Difference Between a Onesie, Sleepsuit, Bodysuit, and Romper

Difference Between a Onesie, Sleepsuit, Bodysuit, and Romper

While newborn babies don’t require too many clothes in the first few months, picking from the various available baby clothes for boys and girls can be tricky. Whether it is the difference between bodysuit and romper or the difference between bodysuit and sleepsuit, these similar names can create quite a hassle. Thus, in this article, we have explained the difference between onesies, sleepsuits, bodysuits and rompers. We have also included the advantages of each. Plus, we have listed the most fashionable yet comfortable baby clothes for girls and boys. So buy baby clothes right away!

A] Difference Between a Onesie, Sleepsuit, Bodysuit, and Romper

First-time parents often have too many questions (and rightly so) when it comes to buying clothes for a newborn baby. Can you put a bodysuit under a sleepsuit? Should the baby always wear a bodysuit even while sleeping? What is the purpose of a romper? If you too have these questions, then below is a breakdown of each piece of baby clothing alongside its advantages. You can also refer to our guide on choosing the most suitable clothing for babies to make the right purchases.


    A onesie is a one-piece garment for babies with a top that is fastened with poppers and fits over the baby’s nappy. It has no legs but long or short sleeves. It can be worn under a baby suit in cold weather or as a complete outfit in warm weather. Onesies are also called diaper shirts or snap suits. Baby onesies are popular for both baby girls and boys and come in numerous designs and patterns. Compared to a t-shirt and shorts, a onesie is more practical as it stays tucked in and does not ride up, thereby keeping the baby comfortable.

    The advantages of buying a onesie for your baby:

    • These are very comfortable and stay in place even when the baby moves around
    • A long-sleeve onesie provides an excellent base layer for the winter
    • A short sleeve onesie is perfect airy casual wear for the summer

    Note: Onesies are available for kids till the age of 3. At three years, most kids are potty trained, so a onesie wouldn’t be a practical clothing option beyond that.


      A sleepsuit is essentially like a Babygrow. Sleepsuit and Babygrow are one-piece suits that cover both arms and feet. It is pyjama style clothing that comes with or without feet. Some sleepsuits have zippers, while others may have buttons and ties. A sleepsuit makes a perfect outfit for a day out!

      Some of the advantages of a sleepsuit are:

      • Sleepsuits are available in different shapes, sizes, designs and styles.
      • Most sleepsuits are made from baby-friendly soft materials i.e. fleece or cotton. So your baby is comfortable all day long.
      • Sleepsuits can be worn in all seasons, are easy to wash and dry, do not include hazardous sharp edge designs or buttons. This ensures complete safety, increasing its functionality.


        A bodysuit is a one-piece stretch garment worn by babies. It is like a t-shirt with an extension below the waist and can have long or short sleeves or no sleeves at all. They are designed with keeping comfort and flexibility in mind and are often used as sleepwear for babies. Baby bodysuits have poppers at the bottom to make it easy to remove them while changing diapers. Plus, they can be worn in summer and winter.

        The advantages of a baby bodysuit are:

        • They are a comfortable clothing option for babies and easily washable
        • They are usually made from soft, fine cotton, which protects the baby's sensitive skin
        • It protects the top layers of clothing from stains (in case of a leak)

        4. BABY ROMPERS

          Rompers are one-piece garments/outfits that are easy to put on and remove. They have sleeves and short legs and are closed using zips, buttons, or snap fasteners. A romper can be worn as a pyjama or as a complete outfit. Other names for rompers are romper suits, jumpsuit, playsuit, and baby pyjama.

          Rompers are incredibly cute and can be worn during the day or at night. Short-sleeve and short-legged rompers are a good choice for a play date in the warm weather as they cover the baby without affecting functionality while being light and keeping your baby cool.

          They have fasteners along the inside of the legs, which makes it easy for parents to change diapers without taking the entire outfit off. Baby rompers come in numerous sizes, from preemie baby to newborn to toddler. Even older children wear rompers in place of pants and a T-shirt. 

          The advantages of wearing a romper are:

          • They provide easy access to diaper change
          • Some rompers have build-in socks
          • Most rompers are made from cotton. This makes it easier to wash baby clothes.
          • Short-sleeve rompers are a complete one-piece outfit that can be worn during the summer season

          Note: It is better to avoid rompers with built-in feet for toddlers as they can be slippery on hard floors. 

          B] Trendy Onesies, Sleepsuit, Bodysuit, and Romper For Babies

          1. Sleeveless Pink Playsuit for Baby Girl

            This ruffle sleeves bubblegum pink playsuit is made from soft and durable material ensuring your child enjoys superior comfort. It features a blue patch pocket with a baby whale on one side. This fashionable playsuit is suitable for casual outings. It is a perfect choice for baby girls aged 3 to 18 months.

            2. Hello Shark Baby Suit for Baby Boy

              Let your child enter the baby shark world in his unique blue and white baby suit. Made from a blend of cotton fabrics, it features a front pocket, all-over print, and knot detail. It is an ideal baby wear for winter and summer.

              The Grey Navy Hoodie Set is available for a 3 to 18-month-old baby.

              3. Cotton Romper For Baby Girl

                This romper for a baby girl is stylish and cute. It features a round neckline and has star prints at the bottom. It has short sleeves and snap-button shoulders, while the mint green colour makes it especially beautiful. It also provides easy access to diaper change. So, buy this cotton romper right now and let your baby girl play with her imaginary unicorn. This romper is well-suited for a baby girl up to 18 months.

                4. Blue Striped Romper For Baby Boy

                  This half sleeve bodysuit for a baby boy is vibrant and stylish. It features a round neckline with a stripe print and pocket. Made from breathable and delicate material, baby boy rompers are gentle on the kid's skin and have buttons on the front. It is an ideal baby wear for night time.


                  Another tip to dress a newborn is a sleepsuit is essentially like a
                  Babygrow. A sleepsuit is essentially like a Babygrow.

                  Plus, they can be worn during winters to protect the newborn from
                  the cold and in summers to protect them from the heat. Plus, they
                  can be worn in summer and winter.

                  They are a comfortable kids’ clothing option for babies and easily
                  washable They are a comfortable clothing option for babies and
                  easily washable

                  Final Word

                  As they grow, babies love to move around so dressing them up in comfortable clothes is essential. When it comes to clothes for babies, onesies, sleepsuits, bodysuits, and rompers are the basic essentials. These are made from baby-friendly material, and depending on the weather, you can pick appropriate clothing for your baby. Read this guide to know how to protect a newborn baby during winters. Most importantly, when choosing clothes for babies, always select a brand that is known to offer high-quality clothes for kids.

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