Choosing Suitable Clothing for Babies

Choosing Suitable Clothing for Babies

Putting together a wardrobe for a baby can be quite overwhelming for expecting couples as it's difficult to ascertain the right fit and size. But, while selecting clothes for infants, consider three main essential factors - comfort, safety, and fabric. The clothes that you choose should be easy to put on, remove and washable. Infants will be the happiest when they are dressed comfortably.

Expecting parents like bright colors and adorable prints, but practicality is also important. However, there are many types of baby clothing available, and proper selection can become a task. Therefore, keep in mind a few factors while choosing suitable clothing for babies.

A] Pay Attention To The Right Selection

With so many styles, clothes, and brands available in the market, choosing the best clothes for your baby can be overwhelming. Choosing appropriate clothing for babies requires some skill set. Most expecting parents start to seek expert advice from friends, parents, in-laws, college friends, or office colleagues but end up getting more confused.

Instead, stick to safe clothing options with no choking hazards or loud designs. Also, choose comfortable clothes made with cotton, as the material is skin-friendly. A basic baby wardrobe should have - blankets, diapers, hooded towels, bibs, onesies, rompers, sweaters, and soft hats.

B] Important Factors to Consider Then Choosing Baby Clothes

1. Safety

While buying newborn baby clothessafety is the primary concern. Avoid buying baby clothes with decorative hooks, clips, and buttons, as these clothes might be a choking hazard for your little one. Avoid buying clothes with too many fancy features. If any clothing piece has decoration, check if it is firmly attached. 

    2. Fabric:

    It's always better to choose skin-friendly and comfortable fabric for your baby. Your first choice should be organic fabrics as they are soft on the skin and free of harmful chemicals. As a kid's skin is sensitive, soft fabrics are better and lighter to wear. Moreover, lighter fabrics are breathable and offer the best comfort for little ones. You can consider fabrics like cotton, rayon, etc.

      3. Functionality

      For a new baby wardrobe, functionality matters the most. As babies spend most of the day sleeping, it is vital to select something comfortable. Most parents choose bodysuits, onesies, and sleep sacks for newborns. Besides, you can consider styles that are easy to put on or pull off. Moreover, choose clothes that you can wash easily and may last longer. Keep in mind that babies change their outfits several times a day, so buy clothes that don't require added fuss.

        4. Size

        Most parents are not aware of proper sizes and buy baby clothes that are too big or small. For size consideration - it is wise to use a size chart specific to kids. Besides, if you are buying clothes for the future season or any occasion, it is better to go for a bigger size. Ill-fitted baby clothes won't look good, and your little one might feel irritated with them. Moreover, choose clothes with zippers or snaps as opposed to buttons for perfect sizing. It is always a good idea to buy a bigger size to compensate for growth spurts.

          5. Season

          Season-specific baby clothing will make sure your baby gets to wear clothes that fit right. For winter, stick to full baby suits and full sleeves jackets, and during the summer season, choose cotton and brighter colours.

            6. Hygiene

            Another essential factor is hygiene. Make sure babies clothes are properly sanitized and washed. Most parents use warm water for washing clothes, which is indeed an ideal way to sanitize baby clothing. Besides, buy baby clothes that can withstand high temperatures in washers or dryers.

              7. Adjustability

              Newborns mostly outgrow their clothes in a month, so adjustability of clothes is essential. That said, always choose a bigger size when picking kids clothes. Flexible clothes also offer complete convenience. Baby clothing stores online offer adjustable clothing options if you don't want to visit a retail store.

                8. Gender

                While you are anxiously awaiting the birth of your baby, you can choose neutral colors. Baby clothes are available in neutral colors, so you can use the same clothes for baby boys and baby girls.

                  9. Easy to clean

                  Baby clothes that can't be washed may require added effort in cleaning. With the birth of a little one - you will be occupied the whole day changing nappies and tending to the baby. So, choose clothes that are easy to clean. Also, make sure you clean all new clothes before using them.

                    10. Budget

                    While choosing clothes for the baby, never compromise on quality. You might get a cheap deal on clothes, but quality over price is what matters the most. Besides, buying top-quality clothes will ensure peace of mind, as your baby won't develop any allergic reaction. You can get newborn clothes online according to your budget, but don't compromise on the fabric and quality.

                      C] Essential Baby Clothes According to Age

                      2 to 4 months

                      Infant bodysuits or onesies offer effortless comfort and convenience. Bodysuit or onesies are the most popular choice in newborn baby clothes, especially the ones with a side snap. It becomes easy for the parent to pull off the bodysuit with the snap. Moreover, some parents also prefer kimono-style bodysuits that have a broad opening and loose legs - so that your baby feels comfortable even while sleeping. Besides, they are available in soft cotton fabric that does not irritate the baby's skin. Simple infant clothes in pastel shades are ideal for 2 to 4 months.

                        4 to 6 months:

                        Undershirts or vests with side snaps are good for 4 to 6 months. The baby can move around freely with undershirts, which is an advantage. Besides, undershirts allow a wide head opening that takes care of comfort. Choose undershirts that snap below the waist, or else they would ride up.

                          6 to 8 months:

                          In 6 to 8 months, babies try to move around the place, so you need to take care of flexibility. One-piece pajama is ideal for daytime clothing for your little one. They are so high on comfort that your baby would love to wear them with ease. It's the best you can get in baby clothing.


                            Baby booties are not socks nor shoes, but it keeps the feet warm. You can think of it as slippers for babies to keep them cos Baby booties are available in many colors, designs, styles, and are free size.

                              Sweaters and Mittens:

                              Again, depending on the weather, your little one requires sweaters. Soft wool can add a warm layer to clothing. Try selecting the ones that are available with button-up styles, as those kinds are easier to remove. Light mittens are ideal for winter and summer (if you use an air conditioner). The mittens keep your baby warm and cos

                                Bonnets or Caps:

                                Bonnets/caps are perfect for cushioning and warmth. Especially during winters, bonnets/caps can keep your baby's head warm. It also provides a safety cover for babies and protects delicate skin. During summers, bonnets/caps can shield your baby from harsh sun rays.

                                  D] Baby Cloth Size Chart



                                  For newborn

                                  Size 0000

                                  Up to 3 months

                                  Size 000

                                  3-6 months

                                  Size 00

                                  6-9 months

                                  Size 0

                                  9-12 months

                                  Size 1


                                  Stock up the essentials,

                                  While shopping for your babychoose hygiene, safety, and comfort over anything else. Do not buy too many clothes, as your baby will outgrow the clothes in no time. Also, follow the correct size chart, and you are sorted. Embrace the new journey with complete peace of mind.
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