History of the T-shirt – When & how they came into existence

Did you know that shirts were at first worn as an undergarment? Men in the military utilized white shirts under their uniforms to keep them warm and from harsh and hostile weather conditions.

Gradually the style started picking up, and men all over the world began using them. Because of the comfort and portability they offered, various kinds of shirts were quickly picked up by different sports everywhere

They were then picked up by young followers of sports groups and were gradually used for everyday wear. People all around the world immediately understood that they were truly comfortable and also reasonable. Today, shirt types' names are separated by their neck areas, materials used, sleeve length, etc.

There are 10+ Different Casual Outfits for Men that you can search for the perfect brunch or just a casual party. But, how do you know what goes where and with what?

Let's research various kinds of men's shirts.

B) Different Types Of T-shirt Neck Types

Harbour 9’s T-shirts come in a variety of styles, plus they're comfortable as well. Here are some types of T-shirts:

  1. The Crew Neck style

The crew neck style is a common type of T-shirt with a rounded neckline. They're appropriate for men with long or thin faces and inclined shoulders. The reason behind this is that a round T-shirt collar type makes an illusion of rounder shoulders, so you seem more extensive.

Scenario: Denim with Crewneck

Since the T-shirt inclines a relaxed look, you can coordinate the crew neck with denim and chambray. Both are easygoing texture types. A white tee would look incredible when layered under denim and blue jeans. A pair of casual white sneakers with an elastic gum sole added to the casual wear will look fab!

  1. V Neck Style

The second shirt in our T-shirt guide is the V-neck T-shirt. Its texture isn't noticeable while wearing a shirt over. However, it's normal for men to wear V-necks under an unbuttoned shirt.

Scenario: Jacket & V-Neck

Since navy and brown go well together, you could go all brown and blue with a white V-neck T-shirt and a pair of white sneakers. If you think the jackets are excessively dressy for this look, remember that a tan overcoat with fixed pockets is a good natural and easygoing look and a brown suede bomber is an ideal coat to spruce up. In this situation, the two looks are relaxed and dressy simultaneously.

  1. Henley T-shirt

Henley T-shirts are ideally suited for folks with defined chests. Muscular men look great in them. It's like a crewneck and V-neck crossover. The Henley complements the muscular build, mainly in its elegance, in comparison to its more stylish mode than the basic crewneck or V-neck.

Scenario: Vest & Henley

Use a short-sleeved Henley that fits perfectly. To create a much rougher style, you can eliminate jackets or vests. At last, style it with some cool jewels, particularly during the hotter seasons, where they can make for a definitive assertion piece, thus the calfskin watch and armband.

  1. Scoop Neck Style

The scoop neck is round and relaxed, usually coming down just above your chest and often with a loose fit. A scoop neck helps elongate your neckline and accentuates the collarbone looking great on men with a well-defined chest. It's also best worn with loose-fitting clothes as the texture is often lighter and free-flowing, making it ideal for spring/summer seasons.

C) Choosing The Right T-shirt

Let's take a look at the key factors that add to the different shirt types' names:

  1. Material

  • shirts come in various fabrics such as - cotton, polyester, tri-blends, heather, and much more. However, 100% cotton tees are the best. Why? Because they are soft, gentle on the skin, non-clingy, breathable and durable. Cotton T-shirts also happen to be hypoallergenic, which is great for the itchy/rashy types.
  1. The Occasion

Pick the T-shirt as per the event you need to wear a shirt on. For formal functions or golf trips with company people, pick a short sleeve polo T-shirt. It is comfortable and gives you a semi-formal look as the representative or the manager.

  1. Suiting Your Body Type

Picking the correct style of shirt is critical. Slim body type individuals can opt for long-sleeved shirts as it complements their chest area, giving them a lean and athletic look. Similarly, shirts work perfectly with denim. It is spacious, and the appearance looks spotless and basic.

  1. Accessorizing It Right

If you’re wondering how to style T-shirts for men, the answer is simple - Accessorise. Men's accessories are simply just small add-ons to their outfits. They include jewellery, sunglasses, hats, belts, watches and wallets. Accessorise your outfit by making it reflect a personal feeling or a particular type of attitude. Accessorising helps you achieve your look; for example, it can give warmth to your look or make you look like the cool guy you've always wanted to be.

To sum up!

There are different T-shirt styles to give you looks like semi-casual and sporty and everything in between. The best thing about men’s premium T-shirts are that they can be modified in a million ways to create limitless styles, and yet they will retain their position as the favourite garment of choice for men. Once you’ve learnt everything about men’s casual wear T-shirts it’s time to move on to formal wear. Read our blog - Types of shirts men should have in their closets to learn more.
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