The Ultimate Guide To Styling Cocktail Dresses For Men

The Ultimate Guide To Styling Cocktail Dresses For Men

Need an evening for socialising with your friends, family, and colleagues? An evening cocktail party might just be the thing you need. Cocktail parties are unlike any other parties, adding sophistication to your celebrations. Naturally, the dress code for these events is also different from your house and club parties.

Men's outfit for a cocktail party is usually formal or semi-formal, so it is crucial not to show up to such events undressed. While women have a plethora of options for cocktail parties, most men struggle with their attire for these events. As these events are a great place to socialise, you should be dressed in your best to leave a positive impression on everyone you meet. To ensure your attire for cocktail parties is impeccable, we have created this guide to help you select the trendiest cocktail dresses for men.


A] Origin Of Cocktail Parties

Source: The History of the Cocktail Party

While the idea of serving cocktails during events was present during the 1800s, it took off as a must-have in 1917. Ms. Julius S. Walsh, a socialite from St. Louis, Missouri, is often credited as the pioneer of cocktail parties and the person responsible for making them famous.

Ms. Walsh invited around 50 guests to her house on a Sunday for an afternoon gathering. Ms. Walsh’s house was equipped with a private bar and a professional mixologist. The orders kept coming as the mixologist kept refilling the glasses.


B] Men's Dress For Cocktail Party: What You Need to Know

Cocktail outfits for men are more than wearing a suit, they need to be a perfect blend of sophistication and contemporary style. The cocktail dress code is similar to formal but less dressy, allowing you to inject your personality. Different factors such as the event, preferences, and the weather, can influence the dress code.

It is smart to avoid casual wear for men, instead go for a refined look with ties, suits, and dress shoes. The fit should be tailored to create a silhouette that is unique to you. You can inject your personality into your outfits by choosing the colour, accessories, and design.


C] Cocktail Dresses For Men Comprise Of The Following


1. It’s All About Shirts

The Metropolitan Shirt WhiteThe Montevideo Polo Dark GreyThe Oxford Weekend Shirt

Your overall look and style revolve around the type of shirt you are wearing, so make sure you choose something that suits your style. There is a wide variety of shirts that you can choose from including the Oxford weekend shirt, the Metropolitan white shirt, and the Montevideo polo (dark grey).

Since the dress code can change with the weather and season, you can incorporate different styles of shirts for different occasions. You can wear neutral-coloured polo shirts during the summer with complimentary coloured pants. You can also incorporate turtleneck T-shirts in your cocktail outfits by dressing them up with blazers, dress shoes, and formal pants.


2. Bring Out The Blazers

More often than not, you will see men dressed in a blazer during a cocktail event. This is because Blazers make every body type look good and are very versatile. You can opt for a classic look by choosing a conventional black or navy blue blazer, or make sure to leave an impression by choosing a blazer with a bold colour, such as yellow or pink.

If it is a summer’s day or you don’t feel like wearing a blazer, you can create a stylish cocktail party outfit for men without it. Instead of blazers, you can incorporate vests and crewneck sweaters on top of your shirt during winter or wear a Polo shirt during summer.


3. Chinos Are The Code

If the occasion calls for a smart casual look, you can wear dark-coloured jeans; however, for any other cocktail event, chinos are your best choice. A slim-cut or tapered chinos are perfect if you want to lean into the business-casual aesthetic.

Most people use the terms business casuals and smart casuals interchangeably; however, there is a difference. Smart casual attires are more relaxed, whereas business casual, leans towards formals. Here is a guide to help you with the difference between business casual and smart casual.


4. Ties Might Be An Option

Ties can add sophistication and flair to your attire. Most cocktail outfits for guys require ties to complete the look. There are a variety of ties to choose from to create a unique outfit for your taste.

If you are looking for something very formal, a black tie or a bow tie would be right for you. You can even go with colourful and designer ties if the dress code for the event allows it. It is also okay to not wear a tie if you don’t think it suits the look you are going for.


5. Oxford But Shoes

Formal leather shoes such as Oxfords are best for cocktail parties to convey the importance of these events. While other types of dress shoes, such as derbies and Chelsea are also often worn, Oxford shoes bring a sense of maturity and vintage vibe with them.

Oxford shoes are versatile and can be easily paired with most men's attire for cocktail party. You can either go for black or brown Oxford shoes depending on which one looks best with your attire. Black shoes look best with slacks and brown shoes pair best with chinos and jeans.


6. Accessorise

Cocktail parties are a great occasion to incorporate fancy accessories that would be over the top for any other occasion. Jewellery, elegant cufflinks, designer watches, and pocket squares are some of the accessories you can incorporate into your attire.

Sunglasses are also a welcome addition to a daytime outdoor event. If the dress code is not strictly adhered to formals, you do not have to stick to conventional accessories and could try new items.



Shirts, blazers, chinos, ties, and Oxford shoes along with other accessories are staples of men’s cocktail outfits. Of course, you are free to add your own style ideas and experiment with different styles, designs, and aesthetics.

If you are looking for high-quality clothing items for cocktail parties, you can buy men's wear online to shop from the comfort of your home.

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