What is the Most Comfortable Nightwear For a Baby?

What is the Most Comfortable Nightwear For a Baby?

Babies mostly sleep for more than 18 hours, which gradually reduces as they get older. But till six months, the baby sleeps most of the time, which is important for their overall growth and development. As the baby gets older, their daytime sleeping reduces, and they sleep more at night. No matter the age, sleep is essential at all stages of growth and development for a child. As such, here are a few ways (including buying comfortable nightwear) to make the atmosphere sleep-friendly for the baby, so they don’t wake up easily. 

1] Ways to Improve Your Baby’s Sleep

  • Perfect thickness for the mattress:

    The mattress for the baby has to be medium soft. A very soft mattress will make it difficult for the baby to roll. A hard mattress, on the other hand, may make the baby cranky and tired the next day. 
  • Ideal pillow:

    The pillow for the baby should be such that the neck is neither tilted upwards nor downwards. It should keep the head straight as it is. Basically, it should provide optimal support to the neck to prevent injury. 
  • Number of layers to cover:

    A newborn baby is generally in a swaddle, but this should be changed according to the season. Too many layers will make the baby uncomfortable and hot during summers. Whereas, fewer layers might leave the baby feeling cold during winter. 
  • Calm atmosphere:

    The room in which the baby sleeps needs to be calm and silent for the baby to sleep fast and have a sound sleep. If the baby is a light sleeper, even the slightest sound might wake him/her up. 
  • Comfortable clothing:

    A baby's sleep suit plays an important role in ensuring that the baby has a sound sleep. It needs to be a proper fit; not too tight or too loose. The material of the newborn sleep outfit also has to be soft, so it doesn't cause any rashes. 
  • Temperature of the room:

    It is advised to lower the room temperature for better sleep, as the baby might find it difficult to sleep in a hot and humid environment. 

2] Newborn Sleep Outfits: Things To Consider

  • Comfort:

    Since the baby needs to have a sound sleep, they must wear clothes that allow airflow. Children's sleeping suits shouldn’t be too tight. They should be gentle on the skin and easy to wear & remove. They should provide easy accessibility to the parents, so they can change the diapers at night without disturbing the baby’s sleep. 
  • Appropriate to the season:

    A baby needs a night suit that is appropriate for the weather. Opt for a light cotton night suit during summers. During winters, make the child wear thick cotton that keeps the baby cosy and comfortable. 
  • Perfect size:

    Parents tend to buy clothes for kids that are bigger in size as kids grow fast. However, it is advisable to buy a newborn night suit that has a perfect fit. The night suit should not be baggy or loose as it tends to get stuck beneath the baby. Likewise, the clothes should not be too tight, as it could be uncomfortable and make it difficult for the baby to breathe. 
  • Skin-friendly, organic material:

    Organic soft cotton is the best fabric for sleepwear for kids. The material is skin-friendly, so it doesn’t cause any allergies. It allows air to flow, absorbs sweat and lets the skin breathe. This sleepwear outfit for babies is also delicate on the skin and lightweight.  
  • Whether the baby sleeps soundly or is fidgety while sleeping:

    If the baby is fidgety while sleeping, then put the baby in a cot to avoid any injury. If the baby sleeps soundly, you can put the baby in bed. Fidgety kids need proper-fitting night clothes to avoid discomfort.

3. Choosing the Right Newborn Night Suit/Dress For a Baby

  • Onesies:

    Onesies are perfect for newborn babies during the wintertime. It covers their arms and legs, keeps them cosy and prevents mosquito bites. 
  • Rompers:

    Rompers are similar to onesies and very comfortable for nightwear. Rompers make diaper change simple and are easy to remove & wear. 
  • Two-piece pyjama set:

    Two-piece pyjama set is ideal for babies over six months. Select a cotton and lightweight set which is soft on the baby’s skin. Avoid any pyjamas having very tight elastics or tying thread. Select their favourite cartoon print or experiment with different quotes and prints on night suits.
  • Bottoms with zippers:

    It is easy to remove the diaper or cloth nappy when the bottoms have a zipper. There is no struggle to remove the whole outfit and disturb their sleep. 
  • Sleepy sac:

    It is a sac-like onesie which is to be worn over inner clothes. It covers the baby fully and creates a cosy environment for them. This outfit is perfect for a newborn during winters.
  • Sleep-suit:

    Sleep-suits are a type of rompers that cover the neck, whole of the feet, legs and arms. There is no need to make your baby wear extra socks with sleepsuits. 

Final Words

Swaddling kids is a common practice in India. But the real reason for this is to create a cosy atmosphere for the baby to have a sound sleep. It gives warmth, just like a mother’s touch. You can always layer up the baby according to the season. Use a thin swaddle cloth during summers and a thicker one during winters. Best yet, opt for cotton night suits, which are comfortable nightwear!
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