10+ Different Collar Types For Men's Shirts!

10+ Different Collar Types For Men's Shirts

When it comes to men's fashion, the collar plays a significant role in defining a shirt's overall look and feel. From the classic button-down collar to the modern and daring wingtip collars, there exists a diverse range of men shirt collar types that can transform a simple shirt into a fashion statement.

Whether you're dressing up for a formal occasion or seeking to express your personal style, understanding the various collar options available to you is crucial.In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore more than 10 different collar types for men's shirts. Each collar has its distinct characteristics, origins, and suitability for specific occasions. By delving into this world of men’s shirt collar styles, you'll gain valuable knowledge that will empower you to make informed choices when it comes to selecting the perfect collar for your shirts.


Understanding 10+ Different Collar Types For Men's Shirts!

Explore the diverse world of men's collars with these 13 distinct types of men’s collars, each offering its own unique touch to complement your fashion statement:


1. Point Collar

Among the different types of collars on men’s shirts, the point collar is one of the most traditional types of collar that men prefer in their shirts. It comes with the narrowest distance between two collar points for meeting the lapels on either side. A casual point collar is one of its variations, which comes with less interlining, making it softer. It is an ideal collar for shirts that can be worn on formal occasions.


2. Spread Collar

Spread shirt collar design for men is yet another popular staple type for men, as it replicates the European and British styles. It is wide in design to accommodate wider knots of ties. There’s a variation to this collar as well, namely a semi-spread collar, the difference stands with the spread measure. For the usual spread collar, it is 5”, whereas for semi-spread, it is 4”. Again, it is meant for formal occasions.


3. Button-Down Collar

A button-down collar is well-preferred when worn open, as it has long points that stand out instead of collapsing within the jacket lapels. It has a soft, distinctive, and comfortable roll, which makes it dressy with a tie. Men prefer wearing a button down white shirt with formal trousers and a blazer. But, with the right fashion sense, these shirts can be used for casual wear as well. 


4. Mandarin Collar

Mandarin men's shirt collar design is a small stand-up and close-fitting type, which is usually around 3-4 cm high. It has edges that don’t meet the front end. The history of this collar dates back to the traditional dresses that the Imperial Chinese Mandarins wore. When you buy shirts for men online, especially for celebration events, go for mandarin collar shirts. Why not try out the Mao white shirt?


5. Tab Collar

Tab collar has small tabs on each side of your shirt’s collar, which will fasten with the snap or button behind its tie knot. It is a perfect male ensemble, as it is a sleek collar design for men to attain the same look as that of a pinned collar. A tab collar works best with a tie, for which it cannot be made a versatile topwear.


6. Wingtip Collar

Wingtip collars are worn with formal or semi-formal white or black tie events. It is said to be the most formal collar that a man can ever wear. It has a tiny point length, and the tips are horizontal and stand up. It is a pretty dramatic collar and should be worn only for special occasions.


7. Club Collar

The club collar comes with rounded points and appeals to dressers who want to keep up with old-school dressing manners. Men prefer wearing club collar shirts with a dedicated pin but are also used for modern or casual ensembles. It is more like a costume piece, which is meant especially for a cocktail party or fancy night outs.


8. Cutaway Collar

Cutaway collars are available with dramatic, bold, and formal looks. It demands you to wear a tie along with it because without it the look would be pretty unbalanced. Cutaway collars have the widest distance within the collar points, which is around 6”. It projects dramatic angles, which are to be worn mostly for formal or semi-formal gatherings.


9. Band Collar

The band collar shirts are basically the ones with no collar design at all. The ‘band’ here signifies the collar stand. Such a shirt would create a relaxed and rustic look upon men. Even though it lacks a traditional collar, it is still a preferable casual wear shirt for men for weekend celebrations or special evenings.

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10. Stand Collars

The stand collar comes with a tent-like structure, which is fastened to the neckline, and stands above the same. It drapes over your shirt. The stand collars come in several designs, such as a shawl, notched, or camp. Moreover, there are various sizes and forms of it available for you to style your outfit. These collars are perfect for formal occasions. 


11. Flat Collars

Flat collars are non-convertible in their design and rest flat over the garment. Men with almost all types of necklines can wear flat collars. It can possibly be of any shape you expect it to be. Using the method of making flat collars is the foundation for creating other complex men’s shirt collar types.

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12. Roll Collars

It is a type of collar that is far from the neck through a rolling-over design. Roll collars are sewed with the use of a fuller edge on the front-underneath, as concave and convex curves are sewed to one another. This collar comes with an attachment point to the garment’s neckline, standing up slightly before it falls flat.


13. Sailor Collar

A sailor collar comes with tapering and a deep V on the front. It is a broad collar that comes without a stand and is popular for its squared-off back. The tailoring of this collar is based on the uniform of traditional sailors. People prefer it with an intention to have a part in their shirt that can be detached when in need. Thus, such shirts can offer more than one appeal!

Now that we have seen the different types of collars on men's shirts, let’s explore our guide 11 Types Of Shirts Every Man Should Have In His Closet. This guide will help you on your journey of expanding your wardrobe with a larger variety of shirts that you love!



These thirteen types of collar for men encompass a wide range of styles and significance, allowing you to select the one that best reflects your personality and elevates your style quotient. Making the right choice is crucial as it will serve as a representation of your unique fashion sense. If you're eager to explore the diverse array of men’s shirt collar types to discover what resonates with your personal style, look no further than Harbour 9. Their collection offers a wide selection of formal, semi-formal, and casual clothes for men, ensuring you'll find the perfect garments to suit your individual taste.

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